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Articles, Intuitive Writings and Interviews with Norma

Articulos, Ensayos Intuitivos de Norma

(para mas articulos en espanol vea

Acompañando las Energías a Casa
- Reclamando tu Poder Sagrado de Sanar
- Caos y Sanación: Generando Energías Espirituales en tu Vida
- Un Nuevo Ciclo De Valentía
- El Sonido del Amor
- El Corazon de Luz
Las Tres Bellezas - Creando Espacio Sagrado con Musica
La Nueva Energia de Luz Clara
- Re-trazando y/ Sanando los Patrones de Miedo del 9/11
Emociones en Nuestro Nuevo Mundo &endash; imitando con conexiones psíquicas las emociones inconscientes de la humanidad.
Nutrirnos de la Naturaleza (Aerivorismo, Sexo Sagrado y enfermedades misteriosas)

Please send me links if you have translated my articles. (and yes, you are welcome to do so, please just ask permission).

Peur ou puissance?

Essays on Barack Obama and Our Spiritual Journey
for January 20, 2009 Graduation Day! Re-tracing and Healing the Fear Patterns of 9/11
Generate Stillness, Offer Peace
On the Role of Barack Obama and other Souls in Weaving a Global Web
Choosing to Reveal Our Pain (and the new hope behind it)
Are We There Yet?
The Pendulum Swings Obama / Osama - O+ AMA blesses Ama, the Divine Feminine.
Oprah, Eckhart and Obama Pointy Sticks and Conscious Actions
Have you fed your Fear or your Spirit Today?
The New Clear Light Energy

Tibetan Bowls, Channeling, more
What is a Hathor?
Thoth (live channeling excerpt)

Articles on Advanced Energy Healing Techniques for Practitioners
Re-initializing Reiki (Healing and Financial Guides also)
As we change, our ability to connect to our guides also shifts
Notes on How to Release Dark Energies (notes from the Practitioner's Intensive Trainings)
Four Questions for Healing (releasing energies/guides/angels that are out of time, not of our soul, not in this reality, not our body)
Reclaiming your Sacred Power to Heal (becoming stewards of angels and others in mutual blessing)
Healing with Power, Healing with Love
(releasing guides/angels from other times, not in tune with current body, from past life choices, past soul shifts)
GOING HOME - releasing dark energies in our bodies, and in the earth. Iraq/Israel current insights.
Setting Grids and Channeling Guides (notes from the Pracittioner's Workshop)

Recent Articles
The Significance of Dates
Violence and Judgment (notes from Archangel Michael and Atamira)
Changing Weather Patterns (channeling from Thoth)
Nourishing ourselves from Nature (Breatharians, Sacred Sex, and Mysterious Illness)
The Gift of the Human Heart (archetypal emotions creating physical pain, 9/18/03)
Waiting (depression, anger, dark energies not moving) 7/03
Love, Compassion and Desire; choosing a new reality (Atamira and Amano on the coming events of 2003, from Sedona Journal)
Desire (on the yearning of the heart for loving connection) 6/7/02
The Heart of Humanity (Atamira, on war and the spiritual web of consciouss healing)
Abundance in All Things (Atamira speaks, 2/02)
Sacred Voices, Sacred Earth, Sacred Relations (Atamira/Amano on the Winter Solstice and how to create with our voices, bodies, and each other)
Speaking Truth, Seeing Love (Atamira/Amano on the power of Afghan women to heal the world)
Changes and Changers (Atamira/Amano and what they have shared with me recently)
Mirrors of Peace (creating harmony amidst chaos) (from Atamira)
Binding Spirit to Matter (using the TV as a medium to carry healing energies)
Love, the in-between space(Atamira, 9/9/01)

Thoth (live channeling excerpt)

