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Private Healing Sessions
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Sesiones de Sanación Privadas
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How May I Help You?
You have come to this page for a purpose. Your guides and angels already know that purpose. These words merely assist your mind in understanding that purpose.

Foundations of Healing
Your soul is perfect in its spiritual expression
Your body has an intelligence that you can follow
Your personality strives to comprehend the wisdom in both

Sessions include both information from your guides and angels, as well as healing energies to facilitate changes your Soul desires in your body and your life. This multi-faceted approach is notably deep and most people find that one or two sessions provides them with substantial, lasting and profound change. The kind of change that is so complete that there is little or no going back to the other ways of being.

In these healing sessions the spiritual foundation of who you are (the portion of your soul incarnating right now) engages with your body in a new way. This allows what does not reflect your Soul and body to be revealed, understood, and released. Simply put, the real world version of you catches up with the spiritual foundation of who you truly are. After the healing session your Soul, body and life will reflect each other more accurately.

How Your Healing is Supported
I do not intend or focus healing so that your body looks perfect, or that your aura looks like it does in a book. My guides consult and follow your guides, asking at each organ, each chakra, each issue in your life; what is it that your body and Soul choose? What is your next step? And in this process, allowing whatever no longer serves your Soul's journey to be released.

The final, and most important aspect of my healing process is that the released energies are ushered to their own home, or onto the next step of their journey. In this way, they are not pulled and left loose to hang about or return. I find that for most people, their soul has an agreement to help these energies (which often contain a deeper consciousness) to return home. Once the energy 'sees' it can go home, it released easily. Your contract with it is completed.

Many of the energies I assist people in releasing have been with them since childhood. In my experience, we all have gathered experiences of wounding as a means of helping our Soul's understanding of humanity. Over time we have become accustomed to the presence of these energetic wounds, and eventually we cannot distinguish between 'them' and 'us'. During (and in the days prior to the session) your guides will magnify the group of energy patterns that your Soul and body are ready to release. You may have experiences to help you recognize the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and physical symptoms being caused by this set of soon-to-be-released energies. This is part of the natural process of healing.

Remember, energies that are not in tune with you will distort the aura surrounding your body and eventually cause chronic issues. Once your aura and body are freed from the energy's 'blueprint' upon it, your own healing may move forward more easily. Most clients report that other healing modalities such as Reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic, supplements, herbs, etc., are more successful in assisting with their body's own healing process after a session.

How to Schedule a Session
Email: (please include Private Session in the email title)
Phone/Text: (734)330-3997

Please include the following information:

- Phone number or Skype/FaceTime name to use for the session
- Your name, city, country and time zone
- At least three days/time frames that are typically good for you to receive a session

In scheduling a session, consider times when you can prepare beforehand, have at least 75 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time, and ideally have ample time to rest afterwards. For practitioners I recommend scheduling your session on a light or no client day, so your energy field is not cluttered with client's energies, and you have time to do your own processing afterwards. I typically offer sessions in the afternoon and evenings (USA eastern time zone), including some weekends.

My sessions are primarily by phone, but I do offer private sessions in person when I travel. See my
Calendar for a current list of cities and dates.

Why is this so effective?
The energy healing sessions are based on calling in the part of your soul which is legally incarnate at the present time. This comes from my belief that the soul is much larger than what any one body can possibly contain. So parts of it come and go, trading places every so often as your soul might desire different skills or experiences in your life.

As each of us is growing more aware of the energies that help to form our bodies and the world in which we live, we also accept responsibility for being a part of the larger creative process of Spirit. As a result we are on a strong upward learning curve regarding energy, emotion and thought.

By using the part of the soul which is legally incarnate as a reference point, I can help you locate, and release, all those other energies, guides, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve to support your physical body or your soul's purpose. As a result most people notice that their lives shift, usually releasing embedded habits and behaviors.

No change happens other than that which your soul is already prepared to make.

With more than 30 years of experience I have found that most people benefit from this deep healing, especially those who already have an energy or meditation practice. This is particularly helpful for practitioners.

What does a typical session look like?

- $215 USD

- one hour long

- by phone/Skype/FaceTime (in-person if nearby)

- I place the call/Skype to you

- recorded and emailed to you as an mp3

- recordings contain the healing energy, which comes back when you listen

Addressing difficult situations and making decisions becomes much easier when your body is comfortable,
your mind is quiet, and your emotions are informing you, not overwhelming you.

What might I expect afterwards?

