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August 2015

Inviting the Sacred Masculine to enter our presence
A Call to the Sacred Masculine
with chanters from the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order

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So much has been written and shared by others about the chaos in the external world, and I thought I would share something about healing. For me healing is not fixing or making something better. Healing is the process of being present and creating a sacred container into which grief, fear, anger and all those uncomfortable but transformative human emotions might flow.

This month's sound healing, A Call to the Sacred Masculine, is from a live concert of chant. In the background you are hearing the male voices of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order ( Their presence assisted greatly in opening the portal to Spirit through which this song came. I offer it here, and my thoughts below, for your consideration.

Notice that as you listen to the song you may find absolutely nothing happening. The healing within this song is subtle. It is incredibly gentle. So gentle that it isn't until you reach the end that the cumulative effects of the small waves of healing within the song overtake you. Watch, and let the silence at the end of the song be where your body receives as much of the healing as it wants to receive. When you listen to the song again at another time, your body, mind and heart may receive additional healing in a different way.

This to me is the most profound type of sound healing possible. I did not set an intention to create an experience. Nor did I invoke a particular angel or Hathor guide to make a healing happen. Rather, I asked a question in my heart; "What is the new face of the Sacred Masculine that wants to enter into our presence now?"

As we each have deepened into our ability to honor the Divine Feminine, we have built a container within our hearts, our bodies, and our minds into which the new face of the Sacred Masculine can flow. By placing a question before Spirit, and the room filled with listeners and chanters, I opened that container within my heart beyond my own knowledge and experience. If I had simply stated an intention to invoke what I perceived as the Sacred Masculine, then all that could have entered through the song would have been a reflection of my own experience of the Sacred Masculine.

By using a question I opened my own awareness, and the awareness of all those present with me in the room, to the possibilities of a new experience. Not just of the external Sacred Masculine, but of how they perceived and interacted with their own Sacred Masculine.

My blessing, and those of the Hathor Atamira, move through these words and my voice to you now.

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REVEALING SPIRIT: Deepening Your Trust in Spirit and Your Natural Intuition

Relaxing and truly opening to spirit, whether it be Heavenly spirit or Earthly spirit, requires trust. This is not a quality that we have learned much about in our daily lives. Trust requires first knowing ourselves. Trust requires knowing our bodies, the vibration of our bodies, and our emotions. When we trust in our own competence to know ourselves, it becomes easy to feel and to know when what surrounds us is either in tune with us or not in tune with us.

As my guides remind me often; "When you do not focus upon that which is not in tune with you, you do not feed it. It will seek its nourishment elsewhere." This is true of people, patterns and behaviors.

Related Essay - The Annual Sirian Portal July 23 - Sept 17

Dear Friends,

We are now within the annual opening of the Sirian Portal, which bathes us in that quality of Sacred Masculine energy from which our planet, and our own bodies, were born. During this time (the last week of July through mid-September) our physical bodies as well as all that surrounds us feels a magnification of our Divine Father's presence. Each year this presence offers a process of remembrance of our own ability to reflect our aspect of the Sacred Masculine. As a result, the Sacred Masculine within ourselves and our world is slowly re-awakening.

Our honoring of the Divine Feminine, referred to as the Grail Chalice, makes it possible for our world to receive this annual influx of Sacred Masculine energy. During this time of the portal it is important to remember that stillness, reflection, self-nourishment and compassion serve as means of generating a stronger Divine Feminine chalice in which to receive these Sacred Masculine energies.

In past years I have noticed that this flow of Sacred Masculine energy intensified the chaos of non-sacred actions. Especially actions taken out of fear. This year I expect world events to make this very clear. This is a time to identify and address behaviors and underlying energies in our lives that are no longer comfortable. Read More...

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