The Heart of Light
(Below are a series of writings from Atamira and the more physically oriented Amano on our growing capabilities as cocreators.)
Corazon de Luz
Healing through the Heart of Light (an overview of how I use the Heart of Light with sound healing
A series of 6 pages with pictures on the Heart of Light
How we create Healing (an introduction to the Heart of Light) (Atamira speaks)
Heart of Light update (article based on my own experiences with the HoL)
How big is your Aura? (Our growing awareness of a larger aura)
Desire (Atamira and Amano on using the Heart of Light)
Your Inner Peace Angel (connecting with your own guides and angels)

Divine Feminine - Quan Yin, Mary, Atamira, Ammaterrasu, Gaia
The Ripening Fruit a channeling from Mary
Ask, and you shall receive (from Atamira and Amano)
Earth Soul (or Grounding 101) (from Atamira posted 1/1/01)
A shower of Grace (the Unity Sphere and the Divine Feminine)

Sacred Masculine
Healing the Wound of Power (Atamira/Amano, from 11/01 issue of Sedona Journal
Opening the Sacred Male Heart (4/8/02)
The Gift of the Sacred Masculine (an essay on a newly emerging power, given with Amano's guidance)

Articles on Hildegard von Bingen/Sound and Healing
Hildegard Biography
Hildegard and Healing Chants
In Concert (parts published in Early Music America, v.5,n.4)
Chant is not a spectator sport (sfems, 3/01)
Hildegard's Chants (reprinted from Community Connexion)
All of Creation (PhenomeNEWS)
Escorting Energies Homeward

Information on the New Generation (those under 32)
Indigo Souls (Atamira and Amano speak to parents, Sedona Journal)
Children of both Dark and Light, the new generation (Atamira,Sedona Journal)
Loving Children of both Dark and Light(same as above, a little easier to read)
Time to merge Light and Dark (Atamira and Amano, Sedona Journal)

Eclipses of the year 2000 (Atamira/Ammaterrasu speak, Sedona Journal)
The Sacred Masculine (Amano, Sedona Journal)

Polarity, Unity and Christ Consciousness (Amano speaks)
Full Moon and the Solstice of December 1999 (both speak)

September 11th
Power, Integrity, and Love in remembrance of 9/11 (Atamira)
on the Middle East
On Sept 11, 2001

General Articles

Caffeine, the drug of choice (posted 1/1/01 from Atamira and Amano )
Peace, Inside and Out New Times, Seattle, April 2001
Intuitive Heals with Sacred Sound (CWN Magazine)
The Christ Syndrom: Releasing the Martyr/Victim (lots of women went through this cycle in the spring of 2000)
Kosovo - A Healing of Anger and Grief
An Article on Sound, Healing and Attunement

Choosing a New Reality (for 2003)Sedona Journal), 12/2002
Healing Connections
Leadership (Sedona Journal), 9/01
Connecting with Spirit (in 4 mins or less!) (PhenomeNEWS)
Do you have an aura? (PhenomeNEWS)
What an opportunity (PhenomeNEWS)
Music, Sound and Energy (PhenomeNEWS)
Listening for Spirit (PhenomeNEWS)
Simply Sound (PhenomeNEWS)
The Game (PhenomeNEWS)
Into the Desert (Continuo Magazine,Canada)
Self Discovery and Empowerment with Sound (Spirit in the Smokies)
Turning your Holidays into Holydays (PhenomeNEWS)
The Three July eclipses (from Atamira and Amano)
Easing into Change (PhenomeNEWS July 2000)
A Modern Day Prophet (posted 8/2/00)
A Million Energy Dollars (energy events of Nov/Dec 2000, posted 10/2/00)
The Gift (Christmas, 2000)
December Blessings (Solstice, 2001)

Interviews with Norma Gentile
RADIO INTERVIEW (KBPS, 1/03, Portland, OR)
Current Magazine (3/01)
San Jose Metro (3/01)
Sacred Sounds make powerful things happen (El Paso, Inc)
Healing with Sacred Sound (Branches - Indianapolis, Indiana)
An Experience of Healing with Sound (Community Connexion)
Enchanted by Chanting (interview from the Toronto Star Newspaper)