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Sound Healings --------from Live Concerts, Radio Interviews and Workshops

March 2013
Completion: An improvised sound healing for These Days of Transition

Norma Gentile, voice
Gordon Johnston, harp
Jeremy Sills, bowls and bells

- from a live concert fall 2012, Ottawa Canada

Video Version

Audio only version mp3

- a thought from Mary, given through Norma:
Much has been said of these days of transition between the old world of the non-sacred and the new world of both Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Most of the focus has been upon the return of the feminine ideals into your world which has already occurred. I say return, because that is what it truly is. Only in the recent past of your long history have these ideals of community, woven together by compassion, empathy and grace, been hidden away.

As they emerge again into your awareness, so too do those principles of the Sacred Masculine have their own resurgence. In its sacred quality, the power of the masculine never overwhelms the feminine. Rather the masculine is that which exists in your world because the Sacred Feminine Grail welcomes it in.

- from Norma:
Here is the final song from a recent Meditation Concert. I was joined by harpist Gordon Johnston and sound healer Jeremy Sills on bowls and bells. Listen deeply, for carried within these sounds is the opportunity for a gentle, graceful remembrance to arise within yourself. How does that aspect of the Sacred Masculine within you arise and serve your soul's purpose?

My blessings to all who listen,
- Norma (with Mary)


Norma Gentile (MMusic) incorporates her training in energy healing and shamanism as she sings. Her passion is to bring the inaudible essence of Spirit into this world, offering, but not forcing healing. See her website: for more music and meditations.

Gordon Johnston (DSM) is director of music at St John's The Evangelist Church and the Anglican Studies Program at St. Paul Univeristy in Ottawa, Canada. He is a professional organist and is also is a classically trained harpist. He conducts the Strings of St John's chamber orchestra, and is determined to infuse these spaces with copious amounts of beautiful music.

Jeremy Sills (BMus) has over 15 years of training & exploring the healing power of sound. Based on Ottawa, Canada and training with shamans in Peru, Jeremy has developed a mystical healing voice & sonic awareness that inspires a remembrance of the deep silent space within each of us.