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It is best to plan on lying down and resting deeply as you listen. Do not listen to these meditations while driving or engaging with other activities. The general pattern of these Meditations is to begin with an invocation of Sacred Space followed by a bit of information. Then we weave in and out of gentle meditative states. Your guides and angels will work with you during these meditative states and for several days after.

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1. A New Way of Grounding
How does Your Body want to connect to its own energy within the Earth?
Connecting to New Aspects of Archangel Michael
SONG: Healing Breath (Norma, voice and Atmaram Chaitanya, tambura)

I was joined in this meditation by Atmaram Chaitanya playing tambura and harmonium.

Mourning what has not come to pass
(Norma voice and Tibetan bowl)
For Inner Reflection (Norma, voice and Atmaram, harmonium)
Healing Breath
(Norma, voice and Atmaram, tambura)
Om Namo Shivaya (Atmaram Chaitanya voice/harmonium)
Invocation of Sacredness (Norma voice)
Healing Home (Norma, voice and Tibetan bowl)

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An edited transcript is given below. This is not exact, nor is it complete. The audio version is meant as a healing meditation. The transcript is provided only for brain candy.

Meditation #54 from August 4, 2017

When the Stars Come Out
Meditative Insights and Healing Songs

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With this eclipse we have the opportunity to break our entrainment or enthrallment to the louder mundane world; especially as we relate to power, strength and authority. Here are a series of short meditations and songs to do just that.


- Sacred Space Invocation
of Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael
- The Earth has only loaned you its atoms
in order for you to create your body
- Clearing Our Newly Emerging Chakras in Heart and Solar Plexius from past beliefs, guides and intensities.
- Why and How to Release Beliefs and Behaviors (and old guides and angels)
- Brain Chatter Release
(clearing 6th and 7th chakras)
- Connecting the two Heart Chakras (knowing what is yours to do)
- The Quiet Within


download text as a PDF

from a live meditation given on 2017_08_04
Transcript (edited for clarity)
When the Stars Come Out
Meditative Insights and Healing Songs

Norma Gentile, sound shaman
with musical guest Atmaran Chaitanya (

With this eclipse we have the opportunity to break our entrainment or enthrallment to the louder mundane world; especially as we relate to power, strength and authority. Here are a series of short meditations and songs to do just that.

Archangel Michael and Mary are the principle energies that led this meditation. Beforehand, Michael was reminding me that the process of an eclipse removes the main source of what allows us to physically see our outer world when the light from the sun or moon is obscured. In energy terms, an eclipse breaks our enthrallment with mundane activities, especially those that have gotten too loud, too time consuming or too chaotic. By temporarily blocking our entrainment with such energies, people and events, eclipses provide us the opportunity to reconsider and refocus our spiritual strength upon what is ours to do now.

During this particular eclipse the enthrallment related to US politics will be temporarily broken. People's ability to see beyond the blindingly shiny surface will be heightened. New choices are possible.

The eclipse will silence the chaos, just as it eclipses the sun, allowing the stars to shine through. Each star that becomes visible during an eclipse symbolizes a new possibility awakening from within us


1 Introduction
This meditation was given before a live audience two weeks before the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, and a day before the lunar eclipse that preceded it. We tend to think of eclipses and other astrological events as happening for a few minutes at a certain point in time. However, the planets, stars and moon are in steady constant motion and so the energies of astrological events tend to begin days, weeks, even months or years before the actual event. The window of energies for eclipses is at a minimum a month before and after the event, and sometimes many months.

Eclipse often come in groups that are interconnected. Over the next several years we will experience a series of lunar eclipses based on opening our hearts and finding a healthy way of relating to wielding personal power and strength.

