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How to Use these Meditations
It is best to plan on lying down and resting deeply as you listen. Do not listen to these meditations while driving or engaging with other activities. The general pattern of these Meditations is to begin with an invocation of Sacred Space followed by a bit of information. Then we weave in and out of gentle meditative states. Your guides and angels will work with you during these meditative states and for several days after.

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1. Our souls choose to explore both sides of Polarity
We created Polarity

As long as we have physical bodies here on Earth, we are creating within polarity. Our bodies are perfect examples of this polarity; organs that exist on both left and right sides, a brain with two hemispheres, and of course our upper and lower 8th chakras. We are designed to grow in our understanding of polarity while incarnate. Only by entering fully into polarity can we encounter our next step. When we resist this process, we may become disenchanted with our life, feeling sluggish and uninvolved; or we may spiral out of our bodies, feeling euphoric but disconnected from what surrounds us.

This meditation will assist you in becoming aware of the issues that you may be avoiding, and provide you with a nurturing safe environment in which to consider them. Here your guides and angels are present. Notice insights and ideas that may occur to you. These will be how you address your life issues. This is a time for you to choose how you desire to move forward.

Meditation #49 from February 21, 2016

Healing from within Polarity
THE GIFT OF POLARITY: How and Why we use Polarity in our Lives.

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1 Introduction: Easy Breathing (a great way to begin meditating)
2 Welcoming Sacred Space - Nature and Archangel Michael
3 We Created Polarity
4 Our Bodies Themselves are Polarized
5 Song: Opening
6 Your soul dances with Gaia's soul within the Earth
7 Effortless Healing
8 Our souls choose to explore BOTH sides of Polarity
9 Doing vs. Being Time
10 Song: Seculum (for all the Ages of Our Worlds)
11 Releasing Sacred Space

This meditation includes two channeled healing songs. More of Norma's healing songs, along with videos, can be found under
Sound Healings and Recordings. Her albums are available on iTunes and at Amazon.

An edited transcript is given below. This is not exact, nor is it complete. The audio version is meant as a healing meditation. The transcript is provided only for brain candy.

download text as a PDF
The Gift of Healing; how and why we use polarity in our lives.

from a telephone conference meditation (#49) held on February 21, 2016
by Norma Gentile


Welcome, this is Norma Gentile, and you are listening to meditation #49, The Gift of Healing: how and why we use polarity in our lives.

This meditation is paired with an essay of the same name available on my website, healing I share some information in this meditation from one of my mentor-teachers, John Friedlander, who can be found online at I have included a link to his site under this meditation on the podcast page of my website, as well.

This meditation is based on a telephone conference, and to heighten the energies I have added two songs, Opening and Seculum. Both songs are improvisations, drawn through me in the moment during a healing workshop. If you enjoy these, my albums are available at iTunes and My monthly newsletter has links to additional free monthly healing songs, as well as events like the telephone meditation which one you are about to listen to.

Each time I offer a written essay, a song, or a spoken meditation, I know that it is offered because you are listening, reading and responding. I am convinced that the energies, guides and angels of each person who listens to this meditation provide a growing network of consciousness around the issues that are addressed. Thank you for lending your energies into this meditation.

My best to each of you, and onto the meditation!


You've probably noticed in the past few days that things are beginning to move in new ways for you. I'm very well aware that these sorts of meditations start ahead of time and tend to last for a while afterwards. Your guides and angels, along with my guides and angels, have all been conferencing beforehand to help organize us so that whatever is most useful for the world as a whole, can get drawn through each of us in this moment.

All the issues and all the patterns that you might be working with in your personal life and that I know I'm working with in my personal life clearly reflect issues that the larger world is also working on.

My sense of today is to continue to work with polarity. What is polarity and how and why are we in it? How can we use it rather than try to push it aside? How can we use the polarity that we're in as a means of actually healing the world, which is clearly in polarity?

For this meditation, I've invited in Archangel Michael very specifically. Mary usually comes along at the same time. Sometimes, the Hathors also appear.

To begin, what I'd like to do is an invocation of sacred space. After that, I'll do a bit of talking with some silent periods for the energies to move, and then I'll release all of the grids at the end.

Finding that space, internally, as well as externally…letting your breath come into your awareness. It's a very simple meditation technique. Feel the easy quality that your breath has. And, just tracking that.

How easily can your body inhale and exhale? How can the space around that naval chakra be even easier with each breath? What amount of tension that might be held, particularly in the low back, in the hips, can just gently be massaged away with each breath?



