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Healing Chants
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Sound Healings
Sacred Songs and Chants from Live Concerts, Radio Interviews and Workshops

In each moment of my concerts, I listen to Spirit and invite healing angels, guides and energies to 'ride' on my voice. I use the sacred medieval chants of St. Hildegard von Bingen for a portion of my concerts. And then there are moments when Spirit simply sings through me. Here are some samples of both Hildegard's chants and my own Songs from Spirit.

Revealing Your Innate Grounding (letting your body ground easily)

Mary, Bearer of the Star (voices and Tibetan Bowl) video/mp3
Inner Reflection / Healing Breath (for Guidance / Acceptance) video/mp3
The Quiet Within (finding Patience) video/mp3
Mourning that which has not yet come to pass (from the Hathor Atamira) video/mp3
Healing Breath (voice and tambura) video/mp3
Revealing Peace (invoking your connection to Archangel Michael) video / mp3
Healing the Profane Power of the Masculine (a series of songs from the Hathor guide Atamira) video / mp3
A Song of Reflecction (by Hildegard of Bingen) video / mp3

Three Beauties (a musical invocation of Sacred Space) video / mp3
Sacred Passing from the Earth (a song for dealing with change and making choices)
Grounding into your Earth Soul (Hint: grounding isn't what it used to be)
Opening (start from wherever you are)
Seculorum (for all the Ages of Our Worlds)
Being, then Doing (resting into Spirit for Balance)
Salve Being, then Doing (voice and a choir of Tibetan Singing Bowls)
Reflection (a healing song, channeled from Spirit)

Solace (healing song with tambura and voice)
Alleluia (channeled song from the Hathor Atamira with schruti box and voice)
Singing into Stillness (improvised song from spirit with Tibetan Bowl and voice)
O Eternal God (a chant by St. Hildegard of Bingen)
A Call to the Sacred Masculine
A Song of Blessing for All Beings
All Creatures Sing a spontaneous improvisation with crickets, toads, frogs, human voices and waterfall
Ave Generosa a medieval chant composed by Hildegard of Bingen
Transmutation (Water) from the Hathor Atamira, an inprovisation
A Healing Song from the Sea - (video capturing the Pure Energy of Nature during an ocean sunset)
Renewal (video with progression of energy photos present during song)
Blessing All Beings Homeward (video includes photos of energies captured before and after the song)

Ubi Caritas (Where Compassion and Love are, God abides) set in 4 part harmony
Sweet Chariot a healing song from the hearts of many voices
Exploration a channeled healing song from Mary (featured in Sedona Journal of Emergence)
Journey into Grace channeled healing song from the Hathors
Und Gott Sprach channeled healing song for Tibetan Singing Bowl and voice
Tranquility (after the Storm)
Healing the Ages with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Three Songs turning Regret into Strength
A Blessing Song an improvisation from Spirit for Voice and Audience Harmony
O rubor sanguinis (O ruby blood) a medieval healing chant by St. Hildegard of Bingen
Omnia (solo) improvisation with voice and Tibetan Bowl
Wandering improvisation with voice and Tibetan Bowl
The Gift improvisation with voice and Tibetan Bowl
Omnia (harmonies added) improvisation with multiple voices and Tibetan Bowl

Gratitude as Prayer improvisation with many voices from many hearts
A Leaf upon a Stream improvisation with voice and Paula Kibildis playing medieval fiddle)
Joy (Quantas Sabes Amar) improvisation with schruti box (mp3 and video)
O Creation of God (O factura Dei) an improvised healing song with Tibetan Singing Bowl (mp3 and video)
A Blessing for the Earth with a choir of Tibetan Singing Bowls (mp3 and video)
Kyrie Eleison - Creator Compassion (improvisation with voice and Tibetan Singing Bowl, 4 part harmonies)
Quantas Sabedes Amar Amigo A medieval woman's song of love and the sea. (mp3)
Ode to Day A song to bring you into balance. (mp3 and video)
Completion An improvised sound healing for These Days of Transition (mp3 and video)
Gordon Johnston, harp and Jeremy Sills, bowls
Improvisation on Ave Maria (by Hildegard of Bingen) (mp3 and video)
accompanied by Atmaram Chaitanya on tambura
Claritas Inspiravit (mp3 )
An improvised Song from Spirit, accompanied by harpist Gordon Johnston

O vos flores - You who are Rose Blossoms (mp3 and video)
Medieval Chant by St. Hildegard of Bingen, accompanied by harp
Renewal - a spontaneous sound healing (mp3 and video)
with spiritual energies captured by live video
Beginning (mp3 and video)
A spontaneous Song from Spirit Sung by Norma Gentile with schruti box 
What are You Here to do Now? Create your Life (mp3 and 2 videos)
Accessing your High Heart to Lead and Empower your Life Now
Mother of Eternity, Maria
Angels Change Too!
Clearing the Space Behind You and Resetting the Backside of Your Chakras
Caritas Abundat in Omnia--Loving Tenderness Abounds in All
a chant written by St. Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)
Grieving the past in order to nourish your future Ubi Caritas mp3 and video
A Sound Healing with Norma Gentile and Archangel Michael

Darkness and Light
Caught by Spirit
Light and Dark (for piano and voice)
Weaving Compassion (with a choir of Tibetan Singing Bowls)
Quiet Places - a gentle reminder of Spirit's presence
with Lenore Wiand (Aluna), Northern Plains style American Indigenous Flute
Blooming - Nourishing Yourself
invoking the Pure Energy of Nature for Nourishment
Veni, Creator Spiritu - Invoking the Spirit of Creation
The Heart of Chaos - finding stillness amidst turmoil
Soothing Waters - a lullaby for voice and piano
O Factura Dei - O Creation of God (St. Hildegard of Bingen)
Mystery (a healing improvisation with harp)

From Darkness (Into Light) A healing song from the Hathors, featuring Tibetan bowls, harp and voice
Studium - a study in music and healing
Ave - Behold a song for Mary with two voices
Ave Maris Stella (Ruth Cunningham, voice and medieval harp)
Waves (medieval harp and voices)
Blessing Song (with David Darling, cello)
Summer Wind (David Darling, voice and cello)
Aguas Sagradas (with David Darling, cello)
Listening to Your Angel (with a choir of Tibetan Singing Bowls)




sound shaman / soprano

Sound Healings
from Live Concerts, Radio Interviews and Workshops

with Norma
and her Hathor guide,


KBOO Radio --February 2007 excerpts from Interview with Tom Park

Healing with Sound and Channeling
I speak about the basic truths I find in the healing process. If you find yourself in agreement with this, go to the Private Sessions Page

Tibetan Bowls
Demonstration of multiple Tibetan Singing Bowls

Clearing Meditation for Aura up to 6 feet away from you. You will learn this in my Sound Shamanism Workshops.

I offer workshops in the US/Canada and Europe (in English and Spanish). If you enjoy these sound healings, please have a look at the CDs I've recorded of Healing Songs, and consider attending or sponsoring one of my workshops on Sound Shamanism or Meditation Concerts.

Meditation and Teachings (samples)

Clearing Meditation
Can't get to sleep? Feeling other people's energies in your space? Try this - spoken meditation you can learn and repeat on your own.

Let your own unique pool of Earth energies support your unique body and soul

Sing and open your aura
When we relax, we open our energy field and let ourselves receive support from Spirit.

Available as at-cost CDs, free mp3s and iTune podcasts.