I think of this series of lunar eclipses as a series of maritime or water leveling Locks. Living in Michigan, I have watched boats move from Lake Superior into Lake Huron through a series of Locks, which provide controlled water level changes. The ship enters into a Lock, and as the Lock fills with more water, the ship is raised to a new water level. Once the Lock is as full as possible, the ship moves into the next Lock, which also fills with water and raises the ship a bit more. This continues until the ship has reached the water level of the other lake. The reverse is also possible; the ship can enter the series of Locks while they are full of water, and be lowered as the water is pumped out. The alternative to this slow but orderly transition from one lake's water level to another is an extremely rough passage through the area where the two lakes meet that can twist and tear ships apart.

Eclipses offer us the same opportunity for slow, steady change. To the extent that we have released any unconscious desires for drama (and the people in our lives that provide it) we can utilize the energy of astrological events, such as eclipses, to create real and lasting change in our lives.

With this eclipse we have the opportunity to break our entrainment or enthrallment to the louder mundane world; especially as we relate to power, strength and authority. As the eclipse blots out our physical ability to see, by obscuring the sun, so too it turns down the volume of worldly or profane energies in our world. It is up to us to not use our own energy to turn the volume back up, but rather to listen to the quieter promptings of Spirit that are more easily audible during the window of the eclipse.

The August 21st eclipse that passes over the US is about breaking the societal enthrallment with what is now centered around politics. It is about breaking the entrainment that is drawing people away from seeing what else is happening in their lives. This eclipse opens our heart space and our own body of integrity, to whatever is true for each person to express into their lives and hence into our shared world.

2 Creating Sacred Space
Welcoming the Pure Energy of Nature, the Nature Spirits (vibrating at their level of unconditional love) within the room and the land directly beneath the room to for a sphere, tuned to their level of unconditional love, around the room we are in now.

Welcoming Archangel Michael's presence into this sphere. Recognizing that Archangel Michael (or Michaela) assists other energies, both light and dark to go home. We invite Michael to magnify his presence in all the dimensions of our reality, providing a means for whatever may desire to travel elsewhere to do so during this meditation.

3 SONG: Om Namo Shivaya (Atmaram Chaitanya voice/harmonium)
4 SONG: Invocation (Norma voice)

5 The Quiet Within

As we enter into this time of eclipse, our ability to find stillness increases. We are more able to find the space within us that allows for reflection. This same space also allows for transmutation.

When we are so busy in the world that we are constantly engaged in trying to stop something or make it go a different direction, then we are using our energy against it. While that may be appropriate in some cases, it is our own life-force that we are expelling. When we can pause and find that space deep within us that is quiet, that inner place that feels like a breathless space, then we can tap into the larger picture. This is where the magic happens.

Our consciousness and focus shift. We no longer feel the need to worry about transmuting or transforming something. We recognize we don't need to do anything. At that point of this quiet stillness, it is as if there is an eclipse of the loudness of the issue we are concerned about. And the stars come out. We start seeing possibilities.

Each star that comes out in the sky during an eclipse can be experienced as a new internal possibility, a new attitude, or direction for our self. It is amazing what happens when we can see, and then choose new paths!

What does that feel like to you? How does choosing something new or different feel? Sometimes it is a bit scary. And sometimes we anticipate the possibility of not having to deal with our current issues, and we jump into what we think is a new path, but it will not last. Before we can move forward, we must honor what is now, and mourn that which will not come to pass in the current reality of our lives.

What one thing have you been trying and wanting to create, but it just hasn't happened?

6 SONG: Mourning what has not come to pass (Norma voice and Tibetan bowl)

Allowing our self to mourn what has not fully come to pass, and allowing our self to feel where we have not fully engaged yet in our life.

7 A New Way of Grounding
How does Your Body want to connect to its own energy within the Earth?

Each of the atoms of our body has been loaned to us by Earth so that we might use it as part of our physical form. Each of the atoms of our body therefore, rightfully belongs to the Earth. Each of the atoms of our body knows, within its own intelligence, that it pertains to the Earth. As each atom within our body finds its own resonance to its own presence within the Earth, our grounding opens. Our body remembers itself as both Sacred Spirit, and Earthly human form.