And coming into that space of gentleness, we welcome the co-creative, conscious connection that Nature and various aspects of Nature are always offering to provide us. Beginning in the room, the space around you, we welcome those Nature Spirits that vibrate at what they consider to be unconditional love to step forward.

We welcome along with them the Intelligence of Nature related to them there in that room.

And in the land beneath, reflecting the footprint of the room, we welcome the Nature Spirits, again, that vibrate at their level of unconditional love, just the land directly beneath you…those Nature Spirits vibrating at their level of unconditional love. We welcome them to step forward.

Along with them, we welcome the related Intelligence of Nature to step forward.

And from there, we welcome The Pure Energy of Nature, the divine matrix, the first dimension foundational energy of our reality. The Pure Energy of Nature, I think of it as the ocean. It's thick and rich. It flows. It's a bit on the warm side. It tends to make people salivate when they connect into it more fully. The Pure Energy of Nature is a life force that our body is always connected to. We're simply asking for a magnified, conscious version of this connection now.

Along with the Nature Spirits and intelligence in the land and in the room, we welcome them all to form a sphere around the space that reflects their level of unconditional love.

Into this sphere, just welcoming Archangel Michael…that aspect of Michael present, supporting, and already at work with each person. Let Archangel Michael's connection to each of us also be magnified in this healing moment.

Michael often appears as an octahedron in sacred geometry. That's a 4-sided pyramid, one pyramid being upside down and the other pyramid being right side up. That upside down pyramid, I think of it as extending from the floor of the room, deep into the Earth. In this way, we invite a conscious, magnified connection to Archangel Michael in third dimension, in the room. In second dimension, as that pyramid feels as if it's extending underneath us. And then, in first dimension.

Archangel Michael exists within first dimension and within what I am currently calling The Pure Energy of Nature.

When we are able to feel Archangel Michael's drop of his or her essence within first dimension, then we can also feel Archangel Michael's presence in all the dimensions. So then, the upright pyramid from the ceiling of the room becomes more accessible to us. Michael, in the more familiar heavenly or upper dimensions…

That pyramid extends all the way through the various dimensions of our reality, to that point just outside of our reality, just outside of polarity.

Michael anchors there, having moved through our solar sun to central sun. In this way, Archangel Michael's energies become more available to us. There is the equivalent of an elevator shaft or a tube that is formed through all these different dimensions. This elevator shaft is created by Archangel Michael's conscious, magnified presence and is available for all energies to move through.

These energies can go to wherever they need to go to. An important aspect of healing is that energies have within them a consciousness of where they need to go to. As healers, as meditators, and as simply humans that acknowledge that there's a larger process here, we are traffic cops. Our job is to simply help direct so that the energies and the consciousness within the energies can help them find their next step.

[An important aspect of healing is recognizing that energies have within them a consciousness. This consciousness knows where they need to go to. As healers, meditators and humans who acknowledge this consciousness, we also acknowledge that there is a larger co-creative process in which we, they, and All of Creation is actively engaged. When we become aware of energies that appear to be dark, uncomfortable or causing disease, the healer's role is to simply help the consciousness within the energies to find their next step. This is why I invoke Archangel Michael to create Sacred Space. Michael's presence includes an energy tube, much like an elevator shaft, that connects all the dimensions within our reality. By invoking a conscious, magnified connection to Archangel Michael, we've simply made Michael's energetic tube, which always exists, more visible to ourselves, and more tangible to them. Even after we release our conscious magnified connection to Michael's tube, it remains and continues to provide a way for energies, out-of-time guides and entities to move onto their next step.]

By invoking a conscious, magnified connection to Archangel Michael, we've simply made this tube, which always exists, more visible to ourselves, and more tangible to them.

Any energies that want to can move whenever they're ready to move. At the end of the session, when we release our conscious, magnified connection, that's all we're doing. We're releasing our conscious, magnified connection. The tube remains. Energies will continue to see that tube and can choose whenever they're ready to move through that tube.



In our world of polarity, we have been choosing what and how to behave. With one choice, we might feel, ugh, this is really what I have to do. Sometimes, with a choice we think, oh, this is what I want to do. Or, sometimes, with a choice we think, oh, this is the morally important thing to do.

Over the past few weeks, I've just been watching patterns and certainly, over the past months, watching the external world as polarities have been brought up over and over again between good and bad and right and wrong. Polarities in what is thought of as politics, certainly, are easily visible right now. The U.S. is doing an excellent job of demonstrating to the world what polarity is!

