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March 2012
Angels Change Too!--------mp3
Clearing the Space Behind You and Resetting the Backside of Your Chakras
A sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls


Many years ago I was invited to a small village in the Andes Mountains. Here I was given the opportunity to record whatever songs, chants or sounds wanted to come through me. One night I brought my Tibetan Bowls. Here is an excerpt from that recording session.

The first bowl you hear tends to clear out energies from people and from spaces. After a shirt while other bowls are added, each with its own unique quality. About half-way through a lower bowl enters as a sustained tone. This is a monastic bowl, meant to draw the human body into a state of prayer.

There are five bowls total being played in the singing style (ringing the bowl on the outside with a wooden dowel) or gently struck with that same dowel. Try listening with your back turned toward the speakers. This allows the sound waves to more easily interact with the chakras that exit out of the back-side of your body.

During energy work and in meditation, we most often focus on the front side of our body. Sound is an easy way to bring this same healing intention to the other half of the chakra system that supports our body from behind. When I look at the chakra system, I see the front half of the chakras as representing how we interact with our outer world. Those chakras that exist in the backside of our body interact with the guides, angels and energies that support us.

As we change throughout our lifetime, those guides, angels and energies that support us change. By taking time to release those spiritual helpers whose tasks have come to completion with you, you also allow the grids which make up each chakra to reflect your energies now, in current time.

As the chakras on the backside of your body change, you will draw to yourself guides, angels and energies that more closely match the quality of your chakras. And in this way your spiritual helpers will be more accurately assisting you in your body and soul's journey.

When things happen in our lives that we don't like, such as an unexpected divorce, the loss of a job, or a decision that doesn't lead to greater ease and happiness, we tend to hang onto the guides or angels related to that time of our life. Perhaps we sense alternative realities where the situation turned out differently. But in this reality, the results were not pleasant.

Our minds are filled with memories and "what if" thoughts, bringing us back into the energies of the past circumstance. Each time a guide or angel in current time tries to send us a message, that message must move through the old guide or angel still attached to us at the same chakra. The message gets distorted, and we misunderstand what it is that our spiritual helpers mean to tell us.

It is not hard to release guides, angels or energies from our past. Much of the process involves understanding that we have held onto them. As you are reading this, perhaps you have noticed something growing denser or heavier and then lifting out of your body. These are those spiritual helpers from the past that you are now able to properly thank for their support and release. This is especially important to do if a particular part of your life didn't turn out how you wanted it to turn out.

Gratitude for whatever we have learned during a difficult part of our life helps release the guides and angels from that time period. The more you can release these older guides and angels, the more space there is for those guides and angels who support you right now to step into the space behind your body and into your awareness.

Try it, and see what happens! Notice how the space behind you feels before and after you listen to this healing. You can listen as often as you want. I find that we are changing so quickly that a daily clearing is often helpful. Remember, those guides and angels that help you today are on their own paths of evolution, just as we are. It is a service to both ourselves and them to release them onto their own next step.

My blessing to you all,

PS: Yes, in the sound healing you can hear the village rooster crow and the birds begin to sing at dawn as the music concludes.