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a sacred improvisation for voice and Tibetan singing bowl

Recorded during a live Healing Concert

I love what the yogini (female yogi)
Gurmukh says "If you don't start somewhere, then you won't be anywhere. So just start from where you are…"

I know there are times where I look at a project or have an idea and then realize that it has so many tentacles and so many possible derivatives and options that my mind just goes into overload. In my western U.S. society I have been taught to 'push through it'. My spiritual training however tells me to pause and meditate. This can take the form of a walk, some hammock time, singing or chanting or sitting in silent meditation. However I choose to process my experience of overload, I eventually find the place to start. "What is mine to do now?" and similar questions, usually held outside of words, coalesce as an energetic state around my body. Contemplating the question helps me to clarify the starting point that is possible for me right now. What more the project or idea might become depends on so many other factors, including decisions that other people make. I am only responsible for my slice of the pie.

I dedicate this sound healing to the initial moment of inspiration, which must then be followed by gathering the courage to start moving forward from wherever we are. I share this song in a related spoken meditation HEALING FROM WITHIN POLARITY as a means of assisting you in entering into that quiet inner space where only you know what is truly yours to do. Here is an excerpt from that meditation:

In our lives, we have many ways of recognizing and honoring polarity. In our daily lives, we have that function of doing and the function of being. In the American culture, we're pretty good at allotting time for the doing function…but not so good at finding time for the being function. And when we do not nourish ourselves correctly, adequately or sufficiently, such as in meditation and quiet time, honoring the being part of us, then our doing frequently becomes erratic and manic, ungrounded, and we make choices that cannot be substantiated by all that is around us. Sleep deprivation is a classic example of our lack of being time.

When we neglect our being time, we find that we have a sensation that the world doesn't support us. In fact, we may feel that the world is against us, and that's merely because we are making decisions based on a limited vision. Our vision expands tremendously when we allow our being time to expand. Spending time in Nature is a good place to start when exploring what sort of 'being' is beneficial. As we allow our bodies to plug in and connect to our own essence within the Earth, we are connecting into our own soul that lies within the Earth.

In the Western world's concept of our polarized reality, we have decided that our soul exists some place, usually floating outside of ourselves, perhaps residing in some nebulous upper dimension we call heaven. And yet, when our vision truly encompasses all of polarity, we realize that our soul also exists within the physicality of the Earth. It exists as an energy form within the energetic matrix of the Earth. Perhaps, even better said, it exists within the energetic matrix of Gaia, the soul that has clothed herself as the Earth.

And just notice now, upon reading this, how your pelvis, your low body, your legs, and your feet have deeper access to the energies of who you are. When your mind turns and embraces this thought, it allows the bottom of your feet chakras to receive a greater percentage of the nourishment and connection to that being of who you are, your soul, there, deep within the Earth, connected in with that energetic matrix of the soul we know as Gaia.

-Excerpted from the free audio meditation
#49 HEALING FROM WITHIN POLARITY: The Gift of Healing; how and why we use polarity in our lives

Available here or as an iTunes podcast under 'Norma Gentile'

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