I know that my tendency is to run away from the end of polarity that I find uncomfortable and to seek solace in the opposite extreme. So, where there may be words of hatred and fear, I tend to run towards words that are comforting.

Yet, in time, I've realized that the space between where it is neither blatantly comforting, nor is it blatantly fearful, has a lot of power in it. And that power is often overlooked because it doesn't have a polarity. It doesn't pull one way or the other. This is the space in between.

I believe the experience of this space between two sides of polarity is one of deep stillness, what in cranial sacral might be referred to as a Still Point. In meditation I have found this to typically be a pause in the breath process…an ability to enter into the space between the breaths and the space between the heartbeats. This space only lasts for a part of a second. Yet, when you enter into it, it can feel very spacious. It feels much longer. This space cannot be entered into by going through either end of polarity. It's a space that is only available through what one of my mentor teachers used to call neutrality.

This same mentor-teacher, John Friedlander, ( also shared a concept from Niels Bohr, one of the first physicists to explore quantum mechanics. He was known to have said that the opposite of any Great Truth is also true. This, to me, implies that Great Truths, as Niels Bohr called them, express themselves into both sides of polarity. Simple truths, such as facts, can't do this. The opposite of a simple truth, such as 2 + 2 = 4 is merely a falsehood, such as 2 + 2 = 3. But Great Truths demonstrate the very essence of polarity; that one side of a polarity is equally as true and strong as its opposite side.

I was thinking of these things, this sense of neutrality, and how Great Truths are true and their opposite is true, and realizing that it's not about uniting the ends of polarity, but it's about recognizing the continuum upon which polarity exists. As souls in this world of polarity, we've taken the opportunity to explore both ends.

This only makes sense, truly, because as souls in this reality, we have spent many, many lifetimes learning about polarity and experiencing polarity to reach this point where we can successfully create within it.

On a very mystical, magical spectrum, I believe that this region of time and space was co-created by all of us to explore what happens when a part of God individuates into multiple portions and creates.

In order to have separation from the larger Godhead, we all decided that polarity would be our God, so our reference point to each other is only through the polarized system.

In this fashion, our ability to create and to listen to each other always comes through the larger system of polarity that we set up as our God in this reality.

Therefore, rather than fleeing from polarity, we have the opportunity to utilize the contradictory Natures of the (as we perceive them) positive and negative poles. When we stand in the very center at that point of neutrality, it is just like being in the center between two magnets. The pull from each side is equal and negligible.

Moving to either side, even in the slightest, we begin to feel the pull more strongly, and it becomes more difficult to resist it.

For most of the time that we have been existing as physical bodies here on Earth, we have been creating within polarity. This could even be extended out to say that for the time that we have had any impact at all upon any sun, any stars, any planets, anywhere within this time/space continuum, we have been creating out of polarity.

Now, we are beginning that process of folding ourselves back into the Godhead, so that what can be incorporated from our experiences within this polarized reality are accessible to the larger, non-polarized reality. In order to do that, we have to finish learning about polarity. This time period is the last chapter of the book that has to be studied and learned so that we can bring to the larger reality, outside of our time/space continuum, the information that it seeks to comprehend about what is possible when we create apart from the Godhead.



Our bodies themselves are polarized. We have sets of organs, the ovaries, testicles, kidneys…clearly, two of each. Two sides to the heart, two sides to the thyroid, two halves of our brains. In many ways, the spleen and the liver contrast each other.

The most important point, however, is that we also have created, in this reality, bodies that exist both in male/female and in the space in between. According to the Michael Teachings, channel Shepherd Hoodwin identifies the soul itself as being a mix of male and female energies.

(NOTE: Norma added the last sentence above during editing. Shepherd might have something more to add about each lifetime the soul expresses the same male/female ratio or changes?)

In our lives, we have many ways of recognizing and honoring polarity. In our daily lives, we have that function of 'doing' and the function of 'being'. In the American culture, we're pretty good at allotting time for the doing function…but not so good at finding time for the being function. And when we do not nourish ourselves correctly, adequately or sufficiently, such as in meditation and quiet time, honoring the being part of us, then our doing frequently becomes erratic and manic, ungrounded, and we make choices that cannot be substantiated by all that is around us. Sleep deprivation is a classic example of our lack of being time.