So often we think we can't let go of something because we have to fix it. A common thought is that if it doesn't feel comfortable, then I need to hang onto it until I can fix it. More often than not healing something isn't an act we participate in. Rather, we release the pattern, allowing the intelligence within the pattern to lead it onward to wherever else it needs to go to keep learning, and growing, and healing. Our role is to simply release, so that the intelligence within a pattern might find its own way home.

As the Stars emerge out of their black velvet hiding place, so too do the possibilities that we each have in life begin to awaken within us. And they do not awaken first in our mind! Rather, they awaken first in the space around us. They awaken within our physical form, our body, because they are already awake within the Earth energies into which our body is already and always connected. Each possibility, each new option for life awakens first within our soul and within the Earth. Our brain is the last one to know about it!

Notice how your breath moves through your entire body…How does your body want to remember its innate connection into the Earth energy it was born from? How do the atoms within your body want to honor that they are merely being loaned to our soul, by the Earth?

Bringing an awareness, not just of temporality and mortality, but rather to the infinite of who you are, and who your soul desires for you to be within your body.

Bring awareness to the heart and to the lungs.

So much of what has passed in the last 70 or 80 years as been to upend, literally turn upside down, what appeared to be normality. And as we, the human race, have upended what was, we are seeking more to replace it with something that is similar but better…at least better for us.!

Instead of upending the past pattern we considered to be normal, looking at it it, and recognizing that something totally different will now happen, some within humanity have decided to fix it. But we have reached the point where what was our normality can not be turned upright again in order to continue its functioning. We now must set it aside, and look to see what else has been laid out for us by Sprit in our lives.

In a song by St.Hildegard of Bingen (O viridissima virga) she describes a feast, spread out for humanity. Where within this banquet are you seated? How does your heart receive those promptings of Spirit that are yours to listen to? In the midst of the chaos now, those voices that clamor for attention not only want us to be enthralled to them, or entrained to them, but they don't want us to look elsewhere. They don't want us to look anywhere.

Our own unique voice inside often sings in marvelous harmony with others, and sometimes a little dissonance too. Seeing whatever you see, giving voice to whatever you give voice to, allows for a fuller dynamic and a fuller picture of creation to ensue.

8 Newly Emerging Chakras - Heart
We have been experiencing new chakras awakening within the body. Notice the traditional Heart chakra. This chakra tunes to unconditional love. It is the pure expression of your soul. All the energies from this chakra are available to us at all times.

But in order to be human, it is necessary for us to choose where to express and how to express our creativity, our love, and our selves. What is it that your soul has planned for you to do right now? That answer comes from the High Heart chakra, based on the thymus gland lying above the Traditional Heart chakra. From here we receive those promptings and urgings from our guides and Higher Self; to take a walk, to go the store, to sit and write for a moment or make a very specific phone call. Our own High Heart chakra tells us and informs us of what is available in our world and what is needful in our world. It tells us what is ours to do and what is not ours to do. In this time of chaos opening and clearing the energetic bridge between the unconditional love of the lower Traditional Heart chakra and that upper Heart chakra helps us tune into what is ours specifically to do. And, this is more important, what is not ours to do, no matter how vociferous it appears to be! It is a good time to practice our ability of discernment.

As we learn to listen to what is ours to do, we become more comfortable allowing things that are uncomfortable to simply be as they are. We become more comfortable allowing that which is imperfect to simply be imperfect. We understand that leaving something undone, when it is not ours to do, allows someone else to do it. This allows someone else to complete some part of their process in life as part of their spiritual journey.

8 Newly Emerging Chakras &endash; Our two Third Chakras
Some cultures place the third chakra fairly low, close to the navel, while others place it as high as the solar plexus, just below the Traditional Heart chakra. I have come to believe that both are accurate, and that we have two Third Chakras. The emerging prominence of the Lower Third Chakra also has to do with the navel chakra itself coming online much more in the Western world.

While my physical gestures indicate, and we may think of chakras as being in front of our body, they are also in back. Some people, including myself, see them as a sphere. The major chakras I am discussing now emanate from an endocrine gland. Other chakras emanate from organs, joints and even cells within the physical body.

