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The New Vibration of Creation

The open heart is the surrendered heart. All That Is enters through the surrendered heart into this field of reality. All That Is knows no bounds. Love unifies. Love is the power of the Word. The Word was before God, before all of Creation. Thus the very vibration of spirit is creation itself.

-Archangel Michael (through Norma Gentile)  









Sound Shamanism Workshop
Healing Techniques of Sound and Energy

Norma Gentile
sound shaman

A Weekend Workshop for Practitioners, Performers, and Advanced Students

self-clearing techniques, featuring using Healing Grids, new methods of channeling and connecting to healing guides, and individual attention

The weekend includes:
- Incorporating sound to magnify healing modalities
- Singing, chanting and toning using breath power
- Creating sacred grids and charging them with sound
- Using Archangel Michael, Mary and others for healing
- New Nature energy provides physical regeneration

If you honor that the power to heal is within each of us, you are the type of person who will benefit from the weekend.


Create and maintain the tuning of sacred space around your body, healing space, and home.

Release out-of-time guides and old family guides that ride in on the DNA

Clear spaces (and yourself) easily using the Larger Aura, Nature energy, and Sacred Grids. It makes clearing a space quick, simple, and none of the energies goes through your body or personal energy field.

Connect to your guides with greater accuracy. This helps to avoid fatigue, may resolve chronic physical issues, and increases the clarity of the information you receive. One of my gifts is to see how other healers connect and are supported by their guides

Specific meditations will re-tune our chakras, pranic tube and kundalini allow Nature energy to support our bodies. Nature energy is the basis of physical regeneration.

We will be inviting a special conscious connection with Nature energy, which is the basis of physical regeneration (esp of bones and nerves) When we are tuned to Nature, we are able to nourish ourselves from the energy around us rather than depending on food and water.

It seems to be the kundalini channels which allows Nature energy to connect into the body from the lower 8th chakra. We will be exploring gentle yoga, toning, meditation and breath as a means of clearing and refining our energy healing abilities.

We will also cover new method of running energies which uses the space around but not in the body, about 25 feet away. This is part of the newly emerging Unity Sphere, or larger aura. This larger aspect is not enlarging the aura -- it is a new aspect of our aura that has just emerged into our awareness in the past few years. I'll show you your own larger aura and how you might use it, or already be using it.

This weekend is meant to be a time of sharing - bring your questions, concerns and issues. It includes experiential sound and energy techniques, hands-on and hands-off table work, group meditations and chanting, as well as time to address your personal questions. My intent is to share with you whatever technique that I have discovered that can be of service to you.

Sound Shaman Norma Gentile stands on the precipice between the worlds of professional music making and energy healing. Trained in both worlds, she holds a master's degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Michigan, has recorded four solo CDs of Hildegard's chant, and is a published author and channel for the Hathors and Archangel Michael. Norma has appeared on CBS TV, demonstrating live the properties of Gregorian style chant to relax the physical body, and has been profiled by NPR's All Things Considered and the Toronto Star. Her music is used by Carolyn Myss, Drunvalo Melchizedek, and the female yogini Gurmukh. Her singing has a "supernatural presence, concentration, and modal sensitivity. according to Mark Longaker (music critic, Washington Post). Her sound healing experience is included in Brooke Medicine Eagle's book "The Last Ghost Dance".

Norma's gift, to be deeply intuitive as a highly trained musician, allows her to step beyond even the extraordinary, into the truly new realms to which music leads us all. Norma has been invited to teach at the American Conservatory Theater, Wisdom University, and has coached cast members of Broadway shows such as Vagina Monologues and The Lion King, while coaching singers from musical groups as diverse as Sweet Honey in the Rock and Hesperion XXI. Her website offers complementary mp3 downloads of live healing chants, audio meditations (podcasts at iTunes) and many articles.


Jan 30 - Feb 1 near Ann Arbor, MI

Articles that reflect the topics we will cover:

How to Release Dark Energies is about the kundalini clearing and using Archangel Michael to carry energies to their own homes.

Nourishing ourselves from Nature
Breatharianism, Sacred Sex, and mysterious illness

Healing with Power, Healing with Love,includes the process of clearing that I'll be sharing.

some workshop handouts