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what has not (yet) come to pass
a healing song from Norma's Hathor guide, Atamira

video this song only
audio this song only

This comes from an hour long meditation
When the Stars Come Out
video (full meditation)
audio (full meditation)

Allowing our self to mourn those things that we anticipated happening in our lives, but which have not fully come to pass, allows us to engage with new possibilities that present themselves in their place.

Change is inevitable. As my guides say, change is 'how Life lives itself.' But in order to move on, we must first honor the process of letting go of 'what might have been' or 'what should have happened'.

Our body's lower chakras resonate with the Earth. The frequency of vibration within the Earth changes, and sometimes contributes to humanity causing major world events. It is both the vibration within the Earth and the ripples of change moving within the shared field of human consciousness that awaken personal patterns which have lain dormant deep within us.

What was normal life just a year ago will never be that way again. Whether it is due to fire, floods, Earth changes or maturing in body and soul, Life is always living itself through us. In our own lives we feel the impossibility of regressing to what was and the inevitability of stepping into what will be. Here is a song to assist with this transition.

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After listening to this, a song to Replenish your energies and move forward can be found here

This song can also be found in my Meditation #29, Coming Home Meditations exploring where "home" is within your body, how to get there and how to remain there.

More songs like this are available on my album
Songs of Spirit: Live Sound Healings

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