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excerpts from a live channeling, May 2004

by Norma Gentile

A comment on the channeling of Thoth, from Norma Gentile

In my experience Thoth does have the ability to manifest in form. I have been witness to him and another Ascended Master becoming visible. However, there was, each time, extraordinary circumstances of spiritual energies in the physical room as well as in my own personal body. For the most part I am aware of Thoth, and other great Teachers, on a telepathic level. They respond to my invitation to join my consciousness when I need assistance, and occasionally drop in without seeming to have a particular agenda.

Thoth asked me specifically to allow him to speak and move energy through me several times in the spring of 2004. By coming through me, Thoth's energy and primary teachings become grounded in with my female body in this time period.

Moving through my consciousness no doubt shifts some of the message he is conveying. As a channeler, I believe there is no perfect human channel. Spiritual impulses strike my mind. The knowledge and experiences that I have are available to interpret these impulses. Spiritual energies strike the word or experience that most closely matches their intent.

Thoth's energy is difficult for my body to fully host for an extended period. Because I began channeling with Seth (another incarnation of Thoth) I have greater ease with Seth's energy and speaking style. For this reason readers may notice that from time to time the energy of Thoth blends into that of Seth.

In speaking through me, Thoth uses 'we' to refer to the group of Ascended Masters he is a part of at this point in linear time. He also uses 'we' when he and his wife, Shesat, come together as one voice and speak through me.


from Thoth

Greetings. One of the things that most confounds you now is that our energy, particularly coming through a woman, doesn't feel as masculine as most are used to. Know that I am Thoth. Know that as I speak, this channel does her best to speak as I would ask her to.

Feel the energy yourself, allow your own thoughts to manifest in your heads. Allow your own thoughts to bring my energies to your language. Allow me to speak directly to each of you within your bodies, within your minds. Allow your mind to simply hear an alternative language as I speak through this one.

The gift that I wish to offer is one of understanding more deeply experiences now in your worlds. May they be political or social or rudimentary, it matters not. All are inner connected based on cosmic cycles in which you find yourselves.

We understand from our perspective that we see differently than you do. When I say "we" there's a company I bring with me today which includes my wife, my principle child, and my other children. There is a company of us that comes forward&emdash;feel the difference in the room as they step forward, both male and female. The ability to manifest ourselves comes not from our will, comes not from our pure desire, it comes from our heart. Let me speak to each of you for a moment, to your hearts, through silence.

We bring with us today two gifts: the gift of knowledge and the gift of true wisdom of the heart. One of these gifts is imparted to you through the voice of this channel. The other of the gifts is what carries the word, the knowledge into your minds.

Let us speak for a moment using your second gift, wisdom of the heart, allowing the first gift, knowledge, to simply wash through your body. The gift of knowledge comes both from heart and brain. Allow the body to simply feel it's own truth as we speak, in answer to a question that will most likely be asked.



We've lived many lives. We [meaning Thoth and his wife] incarnated into the timeframe in which you are currently living. It was one of our first earthly lives. Upon seeing the destruction that occurred in the reality into which we incarnated, it became possible then after a subsequent number of lives to gather a group of souls and to incarnate back to the beginning of this particular cycle upon the planet. This planet has held life over three distinct cycles. When we incarnated at the end of this cycle and saw destruction, it was our determination then to continue incarnating earlier in the time line so that we might potentially create a reality in which there was the fruition of the dream at the end.

As we speak to you, we speak from a reality in which that fruition has occurred. The lifetime most of you know us from, the time in Egypt, was our final complete incarnation upon earth. It was only reached after more than 3,000 life times incarnating throughout the time line and across numerous realities of the time line. Yes, within each timeline, there are numerous realities, the reality from which we speak now is one in which fruition occurred in what you would have called the 1970's.

The time line into which we speak through this channel is one in which fruition most likely will occur in approximately twenty years. We know this may be new information or perhaps a curiosity for most of you. For us it is a way of letting you know that your bodies are a pivotal piece of creating the fruition. How you hold your bodies now is part of how this comes to pass.



from Shesat, Thoth's consort

The energy of Gaia is a complete soul. She has clothed herself as your Earth. Her journey now in the 3rd dimension with you is complete. Her journey now moves into a realm which you might describe as the 4th dimension, and which we would describe as a purely emotional realm of energy. As she moves you are free. You no longer require her form. It is fortuitous that she moves at the same moment humanity is about to leap beyond their need for her to maintain a physical form.

There are times (lasting many weeks) where she moves more deeply into her new form. During these windows, the bodies of humanity are set askew. That which you know as solid earth no longer is, but your brain cannot perceive it as not having solidity. That would be beyond your ability at the moment.

The earth is in one of those cycles now (May-early June 2004). More of these cycles are planned for mid-September &endash; late October 2004, and Late January &endash; early February 2005. Such windows will continue with greater lengths and intensities as Gaia prepares for her own enlightenment journey to continue.


from Thoth

The upper throat or neck, just below the jaw line, where the hyoid bone is located, is restricted in many people. This is the area at the moment of very deep change. Looking energetically at this area of many people's throats, is like looking into a vast deep well. The energies of which we speak are not of any of the traditional charkas. This is an energy point or pivot that is unique to your world at this moment in time.

This is an energy point or pivot, as we keep calling it, because in it are different possibilities. As each of you open in this area, you open initially into the other realities [being created simultaneously in the timeline]. Just as your body incarnates here in this timeline, your body also incarnates across numerous realities in this timeline. As this particular area opens, you have the ability to access the other realities in which a similar body exists.

There are some realities which you find objectionable. You find your body here now that is listening to us, would have judgments towards choices that you made in other realities. It is these judgments, these 'hang-ups' that are causing you to stop yourself from accessing information and experiences in these other realities.

From this reality you judge what created the experience in another reality as being wrong or morally bad. This judgment is clogging the upper throat, constricting the potential flow of information, knowledge and healing between these alternate realities.

We don't say that the choices made in these other realities would be beneficial to be made in this life. No. We do say that each choice in each reality made results and resultants occur. Therefore, your ability to grow and learn from all choices, and all experiences is available to you as you drop the judgment.

Dropping judgment around your own behavior is the final motion into a living consciousness. Strangely, it is easier not to judge another's behavior, than it is not to judge your own behavior.

Those who in this lifetime chose radically different paths than in other realities have the greatest issues with judgment, and the greatest potential for spiritual growth.

For example, if a soul chooses to create the life of a homeless wanderer for himself or herself, and has judgment in this reality towards that choice, they therefore never experience the freedom from the linear time line, the tick tock of the clock that they experienced in this other reality. And if that judgment persists, they do not have the ability to bring the freedom from time from the homeless wanderer reality into this reality.

The freedom from time in this reality allows a sense of the universal flow to be more present in their own conscious awareness. You see, then, how choices made in other realities yield results that can be melded and blended into this reality for the benefit of both body and spiritual growth.

Norma Gentile is a intuitive sound healer and writer. Her new CD, "Healing Chants of Hildegard:, opens into the sacred masculine. For more information please see or 734-330-3997


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