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Sound Healings --------Sacred Songs and Chants

Renewal - a spontaneous song from Spirit-----mp3 or video

What if sound could act as a carrier wave for Spirit?

Never imposing healing or change.

Bathing you in possibilities,
and allowing whatever your Soul and Body desired,
to manifest

During a live sound healing event I felt a song arise from Spirit and come through me. Here is the actual video of me as I channeled this song from Spirit. Video from a normal camera is interspersed with still photos taken with two digital cameras (iPads) equipped with an app that translates changes in the Electro-Magnetic Field into images. Do the energy photos feel accurate to you? They did to me, and so I include them here.

The first still photos of orbs you see were taken in darkness as I was meditating. In later pictures notice Archangel Michael's energies around the ceiling of the room (bright elongated light) and my Hathor guide appears as wings behind me (again, that bright elongated light). The orbs (usually light green, but they do have varying colors within them) appear most frequently. Notice that they are not perfectly round.

While I don't believe any instrument can fully replicate the depth of experience we can have opening to our own unique spiritual vision or psychic perception, these images do replicate some of what I 'see' when I see energies around me. Try listening a few times and see what you see with your inner vision. Or, more importantly, feel what is happening in your body, mind and heart. May your soul's journey be served as you listen.

What this Sound Healing is for:
Bringing balance to our inner Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine results in our Holy Child, that which we create in this life, being in balance with the external world. Here is an improvised Song from Spirit that came through me in a live healing event. It was captured on video with a normal camera as well as two digital cameras specially equipped to capture images of Spiritual Energies present as I sang.

Your New Aura: Healing through the Dimensions of Heaven and Earth illustrates some of the energy techniques I use while singing.

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