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February 2008 Email Newsletter
Have you fed your Fear or your Spirit Today?
-Norma Gentile


Dear Friends,

I am home in Michigan for the month. If you are interested in a Private Session (by phone or inperson) now is a good time.

If you have been wanting to study with me, now is a wondful time. My
Level One Workshop on sound and healing and energy awareness is Feb 15-17 in my home. I offer this only once a year here, so if you feel called, there is a reason. You can get more info and register on the Calendar page now, or see for more info and articles.

And I'm doing a special free instore Singing and CD Signing in Ann Arbor at Nicola's Books on Feb 23. See the Calendar page for details.

I'm also doing monthly free sound healings for Drunvalo Melchizedek's online e-zine
Spirit of Maat. Enjoy!


Have you fed your fear or your Spirit today?

"Feed me!" my fear demands
"Trust me" replies my Spirit



I woke up this morning feeling heavy. Everything in my awareness was heavy and grey. Was it really all I, all mine? No, the mass consciousness is squeezing something out of itself. The heaviness is my way of psychically perceiving these energies. The energies need to be seen and understood by humanity. The energies were created by all of humanity. At some point in time these energies helped humanity to create order and structures, which became our societies, our nations, our governments.

We no longer need these energies to function cohesively as humans. We have a larger connection to Spirit that we are able to hear now. We are ready to release these older grey energies.

These energies are within us. We often experience them as emotions that we feel we have a right to express. But after expressing these emotions, we find ourselves in the same situation. The heavy, grey energies have simply fed upon our emotional energy.

The energies are also creating some of our beliefs, behavior patterns and even thinking patterns. These energies are feeding these patterns within us, as well as being fed by us. When we choose to act based on our response to these heavy, grey energies, we are also creating energies that just like the heavy grey energy.

It is time to stop the cycle. The energies are tangible because they are ready to change. The energies themselves seek to evolve into their next level of higher consciousness.

These energies relate strongly to this present time and especially to today; Fat Tuesday, Super Tuesday, and Black Tuesday on Wall Street. Three major energy currents are pulling at us all to give our attention and the energy of our life-force to the old ways. "Feed the heavy energies out of fear", is the message I hear whispering, not from Spirit, but from parts of myself that do not want to step away from the heavy, habitual and known past. Fear encourages us to be smaller and contract. Hope encourages us to dare and dream bigger. Fear fosters separation. Hope fosters communal strength.



One of my gifts is to notice patterns in the outer world (news, finances and politics) as they intersect with those of the Spiritual World. For me, an obvious example is this: More and more of us (and our news media) in the United States have given time, energy and attention to Barack Obama and the unmistakable quality of Spiritual maturity that comes through him. And there is always a backlash of 'bad' news events that follows.

We have a cycle of more than a week of Obama Uplift, as I'll call it, then a few days to a week of fear generating news. And that gradually gives way again to the uplifting energies. To be clear, these lighter, empowering energies are generated by anyone who lets themselves be embodied by Spirit. Our bodies resonate with the quality of Spirit flowing through the body of another person. Barack Obama is, at the moment, doing just this for Americans.

From my perspective of energy, Black Tuesday on Wall Street is the backlash to the new energy of hope that Barack Obama is awakening within the larger United States population. It is very hard to feel confident moving forward into the unknown, even a very hopeful unknown, when so much fear is present in the world. It is as if we are at the doorway of a new home, and fear is lunging at us to keep us from entering.


Which perhaps means we are closer to stepping into a new level of Spiritual consciousness than we know.

All the heavy, grey energy that I feel surrounding my awareness is responding as I have been writing. It hasn't left, but I see, in my mind's imagination, that it is now in motion. That tells me I am on the right track in identifying what it is, and what it needs for me to do.

The heavy, grey energy only showed itself to me because I have the power to help it. Ultimately, it wants to evolve and go home. The emotions, beliefs and habits that I have fed it with are ready to change. I am ready to change.

If I keep feeding it, by continuing to behave as I have been, it won't be able to change. I must see, feel, and know myself anew as well. This is the challenge each of us face.


As a healer, I can see in people's bodies and in their auras what they are ready to change. It almost always looks just like today's heavy grey energy. And like a coach, I ask their bodies, souls, and energy fields if that heavy grey energy is really still theirs to carry. Most of the time it isn't. The heavy grey energy is then freed to go on its own journey of evolution. And the person is ready for their next step in this lifetime.

I want to acknowledge my guides who sat with me this afternoon as I worked on this piece. Sometimes they speak (or sing or write) through me. Today they stayed near, helping, but not doing it for me. My greatest appreciation to Archangel Michael and Mary for holding that space of hope into which I could step for myself.

And thank you, each of you, for reading this.

-Norma Gentile

YES please pass this email onto anyone you think would be interested. Just be sure to include my contact info below.

Private Healing Sessions (phone, or in person in SE Michigan) available Feb 1-21.



Fri-Sun, February 15-17 Sound Shamanism Level 1 Workshop

In my home, we will explore how sound and energy meet, learn to invoke the Sacred Grids to magnify healing energies and make performances come alive, while enjoying live food lunches (included in the tuition) and sharing experiences. $250 by Feb 8, limit 8 participants / 734-330-3997. Register Now at


Saturday, Feb 23 4pm
CD Release Celebration at Nicola's Books (Westgate)



Atlanta Concert / Workshop Easter Weekend
Workshop (3 hour intro) / Private Sessions in Madison, WI May18-19
Sound Shamaniam Level 2 May in Michigan
Sound Shamanism Level 1 Ottawa Canada June 20-22
Los Angeles fall 08

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