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April 2014

A Blessing Song-
an improvisation from Spirit
for Voice and Audience Harmony
Listen Here (mp3)

O rubor sanguinis
(O ruby blood) -
a medieval healing chant
by St. Hildegard of Bingen
Listen Here (mp3)

At some point during my Meditation Concerts I feel an intensity in the room that I know needs to be addressed in a unique manner. I believe that this intensity is comprised of, and results from, emotions, human beliefs, and angels or guides who have completed their tasks with those present in the room and are ready to depart. Because these energetic patterns and beings desire to move on, they express through the physical bodies of those present in the concert out into the space of the room. Each person has reached a point where their body and soul are ready to release past-time guides, angels who are no longer needful, out-grown beliefs, and emotions. As these energetic patterns ease out of those listening, they fill the space of the room. The intensity builds until all those energies that can be transmuted are positioned appropriately.

In this moment a melody, a key or mode, and a starting note will occur to me. As I follow the promptings of my guidance a musical phrase emerges from my body out into the room. From within my psychic vision I see the accumulated clouds of energies in the room turn to listen. Oftentimes I repeat the opening phrase, until all of the energies are attentive.

As each energetic pattern listens, they interact with my guides, the guides of those listening and with Nature and the Archangels. As they listen the texture, color and intensity of each energy cloud changes. From grey to misty blue (for example) a cloud then begins to dissipate. The emotions, beliefs, out-of-time guides or angels are now being released into their own evolutionary path or healing journey. Ultimately I see the room becoming bright, and the intensity lifts, replaced by a freshness, and sometimes a lovely scent of roses.

These two songs are from such moments in concerts. In the first, A Blessing Song, I invited the audience to add their voices to the process in an open 5th. This allowed me to more easily interact with the energies emerging from them that sought to be released. Many audience members commented that they felt as if I was singing just to them, and they felt their voice and my voice dancing together during the song.

For me this is a great complement. I honor that each person brings themselves to a concert (or in this case to listen online) and therefore is choosing to actively participate in their own process of healing, change and growth. It is this active participation that allows the song to be drawn through me. Without it, there is no meaning within the music.

The second song is a chant, O Rubor Sanguinis written by the mystic, seer and author St. Hildegard of Bingen nearly a thousand years ago. This was recorded during a live concert of healing chants, and appears on my CD
Songs of Spirit, available HERE

I sing the chant in its original Latin. For those who are curious, here is the English translation:

Click here for more on Hildegard

O ruby-red blood
which flows from on high
where divinity touched.

You are a flower
that the winter
of the serpent's breath
can never injure.

This song draws the listener into a place of deep stillness. It is a reminder that sacred action comes only from this quiet space that dwells within us, and within which we each dwell. No matter the external tumult, decisions made from this quiet space will serve the journey that our soul is also choosing.

Blessings to each,

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