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I offer Private Healing Sessions by phone when I am not traveling. Please see the Private Sessions Page for more information.

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(by phone or in person in SE Michigan now available)

Evanston, IL (north Chicago)
Intuitive & Psychic Energy Based
Sound Healing Workshop/Gathering

(a mix of information and deeply healing sound meditations - both a Gathering and a Workshop)
Saturday January 27​ from 3-5​ pm

Explore principles of Sacred Sound and Energy Healing with Norma as she shares ideas and leads you on an experiential musical journey. This afternoon is a mix of practical information for your brain and chanting/toning for your heart and body. Norma's guides, Archangel Michael, Mary, and the Hathor Atamira may be part of the energies you sense when you tune into the afternoon's energies. They work with your guides to provide you with insights and energetic shifts before, during and even after the meditation. Bring a mat or blanket if you like, regular chairs are provided, and loose comfy clothing is suggested

Heaven Meets Earth Yoga, 2746 Central Street, Evanston IL
Cost: $45 in advance / $55 day of

Private Healing Sessions also in Evanston IL
Sun Jan 28

Sessions include both information from your guides and angels, as well as healing energies to facilitate changes your Soul desires in your body and your life. This multi-faceted approach is notably deep and most people find that one or two sessions provides them with substantial, lasting and profound change. The kind of change that is so complete that there is little or no going back to the other ways of being. Read More...

To schedule an appointment time
please email
Location: Hyatt House, 1515 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60201

Intersted in a Session with Norma but can't make it on these dates? Norma offers very effective energy healing sessions by phone. read more...

Wednesday, January 31
10am Eastern / 7am Pacific / 16.00 Central European Time.

Power vs. Love: identifying and healing patterns of narcissism, victimhood and people-pleasing

Please join me when I am a guest on Laura Knop's show Let's Get Real
Listen online here:

People who readily behave like narcissists lie hidden within our lives. Usually they hide in plain sight! We don't see them because the principle traits and behaviors of Narcissistic Personality Disorder are acceptable in American society.

The list of narcissistic behaviors is simple to find with an Internet search…or while observing our current political leaders.

On an energetic and spiritual level, souls expressing through a narcissistic personality offer those around them the opportunity to see and experience one of the major polarities within our reality. We each have a choice in how we interact with others. We can wield power over them, or aspire to creating a loving relationship with them. Narcissists stand upon our world stage and offer us the gift of watching the results of choosing power over love.

As a psychic energy healer, I have become aware of how narcissists wield power and blind us to their control over us. In this hour I will explain how narcissists block our Third Eye (and intuition), take over our grounding, ( which often begins in early childhood), and gaslight us, convincing us that we are wrong, useless and must rely on them alone. Narcissists ultimately create enmeshed and co-dependent relationships with those around them. They exist because we (unconsciously) feed and encourage them. The reverse of a narcissist is a people-pleaser. We each have the potential to express either aspect.

My intention is to support an awakening to how we have been drawn into co-dependent relationships with narcissists, and begin to unwind the connective psychic cords and energies.

And yes, my guides Archangel Michael. Mary, and my Hathor guide Atamira will be present. You may notice their energies connecting to you and your guides/angels ahead of time.

Please join me and Laura Knop, host of Let's Get Real Wednesday January 30 at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific/16CentralEurope time. Listen online here:

Date TBA - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Playing a Tibetan Bowl
for personal meditation and healing

An experiential workshop with sound shaman Norma Gentile

About 2 hours long, $35
Please bring your own bowls, and I have several bowls that are currently seeking their new homes and will be available for you to try out and play as well.

If interested please email -






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