 Norma's clients have reported many benefits of healing sessions including:

- quiet mind with clarity of thought

- greater physical ease and comfort

- emotional calm

- stillness in the energy field (aura)

- increased spiritual insight

- heightened awareness of your guides, Higher Self, and your energy field

The only suggestion is that you be committed to spiritual growth, having new experiences, and expanding your thinking.  

How do I Pay?

Payments can be made online now through PayPal, or an invoice can be sent to you via PayPal, or you may use a credit card over the phone.


Checks may be made out to
Norma Gentile
PO Box 971020
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Please make payment in US funds

Payment (cash or check) may be made at the time of the appointment for in person sessions.

Cancellation Policy
Should you need to reschedule an appointment, please let me know immediately. Appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time are subject to a cancellation fee of $75.

Below are some additional thoughts on healing provided by my guides, Archangel Michael, Mary and the Hathor I know as Atamira.

Concepts in Healing
(that might be new to you)

 Improving Grounding - Decreasing Mind Chatter - Increasing Psychic Clarity
Any energy in your physical body or energy field (aura) that is not in present time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising, such as illness in your physical body, feeling emotionally overwhelmed, hearing constant mind chatter, or a lack of grounding and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. And yes, day-to-day life issues are addressed as well in a session. Sessions often help you to avoid becoming mired in daily decisions as well as supporting the graceful flow of living that your Soul truly wants you to have in everyday life.

Chronic Issues
The system I have developed is very good at helping to loosen and lift off energies we perceive as heavy or stuck. The issues caused by these stuck energies may present themselves as emotions, thoughts, physical illness or a sense of 'something is not right'. Lifting off stagnant energies assists you in changing the chronic issues caused by or magnified by these energies. This means most chronic illnesses will decrease in intensity, and become more responsive to healing modalities.

All released energies are free to move into their own growth and evolutionary paths. This means that what is released does not return. And it means that those energies with awareness know that I mean to help them. In this way your agreement to "keep them safe" is brought to completion, because they are released with honor and respect onto their next step. This is true of all energies, big or small, that your soul and body are ready to release.

Releasing Energy Cords (to other people, to their guides, even to situations or places)
There is a rising awareness of the importance of identifying and releasing cords that perhaps in the past we were not responsible for releasing. As our consciousness grows, so does our responsibility for learning about energy! Letting go of energy cords relating to old guides (our own or those that other's sent to us), and body-to-body cords from family, friends and co-workers frees them up as much as it frees us up to be who we are meant to be now.

Healing from the Death of a Loved One
Time is truly part of a healthy healing process around death. Grief is an honorable and necessary part of how we move into and through the many changes that a loved one's death brings to us. Over many years of hospice and post-death experiences I have found that it is the process of grieving that releases the body-to-body cords between ourselves and those that have passed on. As these cords release, the permanent soul-to-soul cords are revealed. And a conscious connection with the larger, unconditionally loving soul of the beloved becomes easier to sense.

Releasing Out-of-Tune Guides
Guides that have come to us from our parents (DNA guides) or survivor guides can be assured that their task is complete. They tend to generate thoughts in our minds like "this is how to behave", and "you have to be a good person". These guides, who are now out-of-time, keep us from seeing possibilities, such as stepping up into our power and unique creativity. I find that these are large guides, often even angelic guides, whose energies need to be released from the past in order to be available to assist others now in the present. Again, it appears that as we have graduated from spiritual kindergarten, we are now responsible for noticing and releasing these energies ourselves.

I share these concepts and more insights in my online courses and in-person workshops.

How to Prepare for a Session - Energy

When you confirm and pay for a session, your guides know it. And they initiate a deeper conversation with my guides. This connection allows them to being to work even before the session officially begins.

The energetic patterns you are preparing to release will start to stir in the days preceding the healing appointment. If you begin to feel ill or simply odd, these are the very symptoms and energies that are on their way out. Coming to the healing session will assist these energies and symptoms to continue moving out of your body.

You will want to chose a time when you can relax and perhaps even nap after the session.

If you are a practitioner, pick a day when you are not seeing clients, or at least a time when you are done for the day and able to have time to yourself afterwards. Watch your dreams, as our guides' connection in dream state may start helping you shift several days before the session.

Whatever is beginning to shift will make itself known in the days before the session. Notice, and allow yourself to begin the healing process. There is no need to wait until the actual session when the healing energies are already engaged with you!

