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July 2014

a channeled healing song from the Hathors
Tranquility (after the storm)
with voice and schruti box

Listen Here (mp3)
Listen Here (wav)

A song of healing for those times you feel bereft and seek to re-establish your sense of self within the swirling chaos of great change

I was speaking to a friend who is a graphic designer, and mentioned to her that not only can her spiritual guides help her to create beautiful artwork that inspires us, but they can also assist her to sing and enjoy expressing her healing through music. I shared this with her because I have always seen a channel of clear light behind her, and I know that this indicates the presence of a guide from the Hathor race.

Hathor guides are generally acknowledged to work with musicians. They are thought to serve as conveyers of healing and love through musical expression. My experience is that they also work with visual artists, actors and other performing artists. Our guides convey a loving presence to us when they are present. I believe the artist's 'muse' that so many creative people refer to is actually their awareness of their guides and angels. For visual, musical and performing artists, I am quite certain that it is a Hathor who stands by them as they create.

This song is from my own Hathor guide, Atamira. Her energies move within the sound of my voice. The healing is offered as the song is sung. Whatever of it is useful is received by the listener. That which is not needful has no effect. Healing happens according to the desire of the body and the soul.