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----Sound Healings --------from Live Concerts, Radio Interviews and Workshops

--September 2011
Weaving Compassion mp3 mp3
accompanied by a choir of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Recorded during a live healing concert, this song is an improvisation drawn through me by the energies of those attending the concert. I like to point out that the original meaning of the word "concert" is "to draw or bring together into agreement". As I sing, I feel the energies present in the room are responding to what I sing. Likewise I am feeling these same energies draw through me the song itself. In my experience, songs arise out of the combination of what I am able to offer musically and what those present are ready to experience.

This particular song, Weaving Compassion, includes four Tibetan Singing Bowls being played by audience members as I sing. You can hear that sometimes the bowls seem to change notes. This happens because the bowls are responding to the energies in the room, as well as to the energies of those playing them and my singing. Add in the Hathor guides present supporting us all, and you have quite a bit of energy flowing within the sound.

Like most of my sound healings, the healing energies offered within the song are received by the listener's body in the silence directly after the song. In this manner the listener receives whatever aspect of the healing energies offered in the song that their body and soul have agreed to receive. No change happens other than that which you are ready to make.

My Hathor guide Atamira lays her energy into my voice as I sing. I believe that this offers a quality of compassion within the sound that I do not have on my own. This compassion creates a sense of being bathed within the sound. Most listeners feel as if those sounds and vibrations that they need can be easily absorbed by their bodies, and tones that are not needful pass them by. May you each find yourself being held within this embrace of compassion as you listen.