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--August 2011
Quiet Places - a gentle reminder of Spirit's presence mp3

Norma Gentile, voice and Lenore Wiand (Aluna), Northern Plains style American Indigenous Flute

One of the things that I experience as a musician is that the sound coming from my body as I sing shows me how I am feeling. In order to sing long sustained notes I have to be rooted into the core of my body. The breath will falter and the notes shake if I am nervous, ungrounded, or unsure of myself. With the Native American Flute, some notes will simply not come out of the instrument if the player's belly is tense.

Lenore, who plays Native American Flutes, and I sang and played together on a recent afternoon in my home. We are old friends, and meet in musical agreement easily. We both know how to listen to Spirit. As we did that together, we let the breath that we inhaled become the audible sound of Spirit moving out through us into the world.

We had no music. We had no musical or healing goals. We simply rested into the deep quiet of Spirit and let ourselves be carried into the silence between the notes. I invite you each to close your eyes and to do the same, diving ever deeper into not just the notes, but the silences. It is during the final silence, at the end of the song, that your body receives and integrates into itself the healing energies offered during the song. Nothing will happen except that which you are ready to receive.

May the quiet places of Spirit speak to you with great ease.


Lenore Wiand, Ph.D., began playing American Indigenous Flutes in Santa Fe and subsequently lived and worked in the American southwest within the Native American culture. She brought her experience to her university studies and focused on the use of Sound Healing in Integrative Medicine for her Ph.D. studies. She records under the name of Aluna and her album Ancient Spirits is available at iTunes and

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