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Music, Medicine, Sound and Healing

posted 2/1/03
by Norma Gentile
and Atamira



A story....

Long ago, near the time of the founding of Egypt, a race of Beings walked alongside the human race. Larger and more adept at certain practices, these Beings are recalled now days in statures and myths as Hathor, or the Hathors.

Even longer ago, approximately 30,000-32,000 years ago, this same race looked upon the Earth from their Venusian home and saw our planet as 'falling asleep' to the voice of spirit. Much like caretakers of small children, the Hathors, along with other races who care deeply for our well being, wove grids of consciousness to surround the earth, and safeguard our 'sleep-time'.

One set of grids, formed exclusively from and by the Hathor consciousness, has taken on properties which are surprising, even to them.

The nodal points of this single web, where numerous central lines connect, were inset with the precious gem of Hathor based consciousness. Each nodal point served as a nest for a quality of consciousness. Each was intended as a service, to remind mankind when we awoke of our greater purpose and mission.

Overtime the consciousness in each nodal point has awoken and evolved itself into an independent and powerful Being, sourced as each Being is sourced from the Creator. It is this transformation, and the resulting connections to humanity, that is astonishing much of Creation at this moment.

As each nodal point consciousness has evolved into a single Being, they have developed the ability to drop or extend their consciousness into the level of some human consciousness. In particular, one Being named Atamira blended her consciousness into the Maori of New Zealand. This same Being is blending herself with me also, and is my primary teacher.

Many humans are blended with these Beings. Some are aware of it, and others are not. Most who are touched in some way experience a yearning for using sound, art, music, medicine and healing as a personal expression.

The Hathor Beings are now primarily living in the 5th dimension, and a fair number are also in the 7th dimension. They reside in Venus, and are not visible or tangible to us as form. They are what we sense in healing music, as they speak through many of us on the planet. While they do come through some trained musicians, Atamira has shared with me that the Beings birthed from the consciousness grids seek primarily humans who have a shared history of also incarnating as Hathors.

To hear an example of how Atamira rides on my voice when I sing or speak, click on the link below.
Additional songs and spoken channeling can be found on my
home page (
O factura Dei


My love to all,
-Norma Gentile
(with Atamira)

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