The back side of the major endocrine based chakras are where our guides and angels come and support us. Not surprisingly, during times of stress and chaos the lower and middle back can become very uncomfortable. Guides and angels that were in tune with us in the past, those who helped us 'push through' issues, especially as children, may still be called upon by us, unconsciously, to help us push through an issue even now. This means we are accidentally calling in guides that are out-of-time and out-of-tune with the energy fields or chakras emanating from our kidneys, adrenals, navel and Second Chakra.

A whole other way of looking at things is to pause, rather than push through adversity. In that moment of paused quiet, allow the stars come out; allow the possibilities that only Spirit can show you to be visible.

Let's do that now.

Feel the space behind your back now. The physical sensation of intensity or density is often our kinesthetic feeling awareness of old beliefs as well as the guides or angels related to the beliefs interacting with our current time chakras and aura. Thoughts such as 'I should be able to do it', 'It should look this way', 'this is the way it always has been, this is the way it should be' are all thoughts created when we try to make old energies fit our current life. You hear my use of 'should' repeatedly? That is always a good clue…find the intensity that is being magnified as I talk about it. And ask it if it is reflecting your soul right now? Is it in current time? Every intensity has some pattern organizing its energy. We experience that pattern as a belief, physical sensation, and/or emotion. Ask whatever you notice, is this really in tune with you now? Is it really even yours now?

9 SONG: Healing Breath (Norma, voice and Atmaram, tambura)
Now feel how your breath feels. How does the space around you feel? How do your ribs move now? Your ribs, hips and even knees ideally move with each breath.

10 Why and How to Release Beliefs and Behaviors (and old guides and angels)
Possibilities expand. One way to help our possibilities expand even more is to recognize that we live in a world that has dramatically changed. What used to be true isn't necessarily true now. Not only are things that we traditionally have thought we should do perhaps no longer useful, but those guides and angels related to each of these things are also no longer useful. These are guides and angels that helped and supported us in the past. But they are no longer in tune with us either.

I know back around 30 years ago? when I first started feeling and noticing energies consciously, friends within the New Age Movement I was surrounded by said 'invite in guides and angels, invite in connections';. No one talked about letting go of the spiritual connections.

It was the material related to Edgar Cayce that made me think about the process of releasing connections to various beings, such as guides and angels. In the descriptions of Cayce's deep trance channeling, there is always a trusted person, known as a conductor, present during his channeling. The role of the conductor is not to go into a channeled state, but remain wholly embodied, awake and present. At the conclusion of the channeling, the conductor was to assist Cayce in returning to his own body while the energy being he channeled returned fully to its own place within Spirit. Hence, there was a clear distinction between Edgar Cayce the man, and the spiritual being that entered into his body during the channeling.

I mention this because I think we have reached a point where we have graduated from spiritual kindergarten and are now in 1st grade. Here in spiritual 1st grade we are beginning to understand that there are a variety of energies, beings and angels that surround us. And we have connected to many of them. There are versions of them that may be more in tune with us now than the versions we are used to connecting with. And some have completed their task with us and are ready to go, as soon as we let them go.

I had a wonderful experience when I first connected consciously to Archangel Michael. It happened through another teacher, which is how such things usually happen, and during a workshop I was assisting him in teaching.

I realized that I knew the energy he called Archangel Michael, but my version of Michael felt slightly different. It took me awhile to recognize that the version of Michael that the teacher connected to served the teacher perfectly in that moment. But the version I needed to connect to depended upon what I was doing. The quality of Michael's energy shifts to accommodate my needs, and the needs of those involved with me during each workshop, concert or private healing. Each time I work with a client and welcome their unique connection to Archangel Michael, I get to experience another aspect of Archangel Michael's energy.

