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December email Newsletter
Choosing to Reveal Our Pain
(and the new hope behind it)

Dear Friends.

I'm preparing to travel to Portland, Oregon for a weekend of sound healing events. But the impressive and oppressive energies of the past week have me feeling like a quick, short note might be of use.

I live in a small town near Detroit. The 'doom and gloom' that has set in here is not just from the lack of sunshine this fall, but from the overall emotional field of those living here. And we are not alone!

In choosing Barack Obama as President, we also chose to reveal and purge emotional pain. This pain, literally, dolor, has not had permission to be expressed by the mass consciousness fully and completely. In fact, suppressing it has been rewarded, unconsciously, in our society. When was the last time you saw a commercial on TV suggesting a good cry and journaling rather than buying something?

Well, no longer. It's coming up and out. Many people who are feeling this inner pain don't know how to express it. When I experience someone's anger or road rage, it feels like an attempt to shake off the emotional energy oozing out of a deep inner wound. And I just happen to be around at the moment they are trying to be rid of it.

Mary and Archangel Michael gave me this idea, when I asked what the workshops and concert was about this weekend in Portland:

When we turn our hearts off, besieged by horror stories of violence and dismal economic forecasts, we shut off our natural conduit to Spirit / God / All That Is. The heart opens in the presence of compassion and kindness. This leads to the manifestation of circumstances and things we 'hope' for.

So please, if you are feeling drawn, come, help me 'hope' our new world into existence. We do this together. My favorite song from the concert I'm preparing includes this text by Hildegard. I dedicate it to all those men who have already taken the hero's journey so that they might now be with other men who are painfully, but willingly awakening, and standing in their own true light.

O worthy men,
who pass into the hidden places,
beholding through spirit's eyes
and announcing from the shining mist,
the living and quickening light,
which begins upon a branch,
flowering only at the entrance of the original light.

You ancient saints,
who foretold the salvation
of those exiled souls,
who were immersed in death,
and you who spun in circles,
weaving wonderful tales of this mystical mountain,
that reaches to heaven,
passing into and anointing the many waters,
while among you
arises the clear light,
by which this mountain
is proceeded, and is revealed.

Follow your heart' truly means to follow the guidance that has already been placed within you. How else can Spirit speak to you, but through this gift given to you? One is never afraid of one's strength when that strength comes from a heart in true alignment with Spirit.

Blessings to everyone, and my fondest wishes for each.

Norma Gentile




This month's Sound Healing is: Seculorum (of this world)
As we place ourselves upon the Earth, wherever it is that we live, our bodies become the conduits through which Heaven speaks to Earth, and Earth replies to Heaven. Here is a song of their overheard conversation.

This sound healing comes from a live Candlelight Concert of Healing Chants.
---You can
see it, along with other chants now on YouTube
listen to it as an mp3.

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1. Tickets online now for
PORTLAND (Dec 4-8, concert, workshops and Private Healing Sessions) and ANN ARBOR (Dec 21, concert)

2. You can see my
Healing Meditation Concert online now at YouTube
You'll find three healing chants, some by Hildegard, others my guides singing through me, and be able to see me playing the large Tibetan Singing Bowl with two of them.

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Private Healing Sessions
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Portland, Oregon ------- December 4-8

Thursday, December 4 at 7-9pm
Reiki Practitioners' Forum: Intro to Sound Healing for Reiki Practitioners
Techniques for healing which can be used with or without vocalizing the sound . Reiki I or above welcome.

Friday, December 5 at 8pm
Candlelight Meditation Concert of live sound healings
Songs of Starlight and Inner Vision
at The Old Church. Tickets online now $20 and at door.

Saturday, Dec 6 from 10am-1pm
Embodying Healing Sounds Workshop
held at Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces
Tickets $45 online now,

Sun-Mon, Dec 7-8

Private Healing Sessions
Spaces open for Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday

Ann Arbor, MI
Sunday, December 21 at 4pm (the winter solstice)
Candlelight Meditation Concert
Songs of Starlight and Inner Vision
Tickets $20 online now

Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth
704 Airport Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI 48108-3606
located just south of the I-94 and State Street intersection. The center is very easy to find, and offers ample free parking.
map here

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Saturday, January 10 at 8pm-9pm Eastern (New York City time)
Full Moon Phone Meditation
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This telephone meditation is offered at no charge, donations always welcome

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