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Atlar Flowers

Atmaram Tambura

an improvised healing song from a live Meditation Concert
by Norma Gentile (voice) and Atmaram Chaitanya (tambura)

I believe that fear is most often a symptom of being ungrounded and experiencing a lack of appropriate energetic and physical nourishment. When we feel safe our aura expands. When the aura expands we allow ourselves to be more profoundly connected to, and supported by our spiritual helpers and the physical world. As a result we are able to think new thoughts.

As you listen, allow the tones of the song replenish the cells of your body.

Listen now
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Atmaram Chaitanya is pictured here with his tambura, and can be reached at

This is the first of three healing songs meant to be used together.

1. Solace  listen now or watch video
2. Reflection
listen now  or watch video
3. Salve 
listen now or watch video

Recorded during a live Meditation Concert

ANNA MARIA ISLAND - Florida (south of Tampa)
Jan 28-31 (Fri 6pm dinner - Sun 2pm lunch)

Practitioner Training in Sound and Healing
Come and enjoy a warming weekend in an oceanfront Florida cottage with a small group of similarly curious healers, singers, and creatives. We will explore how music, energy and spiritual healing overlap.

Workshop Content and Topics
Lodging and Registration

Sun Jan 31 - Tuesday Feb 2
Private Healing Sessions (north end of Anna Maria Island)

I am very good at helping chronic long-standing issues begin to free up and release. This allows the body - mind - spirit to better utilize other healing modalities. Sessions are recorded, so you can re-visit the information and healing energies. Most people notice the healing starts when they book a session and continues for weeks afterwards.

A few openings are available, primarily in the afternoons. Please email for an appointment time.


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