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January 2013
Claritas Inspiravit - Clarity Inspires--------mp3
An improvisation, a song from Spirit, for voice and harp
Norma Gentile, voice
Gordon Johnston, harp

So often we are not sure of what to do or even how to figure out what to do. Here is a song, drawn through both Gordon and myself as an improvisation during a live concert. This song's text calls upon Mary, an aspect of the Divine Feminine, for guidance to bring us clear vision so that we might know our next step. Having this clarity of sight, we are able to align ourselves with the wisdom of Sophia, another aspect of Divine Feminine.

Clarity of Vision is usually associated with the Third Eye or 6th chakra. Here it is the basis upon which inspiration takes place. Rather than creating only an ability to see, this song helps the listener move through into acting upon their vision.

My blessings to all

You may also enjoy the related podcast (spoken word meditation) that Norma gave on this subject.

Norma's formal training in music (BM, MM, University of Michigan, Voice Performance) combined with her studies in esoteric healing have helped Norma understand how sound affects our ability to heal, and influenced her exploration of chant as a modality of healing. Her concert performances and recordings are unique experiences of this integration of sacred sound and sacred healing. Norma's website offers sound clips, podcasts, articles, and a monthly e-newsletter. Her latest recording, Songs of Spirit, is now available at iTunes, and her website:


Gordon Johnston (DSM) is director of music at St John's The Evangelist Church in Ottawa, Canada, and also is a classically trained harpist. He conducts the Strings of St John's chamber orchestra, and is determined to infuse the walls of this 130-year-old church with copious amounts of beautiful music.