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Sound Healings --------Sacred Songs and Chants

May 2014

Three Songs from Spirit
Turning Regret
into Strength

Listen Here (mp3)
Watch Here (video)

from a live Meditation Concert

I feel the collective human unconscious gazing upon the face of regret. And while looking at this sorrow can taste bitter, we each have the opportunity to sweeten it.

All of us experiences some degree of regret, but few of us recognize that it needs to be dealt with in order to bring balance and joy into our lives. Anger, jealousy, fear… These difficult emotions receive more of our attention on the path to enlightenment. But now the time is ripe to change our perception of choices that did not turn out the way we anticipated, especially those we might consider failures.

For every choice we make, we leave behind energetic cords to the options we did not choose. Usually, these cords dissolve as we step into the choice we made &endash; the career, the city or job, or even the new pair of shoes. Fortunately, the small regrets can be solved with a quick trip to return the shoes, and even choose anew! But our energetic cords tend to remain tethered to larger decisions we have come to regret. The longer ago the decision, the less likely we are to notice that we have regrets about our choice.

Sometimes, the "what if" thoughts fade. That indicates we have released our energetic cords to other options and integrated our choice. But what if you find yourself thinking, "If only I had done ____________ ." You may even notice a sour taste when such thoughts arise. For this reason, I call regret the sour sorrow.

When we feel regret, we are psychically resonating with our own connective cords to those options we did not choose in the past. When we do this, we are bound, through these emotional energy cords, to all the options we did not choose. Our life-force is still trapped there, engaging with other possibilities. That leaves little of it to nourish the choice we did make. For this reason alone, we may not flourish on our chosen path.

As we each consider those things that we regret, we can release the emotional ties that bind us to those "roads not taken." These three songs will help you move through regret and embrace new strength. The music facilitates a meditative state where habitual thoughts can be halted, and deep emotions can be felt. Grieving for what is not present allows old cords to dissolve. The energy creating those cords then integrates into you in this present moment.

There is support here now for those who are ready to face regrets. What one thing do you most regret? Try letting yourself feel this as you listen. The first song creates a safe heart space, invoking the Divine Feminine and compassion. The second song opens into the grieving process, which allows the cords to release. The hidden strength of the Sacred Masculine comes to you through the third song. Be still within yourself for a while afterwards. Let your own guidance speak to you in this silence, and be comforted. There are no wrong choices, only more compassionate ones you will make in the future.

My blessings to each,

Ave Maria
Maria generosa,
Ave sit tibi
Ave Maris Stella
Ave Ecclesia

Behold Mary
Noble one,
In your presence
The sparkel of the jem
stands strong
Look upon this sacred gathering

O pastor
de la unica voz
Desde la multitude humana

te ruego
te supplico
te pido

Sacra a la luz
el amore divino
por el corazon humano

con la unica voz
cante la humanidad

O shepherd
of the one voice
From within the human multitude

I beg you
I plead with you
I ask

Draw forth
divine love
from the human heart
So that humanity
might sing
with one voice

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