When we neglect our being time, we may find that we have a sensation that the world doesn't support us. In fact, we may feel that the world is against us, and that's merely because we're making decisions based on a limited vision. The vision expands tremendously when we allow our being time to expand. [Spending time in Nature is a good place to start when exploring what sort of 'being' is beneficial.] As we allow our bodies to plug in and connect to our own essence within the Earth, we are connecting into our own soul that lies within the Earth.

Again, in the Western world's concept of our polarized reality, we have decided that our soul exists some place, in some nebulous upper dimension we call heaven. And yet, when our vision truly encompasses all of polarity, we realize that our soul also exists within the physicality of the Earth. It exists as an energy form within the energetic matrix of the Earth. Perhaps, even better said, it exists within the energetic matrix of Gaia, the soul that has clothed herself as the Earth.

And just notice now, upon reading this, how your pelvis, your low body, your legs, and your feet have deeper access to the energies of who you are. When your mind turns and embraces this thought, it allows the bottom of your feet chakras to receive a greater percentage of the nourishment and connection to that being of who you are, your soul, there, deep within the Earth, connected in with that energetic matrix of the soul we know as Gaia.


5. SONG: OPENING (voice and Tibetan singing bowl)



Allowing those feet chakras to receive all the nourishment that your soul desires now. That nourishment is most tangible through the feet, the legs, the pelvic region, and that same quality of energy is available for each cell of the body to receive. That quality of energy is available throughout the energetic matrix of our physical bodies, each physical body completely nourished by the soul that dances with Gaia's soul within the Earth.

So long ago, we all raised our little energetic soul hands and said yes, let's play together and see what happens. What happens when we leave the known and enter into the unknown? What happens when we place our ability to create apart from the known God first? What happens when we place our ability to create first, outside and away of the known God?

We naturally determined that we needed another God, so we created polarity. We created the right and the wrong, and we created bodies in this reality that reflect polarity and reflect the right and the wrong. We jump from one side to the other, frequently now, so that our soul can experience the extremes of each end.

I honor that our souls may indeed be choosing difficult circumstances in order to learn something, having this experience of polarity while they can, Yet, one question for healing that I ask when situations seem to repeat over and over again is this: "Are all of the difficulties, all of the disturbances, all of that sensation of pushing the boulder up the hill&emdash;is all of this truly in tune with what your soul, right in this moment, wants for your body to experience? To what extend is the personality habitually making choices that are no longer in tune with the choice that the soul would make?"

You have so many options before you, so many choices between [what your personality perceives as] the right and the wrong. Where is it that your soul truly chooses to be? Where, within the polarized spectrum of reality, does your soul most need to create now?

For so many of us, it is much closer to that center point than what we think it is. For many of us, our personalities have simply grown accustomed to choosing and we have ceased to listen to the soul's urgings, particularly in our most common choices, which continually create issues that we experience as chronic, lifelong obstacles.

Rather than stepping out of polarity, this is a way of looking at polarity as a continuum that we are stepping into. Where on this spectrum of polarity is my soul choosing to create now? Where is that quality of comfort and ease and grace that my soul wants for my physical body, present in whatever gender, to experience now?

How does your physical body and soul create together? What is that quality of ease and grace that your physical body and soul desire now? How much more ease and grace does your soul desire for your body to experience in life right now?



Following that breath again, feel the effortlessness. Your body naturally makes room, makes space for the breath to enter. There's an easy quality to the expansion of the ribs, the waist, the hip. Yogis say the knees, the ankles, the top of our heads and the bottoms of our feet also move as we breathe.

With each breath, that quality of ease can be [the tuning, or quality, of] prana, as energy within your aura, generated within your physical body.

How is it now? Where does your body most want to come to rest? Where are those qualities within the Earth, within your soul, connected to Gaia, that your body most wants to rest into now?

Allow all those energies and energetic patterns that realize they're not vibrating in accordance with where your body, your soul are coming to rest now, letting all these energetic patterns gently ease on out, moving through that elevator shaft, that tube pertaining to Archangel Michael.

As they move gently through this tube, easing out of the body, they know where to go to. We honor that at some point in time, they provided guidance, a useful whisper, and perhaps, an insight of some sort. Simply, time has continued on and it is now appropriate for them to also continue their journey onward.

Returning to that portion of soul within the energetic matrix of Gaia's soul in the Earth. Your lower 8th chakra, (which is about 6-8 inches underneath your feet), releases energies and reframes its tuning to reflect your soul within the energetic matrix of Gaia within the Earth. As your lower 8th chakra does this, your upper 8th chakra, about 6 inches above your head, also begins to retune itself.

