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October 2008 email Newsletter
The Pendulum Swings
Obama / Osama
Blessing Ama, the Divine Feminine

Dear Friends,

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A note on how this article came to me
I sat down to write a totally different article, but this came through instead. As I found myself writing, Thoth and the Ascended Masters that now travel with him sat with me. They added their own insights to my personal observations. I hope this article is of use, regardless of whether or not you find yourself in agreement with my conclusions.

The Pendulum Swings (and are we there yet?)
The US elections and financial markets are the visible signs that the pendulum of consciousness is swinging. Fortunately, the pendulum of consciousness swings slowly and evenly. In cosmic terms, 13,000 years one-way, 13,00 years the other way. The results of its swinging are our reactions.

Our reactions are like little tiny pendulums, beating from one side to the other furiously. They certainly create a lot of motion, a cacophony of noise, and inside of us, wild swings of emotions. But ultimately these tiny pendulums just keep going over the same distance, in the same manner, at a very fast pace.

My guides have clearly stated that when the golden mean (5/8ths) of the US population chooses to live in accordance with who they know themselves to be, we will move out of the chaos of living according to the tiny pendulums swinging wildly back and forth.

Our politicians represent who we are at our core. Whether we like them or not, they show us our shadows and unresolved issues. Do we need to look more at our love of superficiality and behave as if we were teenagers? If so, we will elect mommy and daddy to take care of us.

Are we ready to hear our best friend tell us that we acted unfairly? Truth telling is hard to do, and can only happen if the receiver of the truth will let themselves be vulnerable to hearing it. Are we willing to be uncomfortable in order to rebuild friendships internationally and trust others? If so, the US will clearly (not by 51% or 52%) choose the new kid with and his uncle Joe. But desiring quick changes and promising results is an illusion, and a shadow that will be revealed.

Obama / Osama
Blessings Again to Ama, the Divine Feminine

And yes, while it seems insane, we are unwinding a pattern of cursing a sacred name. The combination of vowels found in the names 'Obama' and 'Osama' is not a coincidence. 'Ama' is a root word in many languages for 'mother' and 'love'. Placing a prefix such as 'O' before it simply defines which quality of love.

In an ideal world, the words created using 'ama' also generate the intention of loving deeds and care for the world. People who have chosen or been given names with this root are also given the opportunity, each time their name is spoken, to generate this quality of consciousness around them.

In the US we have cursed 'ama'. Literally, we have cursed the feminine out loud for the past 7 years. This is not about what Osama bin Laden did or didn't do. How he and all those with 'ama' in their names use the blessing of the Divine Feminine is held within their souls. My point is that by speaking that name with hatred, we have created an energetic pattern of cursing 'ama', the Divine Mother.

It is not the start of our disowning the Divine Feminine. Rather, it is the revealing and ending of the practice. Those whom we in the US refer to as our country's founding fathers have incarnated as a group multiple times. Clearly, their specialty (and learning process) is around creating systems of government that allow people to individuate while listening to Spirit.

I don't feel it was their intention that the US government turn away from the Divine Feminine. But it happened. Our collective unconsciousness focused on the profane, or non-sacred masculine principles more and more. And now, that slowly moving pendulum of 13,000 years is crossing into a new connection to Spirit. The principles of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, which those who founded the US invoked in its inception, are responding.

Like seedlings emerging after a sudden frost, what was planted hundreds of years ago here, thousands of years ago in Egypt, and tens of thousands of years ago in Lemuria is awakening. Our souls know it. We feel the pendulum swinging slowly towards 2012, towards the full reconnection to Spirit. How can our world, in finances and politics not reflect this?

These government were not meant simply to exist and function for a short span of historical time. Rather, they were meant to be a series of practices for what is coming. Our full reconnection to Spirit requires that each of us understand and utilize our individuality, with compassion and grace toward others.

What was built without sacredness is falling away. What is built with sacredness will arise.

We will pass through the same chaos regardless of who is elected in the US to the presidency. The difference is easily symbolized by an X. Whether we start from the bottom left or bottom right, the line moves through the same space. We will move through a point of chaos, regardless of who wins the election. The question is, which way will we move out of that point? The lines converge, but then move out in opposite directions.

Our collective unconsciousness is being awoken each day a bit more, just like the bright sunlight stirs us out of our slumber each morning. As we move closer to the election date, we also move closer to the brilliance of the sunlight. Are we ready to hear the truth? Are we ready to see what the sunlight will let us see easily?

A final note
If we choose to speak "Obama' with a sense of joy and support, we will unwind the cursing we have created upon the name "Osama' as well. This will move us out of the polarity of 'us versus them' that the current wars are founded upon.

And yes, Joe Biden's last name will work in the same fashion upon 'bin Laden'. The family's name of 'bin Laden' may be released from its position in a cycle of cursing. And this will help to loosen financial pressures. Because as our hearts are heavy, we do not exhibit or chose to act out of compassion. And money is a result of the flowing of spirit. Where there is generosity, compassion and love, spirit flows, and money follows.

May your days be abundant with generosity, curiosity, and creativity.

-Norma Gentile
(with Thoth and his traveling companions)

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