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November 3 email Newsletter
posted 12 hours before the US polls open
Are We There Yet?


As many of you know, I've lived in Europe, traveled in South America and Mexico, and spent most of my adult life living in a city bustling with newcomers to the US from around the world. Overhearing conversations in a multitude of languages is normal for me. I only wish I could understand more of what I'm hearing in the local stores and cafes.

One topic that is common and clear is this; If the citizen's of the world could vote, they would elect Barack Obama as the next president of the USA.

So the question becomes, will those of us holding US citizenship and able to vote, do the same? Apathy, or a sense that 'it is already decided' is (in my opinion) too prominent of a feature in new age thinking. And it fits in with the political polls suggesting that the decision is already made.

Tomorrow's election, according to what I'm deducing from both outer world political charts and my inner world guides, will turn largely on the ability of those living in the east coast of the US to shake off the moon's 'void of course' influence and get their body's moving.

When the moon is 'void of course', we are encouraged to stillness. Not necessarily deep and profound meditation, but it is a quieter time. It is a time to consider things, before taking action. For this reason those of us who are more sensitive to astrological energies, will be more inclined to meditate on the election tomorrow rather than participate in it.

This is one of those times where incorporating the larger cosmic energies into the physical reality becomes pivotal. Can we bring introspection and consideration into the polling place while we wait in line? The 'void of course' moon brings the quality of openness to consider possibilities. Perhaps that will be more available to others standing in line to vote when our physical body, carrying and aligning with that quality of energy, is in line with them as well.

Thoth and the Ascended Masters told me years ago that the US elected George Bush in 2004 (and 2000) because we (those living in the US) were not yet ready to elect a president who reflected qualities held within Unity Consciousness. They have repeatedly said that when the Golden Mean (61.8%) of the US population reached a certain level of awareness of Unity Consciousness, then, and only then, would our elected President reflect that higher level of consciousness.

So, are we there yet?

-Norma Gentile

Some Interesting Election Links:

Mark Dodich (under Monthly Astrology Report)

Mark generously writes about the 'void of course' moon's influence on the election, Obama's own astrological chart on election day and the next day, plus related charts of the US, Palin and McCain, etc.

WFMU - Rob Weisberg

Rob drew together 3 hours of songs celebrating Obama from countries all over the world. You can see the list and listen to the songs for yourself. Most are very danceable, so if you are planning a post-election party…..
Enter your address and find your polling location

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