Here is, perhaps, the primary example of how we exist as polarity. When the sperm fertilizes the egg, we are there. When our soul considers incarnating, it gazes into the single cell of the ovum and sperm. It is this presence and decision of our soul that makes that first division so that the single egg and sperm now become two cells.

And within that mystical, magical world, those two cells, derived from the fertilized egg, ultimately exist the upper 8th and lower 8th chakras. Our upper 8th and lower 8th chakras open the space within this reality for who we are to enter into it. The upper 8th and lower 8th chakras, represented by those first two cells, are opposite poles of our personal polarized reality. In Western culture we've assumed that the upper energies are good and the lower energies are somehow bad, when in reality, it is simply how we exist.

The lower energies allow for that loving connection to our soul within the energetic matrix of Gaia's soul within the Earth. The more we access our low body, our lower chakras, and especially our low 8th chakra and our feet chakras, the more we access these energies and allow ourselves to hear what they're saying to us…then the more the upper 8th chakra becomes active.

We go down and it opens our abilities in what we call the heavenly dimensions.



Over and over, I've seen that our souls are choosing to explore both ends of polarity. Does it not make sense that it begins by exploring how much more deeply connected we can be within the lower dimensions, what we think of as Earth or the energetic matrix of Gaia?

As we explore this more and more, we open the opposite dimensions. We open our abilities to feel and explore what we've always thought of as heaven.

Truthfully, all that's happening is our soul is extending itself into the original polarities of our creation, of this part of reality; what we call 'heaven' and 'earth'.

As souls, when we raised our hands and said yes, let's do something different, we then came up with this whole idea of physicality. What happens? What happens if we create a dimension to contain this physicality? What happens if we create a space with linear time that is defined by us, as humans, within this physicality?

Perhaps this whole idea of physical form exists merely because we raised our hands and said yes, let's do something different. In this way, we are all part of a great experiment, a great game. We can access polarity only while playing the game. Therefore, how is it that we can be in form and utilize the energies of the two polarities?

Our body is a perfect representation of the larger truth. We are indeed polarized, both left and right and up and down, upper 8th chakra, lower 8th chakra, organs on both sides, and a thought process defining right/wrong…good/bad… that completely reflects this polarity.

So often, we have been taught that if we just think the good thoughts, the happy thoughts, the thoughts that lead us to thinking more about what we want, that somehow this will bring us what we want. The truth of living in polarity is that the more you focus on one extreme, the more you are unconsciously creating the opposite extreme.

While there is typically no good reason to focus on the negative aspect of something either, simply by noticing the thoughts that arise, you're noticing the energies that are consciously playing with your energy field. I've become convinced that by simply noticing when you think a thought more than twice, when it comes back that third time and it's beginning to loop, that's the moment at which you stop and ask the thought if it is truly yours. Ask the thought if it is truly reflecting who you are right in this moment, truly in tune with your soul and your body. [Be sure to define the gender and age of your body as well. This will help to differentiate yourself from your family and spouse's beliefs.]

Usually, the thought begins to change and clearly, if it's your thought, why would it change?

So, the thoughts we think reflect energies that we are engaged with, and it's okay to engage with these energies by turning and asking the thought if it really is yours.

In this fashion, you allow the thought and the energy behind the thought to begin to shift and change. The causal energies (including entities, guides or angels that are no longer useful) now have permission to move through Archangel Michael. So too do energies that convey their presence to us as thoughts or emotions or physical sensations in our body. They have permission to go to where they need to go to now. They recognize that their time or task is completed because you are asking them 'are you in tune with me now?'. It really is that simple.

As these energies move, just be aware that allowing yourself to think whatever thoughts arise, whether they seem to be good or seem to be bad. This allows you to step into the creative process that is polarity. When we allow ourselves to explore options in a quiet manner, then we're allowing our energies to play with those options. We're allowing our soul and our body to inform our personality of what the repercussions might be with each choice that we consider.

In this way, our being time can inform our doing time.



Often, especially within U.S. culture, we think of being time as leftover time. We think of it as constituting the most minor portion of the day, and yet, within Shamanic and healing traditions, it's the doing time that is considered the least important. The time spent actually doing something is considered to be a short response to all of the energies created during extended times of meditation and reflection.

Ideally our doing time is equivalent to the part of the mountain hidden in the clouds, that very tip, while the bulk of the mountain, visible to the eye, is the being time we spend in meditation and reflection.

So, spending time in the body, letting that portion of soul that rightly embraces your physical body also reconnect to its own energetic matrix within the soul of Gaia.