Doesn't it make sense that the quality of energy of an Archangel is so expansive that no one single human could ever fully connect to it? We can barely connect to just the portion of our soul legally incarnating right now! I invite you to apply this same thought to all the guides and angels that you work with. Are each of them up to date? Do they each reflect you right now, in current time? Are you connecting with that aspect or version of them that suits what you are doing now?

By asking these questions, you are giving permission for those guides and angels that supported you in childhood, or that you picked up at last week's workshop, to determine for themselves if they are still needful and of service to you. You are giving them permission, if they do not fit your body or soul's journey now, to either leave or upgrade themselves.

As much as I loved my first laptop, which strongly resembled a similar device on the original Star Trek, I let it go to the local techie recycling center, assuming someone would love it and be able to utilize its parts for some creative computer project. Everything must update or be released. It's how change happens. It's how life lives itself.

And so even our guides and angels update, upgrade and even depart from us. This allows for more space around our body to reflect who we are now. Our chakras no longer have to contort or manufacture an old quality of energy in order for the guides or angel to remain attached. The moment we allow our self to let go of the beliefs and related energies around 'should' and 'what was', the chakra changes and the guide or angel departs. By asking the question 'Are you really in tune with me now?' we are allowing the chakra to change, and allowing the guide or angel to know that we thank it, and have enjoyed its journey with us, and recognize that it can now go onto wherever else it needs to be.

11 MEDITATION: Brain Chatter Release (clearing heart, throat and head chakras)
(NOTE: some of this section is in the video/audio recordings but is not here in the transcription)

Even brain chatter can be caused by out of time guides and angels. Our energy, and our guides and angels, are so perfectly in tune with us that it feels like a placid lake…no breeze, exceptionally still, when we have only those energies that are truly ours within and around our body.

Let's consider releasing guides and angels from the front side of the Sixth Chakra, the forehead and Third Eye. And also from the back side of this same Sixth Chakra, exiting out of the low head, and sometimes entangled with the back side of the Throat or Fifth Chakra behind the neck.

Guides and angels accumulate behind the neck and lower head very easily. Some relate to psychic pictures we received from our parents and our society as children. Some relate to psychic pictures we continue to believe despite their not being in tune with our level of consciousness. Releasing these guides and angels reduces the feeling of density or intensity in our head and neck. Over time, we are apt to tag and release numerous belief systems and related psychic pictures that served us at one point in time, but do not reflect who we are now or how we related to our larger world now.

Clearing and resetting the pituitary gland, the basis of the Sixth Chakra, to reflect the journey of your soul now. Welcoming the guides and angels that reflect the new journey of your soul. (only in the audio meditation)

Clearing the two Heart Chakras
Allowing that which is ready to pass away to release from the heart. We can feel a bit of sorrow about that which is leaving. It is appropriate. Grieving is a lovely way of releasing cords and connection to what was and what has been. Grieving allows the energy to dissolve and diminish between what was in our past life and who we are now.

What one thing are you ready to let go of? Not sure

Notice if any area of your body begins to feel tension or an energetic intensity. Or perhaps looping thoughts are happening, or a constant memory or emotion is arising. Ask what you notice, 'Is this mine right now?' Allow the related energies and patterns to move to wherever they need to be.

12 SONG: Healing Home (Norma, voice and Tibetan bowl)
13 SONG: For Inner Reflection (Norma, voice and Atmaram, harmonium)

14 Release of Sacred Space
Offering gratitude towards the Nature Spirits of the room and land, along with the Pure Energy of Nature, for their participation in creating sacred space. Welcoming them to clear energies from this meditation, and releasing them from holding their energy sphere around the room, then releasing our conscious connection to them.

Thanking our unique connection to Archangel Michael, present during this meditation, and asking that any and all energies continue to move through Archangel Michael's 'energy tube' so that they might go home. Releasing our consciousness magnified connection to Archangel Michael, and allowing Michael to continue to connect to you in whatever way your body and soul desire now.

15 Final Blessing
Thank you for participating in this meditation. Additional meditations, music and online courses can be found on my website,

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May you carry the blessings of this time into your own world as sacred service.