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Healing Breath
(Norma Gentile, voice and Atmaram Chaitanya, tambura)

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Newly Emerging Chakras &endash; Our two Third Chakras
Some cultures place the third chakra fairly low, close to the navel, while others place it as high as the solar plexus, just below the Traditional Heart chakra. I have come to believe that both are accurate, and that we have two Third Chakras. The emerging prominence of the Lower Third Chakra also has to do with the navel chakra itself coming online much more in the Western world.

While my physical gestures indicate, and we may think of chakras as being in front of our body, they are also in back. Some people, including myself, see them as a sphere. The major chakras I am discussing now emanate from an endocrine gland. Other chakras emanate from organs, joints and even cells within the physical body.

The back side of the major endocrine based chakras are where our guides and angels come and support us. Not surprisingly, during times of stress and chaos the lower and middle back can become very uncomfortable. Guides and angels that were in tune with us in the past, those who helped us 'push through' issues, especially as children, may still be called upon by us, unconsciously, to help us push through an issue even now. This means we are accidentally calling in guides that are out-of-time and out-of-tune with the energy fields or chakras emanating from our kidneys, adrenals, navel and Second Chakra.

A whole other way of looking at things is to pause, rather than push through adversity. In that moment of paused quiet, allow the stars come out; allow the possibilities that only Spirit can show you to be visible.

Let's do that now.

Feel the space behind your back now. The physical sensation of intensity or density is often our kinesthetic feeling awareness of old beliefs as well as the guides or angels related to the beliefs interacting with our current time chakras and aura. Thoughts such as 'I should be able to do it', 'It should look this way', 'this is the way it always has been, this is the way it should be' are all thoughts created when we try to make old energies fit our current life. You hear my use of 'should' repeatedly? That is always a good clue…find the intensity that is being magnified as I talk about it. And ask it if it is reflecting your soul right now? Is it in current time? Every intensity has some pattern organizing its energy. We experience that pattern as a belief, physical sensation, and/or emotion. Ask whatever you notice, is this really in tune with you now? Is it really even yours now?

SONG: Healing Breath (Norma, voice and Atmaram, tambura)
Now feel how your breath feels. How does the space around you feel? How do your ribs move now? Your ribs, hips and even knees ideally move with each breath.

Norma was joined in this meditation by
Atmaram Chaitanya playing tambura and harmonium.

  This is excerpted from Norma's live meditation When the Stars Come Out

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