Here is a manner of nourishing yourself with being time.

The question comes…what if one were to spend ? of each 24-hour day simply being, even for one or two days, what would happen?

The gift of being arises because we allow it. It's not external or foreign. Our natural connection to all of the dimensions preexists&emdash;long preexists&emdash;our decision to enter into this region of space, our decision to create stars and planets and physical form. We each have that connection deeply into spirit.

For now, the easiest entry point to remind ourselves of our unique and absolute connection to spirit is through that midpoint between the polarities. It is the space between. It is not a unification. It is a space between.





For right now, following that breath, allowing the body to relax even more deeply, knowing that all that has been offered is truly just an offering. And all those other people connected in as friends and family can know that there have been changes, there have been updates and upgrades that you have made, and that we do not inflict any healing upon them. We do not force any change upon them. Welcome the changes, the reconnections, that you have made to continue over whatever timeframe is best, according to your soul, your body. [please note, this idea of inflicting healing came to me through several teachers, including John Friedlander, mentioned earlier in the text).

And very gently, turning attention to releasing the grids and to thanking and releasing Archangel Michael. Again, Michael's presence continues long after we release our conscious, magnified connection. Michael's tube is always present. The consciousness within energies will lead them through that tube to wherever they need to go to. We merely need to release them, by thanking them, to let them be on their way.

Very gently, just imagining that upright pyramid of Michael's energies, from the ceiling of the room, moving up, and just allowing us to thank and release the conscious, magnified connection to Archangel Michael. Release Michael from central sun through solar sun. Again, just our conscious, magnified connection, and releasing that connection through all the upper dimensions of our reality, as if that upright pyramid just gently dissolves.

And the upside down pyramid from the floor of the room, going down into Earth, we also thank and release…releasing Michael and the conscious, magnified connection we're sharing of Michael's energies within first dimension and second dimension. And then that upside down pyramid also dissolves.

Honoring that Archangel Michael is present and connected to each person, allowing Michael's energies to simply step back into the natural connection with each person now, in whatever way is reflective of the changes that have been made through this meditation.

How does each person now connect to Archangel Michael?

The sphere around the room, the Nature Spirits of the land beneath, along with the Intelligence of Nature related to them in the land beneath…asking them to assist with cleansing, clearing the land beneath of anything from this meditation, escorting those energies to wherever the energies need to go to. Clear and cleanse the floor of the room and maybe even the feet chakras a little bit, as well as cleansing and clearing themselves.

Thanking and releasing the Nature Spirits of the land beneath, as well as the Intelligence of Nature from holding the sphere. As we release them from our conscious connection, we also ask that they simply reset the land beneath to whatever is most appropriate now.

Thanking and releasing them from our conscious connection and releasing them from holding the sphere.

In the room, the Nature Spirits of the room, vibrating at their level of unconditional love, that have been holding the sphere, along with the Intelligence of Nature, letting them clear and cleanse the room and themselves and yourselves. And thanking them so much. Letting them reset the room to whatever energy is appropriate now.

Thanking and releasing them from holding the sphere and releasing them from our conscious connection now.

The Pure Energy of Nature…just letting that pure energy of Nature cleanse and clear the upper portion of the room, the upper portion of the sphere. Perhaps, even cleansing and clearing that upper chakras, especially that area related to our 8th chakra. Thanking and releasing The Pure Energy of Nature from holding that sphere as we release our conscious, magnified connection to it.

And finally, I thank and release all those guides and angels and energies pertaining to each person that prepared and will continue to work with each.

I thank and release my conscious connection to each person's own guides and angels and energies at this time. Letting that connection continue in whatever way is appropriate now.

And just know that your guides and angels will continue to work with you over the next several days. Just notice and continue to ask, oh, is that really my thought? My emotion? Is that all my emotion?

Things are changing. The power of polarity is to allow us to change. Perhaps, in other areas of reality, there's only that neutral space, only that point in between.

Here we have the power of polarity. We have the ability to feel the tug and pull on both sides and so we have the ability to change more rapidly.

(Niels Bohr quote "How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress."

Read more at:

My thanks to each of you that has participated in the meditation today. Breathe. Enjoy the rest of your day. And, feel free to drop me an email and let me know of changes or ah-ha's that you get as a result of this meditation.

For right now, just stretch those fingers and toes and just wiggle around a little and enjoy being in your body.

I look forward to connecting with you however that might be at some point in time.

Blessings to you all,