How to Prepare for a Session - Physical Logistics

For Phone Sessions:
If you have a corded land-line phone please plan on using it. When using a cell phone, plan on using a corded headset. Relax ahead of the session, and if you can plan on resting afterwards. Remove all jewelry, sacred gems, stones, and metals that can easily be removed. Chose a comfortable location that is quiet, where you will not be disturbed, and can lie down. I will call you at the appointment time. I sometimes run 5-10 minutes late, so please be patient.

For In-Person Sessions at a Hotel:

- Please plan to arrive at the session location a few minutes early
- Use the public restroom off of the lobby
- Remove all jewelry, sacred gems, stones, and metals from your body and pockets
- Call/text the phone number provided in your confirmation email when you are ready

If you need to, ask for me at the front desk. They will call up to the room. If I do not answer, I may still be with another client. Please leave a voice message with your name, and I will phone down to the desk as soon as I am ready for you. Stay near the front desk so they can find you easily.

In-person healing sessions typically last 50-55 minutes. Sometimes I can run a bit early or tardy, so please be flexible.

After the Session

Aftercare for Yourself
It is not uncommon for people to want quiet time after the session. If you can, choose a session time that allows you a few hours, or the remainder of the day for contemplation. Be sure to drink plenty of water and set aside extra time for a good night's sleep.

You and your body have decided to shift foundational energies and release many long held patterns. As a result, much more life-force is flowing through your body and aura. As this river of life-force increases, it naturally expands and speeds up. All sorts of debris that has been lying just out of view may be swept along in its current, flowing out of your body. Tears, moments of joy, odd tingling, a feeling of clarity and perfect lightness, even a round of diarrhea or a brief cold are not uncommon as the physical body cleanses and updates itself.

If you feel any physical symptoms warrant medical attention please call your primary health care professional. Caring for the physical body assists spiritual changes to manifest more smoothly. You may want to schedule a massage, acupuncture, chiropractic or other supportive modalities for the days following your healing session.

It is not uncommon for people to feel that they have another layer of issues ready to clear a few weeks after the first session. Please be in touch whenever it feels right to work again.

How to use the Recording
Most people find they listen to all of their session a few times, and then perhaps portions. It is stronger energetically if you listen to the beginning invocation of the Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael because tuning in to them first strengthens the energies that you then perceive working with you while listening to the session recording. Be sure to also listen to their release at the session's conclusion.

A Note about the Invocation and Release of Sacred Space
The invocation of Sacred Space is done by welcoming a conscious connection with the Nature Spirits of the room you are presently in, and the Nature Spirits residing in the land beneath that room. In this fashion the energies of Sacred Space are tethered to the room and land. For the purposes of this meditation, it is important to remain in the same space until the completion of the meditation. At the conclusion, we will ask the energies to clear the room and land you are in, then release them from consciously connecting to you, and releasing the Sacred Space they created.

Each time you listen to this meditation the Nature Spirits of whatever room you are in, along with those of the land beneath the room, will create an energetic sphere of Sacred Space with you. You need not be in the same room each time you listen to this meditation. The Nature Spirits of the room and land you are in during the invocation are the ones you are calling forward into a conscious connection. You just need to remain in contact with the room in order for the healing process to proceed easily. And remember to listen all the way through to the end of the meditation, so that you fully release your conscious magnified connection to the Nature Spirits and all those energies, even guides and angels, that came into your healing process during the meditation.

When you re-listen to this meditation you can be in any location. The Sacred Space invocation will tether to that location in which you are. Each time you listen to this meditation, or any of my meditations where I have invoked Sacred Space, it is tethered to the physical space that the invocation is created in. That is why at the end we always release from Sacred Space…so that your energies and my energies are not hanging out in that same location long after the healing process has been completed.

A Musical Note

All of my musical albums contain songs that use music as carrier waves for spiritual energies. Meditation Chants of Hildegard helps release emotional energies from the chakras. Unfurling Love's Creation creates the Nature Sphere around the room, magnifying the depth of whatever healing modality, artistic endeavor or writing that is being done while listening. These two albums are especially good for use during massage therapy or similar settings.

Healing Chants invokes the Sacred Masculine energies of Archangel Michael from within the Earth, alongside the Divine Feminine. Songs of Spirit clears the listener and the room of lingering energies and is good to use before and after hosting or attending group meetings or workshops.

I also have many
spoken word Meditations with healing songs you may want to check out. Many people use them to supplement their meditation and healing process.