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Sound Healings --------Sacred Songs and Chants

Singing into Stillness
Invoking Angels and Your Higher Self from within the Earth

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This chant welcomes your body and awareness into stillness, so that you may feel the connections your body already has within itself to the Earth. For myself, this stillness begins first in my low body and then inhabits my heart. I notice that my breathing slows, and as my mind quiets there are seemingly long pauses between the breaths where there are no thoughts. It is as if breathing becomes an act that briefly awakens me from the silence, but then I return to it again, diving each time every deeper. As we each enter into this immense space of quiet it is possible to become aware of the connections that already, and have always existed, between the cells of your human body and the Earth.

This is the state that my body goes to when I must listen deeply. This is not my only listening mode, but here is where I find the insights that I use to create large-scale change in my life. The kind of change that happens, and you don't realize it happened, until months later. Anchoring ourselves into our bodies allows our souls to fly more freely out during mediations, sleep and healings. Funny isn't it, that by going down into silence we are more able to soar up and out? By anchoring more deeply into what is our reality, we can change our world.

Listen where your ears meet your head. If all is vibration and all is sound, then we can hear everything. What if we sang, knowing that all of the Angels and the very Earth herself were listening to us? And what if they responded?

When I listen at my ears, I hear a symphony of sounds most of the day. There are times, and often these are the most potent times of sacredness, when there is one tone. And that one tone is within myself. Come and join me in finding this perfect place of silence and unity.

How to Use this Sound Healing
Ideally, be in a quiet place. Take a 'before picture' of how your body feels. What little things ache or are drawing your attention? How strongly grounded do your feet feel to the ground? Are there any emotions within your heart that are not coming to a conclusion? How much, and of what quality is the mind chatter you are hearing within yourself?

If all is vibration and all is sound, then we can hear everything. Sometimes it is the listening within our hearts that lets us hear the most.

Listen to the silence (or whatever is going on in the room around you) as if you were able to listen where your ears meet your head. What sounds do you notice? Now listen as if you were able to move your ears three feet away from your head. Now you are listening at the edge of your personal aura. What sounds do you notice? Then try listening as if your ears were in the center of your head. There is no right or wrong &emdash; listening as if you could hear from different areas of your body lets you know how your brain processes sound.

You may want to repeat this after listening to the sound healing.

When we listen where the ears meet the head we begin to hear the energy that is all around us. We begin to hear the unseen. We hear the low pitches of the organs in our bodies and of our heart. We hear the higher pitches of the guides and angels that come we when we call and invite them. Feel the support from your guides and angels. Feel the love they share with you. Feel your feet firmly planted on the floor, allowing you to commune with that guide or angel.

This guide or angel has always been with you because it is a part of the Earth Herself. Archangel Michael comes from the Earth, Gabriel comes from the Earth. Just as our souls have earthly versions that allow our Heavenly souls to incarnate, each angel has an earthly version.

You are already connected to that guide or angel in their earthly version. When you listen inside of your head you invoke your guide or angel that shares with you the impulses of energy from Spirit. It is your own body and soul connection that turns these impulses into a word, a sensation in your body, an image or a symbol.

The more firmly rooted you are in your body, the more information can come through you into this world.

You are always guided by your Higher Self or Guardian Angel. You are always guided, because they are already present within the Earth, so they are already present and connected to you and to your physical form.

Feel the truth of this in your body, especially within your feet. Allow your feet and your feet chakras to feel the innate connection you already have to Earth. Let Earth and Heaven meet within your body.

Whatever images or symbols you might receive are yours to understand. Only you have lived your life. What is the sensation around your body? What is the color or texture? Is there a tingle in your finger or a warmth over your shoulders? Feel the quality. This is how you can call for a more intimate connection with this same guide or angel again.

This particular chant was sung to ask Mary, from within the Earth, to illustrate her connection to those listening. I typically sing in Spanish or Latin when I am bringing a song through from Spirit The text in English translates as:

O you,
illumination of clarity divine,
brilliantly clear, wholly complete,

Whatever you notice is how your soul and your body reflect the connection that already exists between energies of Mary, held in trust within the Earth, and the energies of your own physical body

Sacredness comes from any song, sung within the one still place of unison.
My blessings to all,


ANNA MARIA ISLAND - Florida (south of Tampa)
January 29 - 31 (Friday 6pm - Sunday 2pm)
Practitioner Training in Sound and Healing (for 2016)
You asked for it, so come and enjoy a warming weekend in an oceanfront Florida cottage with a small group of similarly curious healers, singers, and creatives. We will explore how music, energy and spiritual healing overlap.

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Monday, Feb 1 - Tuesday Feb 2
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