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March 2014

Wandering -
an improvisation from Spirit
for Voice and Tibetan Singing Bowl
Listen Here (mp3)
Listen Here (wav)

Omnia (solo)-
an improvisation from Spirit
for Voice and Tibetan Singing Bowl
Listen Here (mp3)
Listen Here (wav)

A few thoughts inspired by my Hathor guide Atamira
The simplicity of a single voice weaving under and over a single sustained tone creates an opening within our thoughts. Within this opening we begin to conceive of thoughts not thought before. Within this space, opened by sound within our own minds, our self critical thoughts fade. Finally, the impulses of Spirit are able to propel themselves to the completion of thoughts. This isn't about forcing manifestation - it is about letting us think all the way through thoughts so that we might imagine what we have not allowed ourselves to imagine.

During long held notes within a song you may imagine that you are hearing more than just the two notes of the bowl and voice. Do you hear these chords of many tones? These are audible only because your physical auditory system creates them. They do not really exist. But of course they do exist, because you are hearing them!

So too the world of Spirit supports us to hear beyond what is audible in the physical world around us, and to imagine beyond what we give ourselves permission to imagine.

I have included both .mp3 and higher quality .wav versions. Please note that the wav files are large, and might take some time to buffer, even with high speed internet.

You may also want to listen to a version of Omnia with harmonies laid into it, available as the January 2014 sound healing


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