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Music, Sound and Energy
by Norma Gentile

reprinted from
August 1999
PhenomeNEWS Magazine

If you enjoy listening to a piece of music or a particular composer, it is probably because some part of you resonates with that music. And as your body, mind or emotions resonate with the music, you are being drawn just a bit more into alignment with spirit.

For example, the music of Mozart is currently being extolled for its abilities to help people clear their minds and think more efficiently.

Could it be that this music draws those listening into resonance with a part of themselves that is more grounded, centered and less apt to run off into six directions at once?

Likewise, the music of Hildegard von Bingen that I specialize in is known for its meditative and still qualities. Could it be that this music is drawing out your ability to connect with your own Higher Self and strengthen that connection?

Now, to go to the other end of the spectrum, let us consider rock. While I find it to be abrasive, intrusive and ever louder, many enjoy it tremendously.

Rock music has a tendency to draw chaotic elements to the surface of those who hear it. For some, particularly teens, listening to loud rock music may help to keep their emotions flowing and in process. For others, particularly those not in control of the rock music, it may draw out emotions that they would not consciously choose to have drawn out at that moment.

Anger is a natural reaction to having your boundaries crossed. Listening to your teenager's rock music (or any loud sound) when it isn't your choice is apt to draw up energies of overwhelm and anger in your own auric field.

One explanation for this is that sound stimulates energetic patterns in the aura. If, as the patterns are stimulated, whatever information they contain can be assimilated, then the energetic patterns easily fall away.

If however the information in these energetic patterns is not yet ready to be released, then they remain in the auric field. We often experience them as fatigue, irritability, tingling on our skin or sudden twinges of pain.

The next time you find yourself getting more and more angry with your teen (or your spouse or neighbor), ask yourself if it is them or some sound or music that is bothering you.

Likewise, the new age music that many find soothing and relaxing can be irritating and annoying to others. Just as some need a cooler or warmer air temperature, so too there are varying temperatures of music that we each enjoy.

For myself, I find it helpful to "feel" where in my aura sound is creating a pulsing sensation and clear that area gently. As the area clears, usually my sensitivity (or annoyance) is lessened. This does not mean that I walk around immune to the effects of loud sounds or music but rather that I notice when sound is affecting me and consciously address it.

Last week, for example, I had two days of clearing my aura from all of the energies which were drawn up by my neighbor's jackhammering their old driveway into pieces. Later that same week, I was again serenaded by jackhammers pulling out a nearby parking lot.

During the first day of driveway work, I felt a nearly uncontrollable urge to run screaming from my home to confront my "thoughtless" neighbors. By the third day, while I still wouldn't have called it a pleasant sound, I had cleared enough of my aura so that I was able to work at home, even doing some channeling and healing work.

Each of us has the ability to change how we react to sound and music. The first step is noticing that we are being effected.

A recording artist and professional Sound Energy Healer, Norma Gentile works privately with individuals in healing and leads workshops teaching this technique.  She can be reached at or her website at

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