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January 2015

These digital photos captured energies in the room during my recent concert. They have not been altered.

Energies present themselves before each song, and the song that I channel is an improvisation meant to help them move to wherever they need to go now. These energies can be from the audience, the physical space or world events.

Blessing All

Beings Homeward

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Blessing All Beings Homeward

During a recent concert a friend offered to take 'energy photos'. As I sang, the camera captured brilliant white as well as somber, brown-black swaths of energies. Multiple white and green orbs also appeared, especially in the midst of a healing song. My sense is that the orbs represent new qualities of consciousness; they are the result of dark energies moving onto wherever they needed to be. The brilliant white streamers are those guides and angels who were helping to escort other energies homeward.

More pictures from the same concert, taken during other songs

Larger Version

Larger Version

For those of you new to my work, I am both a professional singer (with bachelor and master's degrees in music) and a channel (having studied with the Seth channel John Friedlander and worked for many years with Drunvalo Melchizedek, from whom I recognized both Thoth and Archangel Michael's presence in my life). Combining my ability to see spiritual energies with my musical expertise has been a lifelong journey. For this reason I call myself a sound shaman.

In most of my Meditation Concerts I prepare some songs and expect to channel or improvise others. Those who attend bring with them various life issues and concerns. We are more alike than different, as I find that frustration and anger, longing for deeper intimacy and a feeling that something is 'not right' are feelings everyone seems to have at one time or another. During a concert, these feelings and their related energies arise from within those in attendance and create a tangible pattern within the room. These are the darker swaths of energy visible in the photos. These darker energies are not bad. We simply interpret them as looking dark or feeling heavy or scary because they are no longer vibrating in tune with our body's and soul's journey.

Each time we come to a realization of a belief or behavior no longer fits us, these energies are released from our aura or body. In the days, weeks, months and sometimes even years before we get an insight that leads to major change, these energies are active within us. They draw to us events, people and emotions that help us replay the pattern or belief that we need to change.

Too often, we do not understand that the reason we are repeating a pattern is because we have a deeper insight to be gained from it. Until that insight comes, we will not completely release the energies causing the pattern. Repeating the same pattern in life isn't bad. It is our soul saying, 'I really want to understand how this pattern works from the vantage point of being in human form. I want to take this insight back into my spiritual being existing in other dimensions.'

As humans we live in a world whose basis is polarity &endash; everything is judged and sorted as 'good/bad, right/wrong, dark/light.' As spiritual beings we exist in other dimensions, mostly outside of polarity. Our role, while in form, has been to provide our soul with the experience of what it is like to exist within the rules of polarity. But as we are well aware, this world of polarity is slowly giving way to a new world, less 'solid,' and often spoken of as a different dimension where polarity does not naturally exist.

An example of how we already live within this less physically-bound, less-polarized world can be seen here, within this video. You can clearly see the dark-colored energies that have accumulated from the audience in the photo near the start of the song. At the completion of the song, the energies are no longer present. Instead there is simply clarity, a clear light, in that same space.

My sense is that energies (or beings or ghosts) appear dark or scary to us because they are out of tune with our physical body. The prickles on our skin, the heaviness, or even fear we sense are all signals telling us that they cannot nourish and support our bodies. When we smell or see food that is spoiled, we know not to eat it. In the same way our intuition tells us when energies are not supportive to us. If we are unsure, it is only because we are just now learning to discern what is and isn't useful. This is a learning process we each go through. As we gather more life skills and tools, fear tends to drop away. Instead, we experience a sense of neutrality or non-reaction toward what is not useful for us. This is an inner stillness, from which compassion may arise.

When I see or sense energies that look psychically dark to me, I understand that these energies are not healthy for me to engage with directly. For this reason I invite them to utilize the consciousness of Archangel Michael or Nature to move onto wherever they need to go to now. When I am in a non-reactive state of inner calm, I am able to gaze upon energies that are dark and converse with them. They 'hear' my true intention is to help them move on. The consciousness within them knows where they need to go. And they realize I will honor their journey.

Using this process, I have never seen a dark energy return to a person once that person's body and soul releases it. I have seen energies move slowly when they are not fully released by the person they are related to. Very rarely, I have seen energies not fully release when the person is not quite complete with the lesson that needs to be learned. In these few cases, the release was completed as the lesson was learned within a few days.

We have an increasing ability to behold the entire spectrum of energies, both those colors and sensations that are pleasing to us, as well as those that are out-of-tune with us and therefore feel or look uncomfortable. Nonjudgment is a necessary response to out-of-tune energies. We have all had the experience of a well-meaning friend trying to help us by giving us advice or telling us what to do. In most cases we ultimately have to figure it out ourselves. In this same manner, we are called to provide support, without inflicting change upon energies we perceive as dark or uncomfortable. Honoring them in this fashion allows them to hear our invitation for them to move on.

I am so grateful to be able to stand in this space of quiet compassion that allows all energies and beings to see that they might return home. As you have read these words and listened to the song, perhaps you are sensing something within or around you changing. What is healing, really? In this context, it can be seen as the act of offering energetic patterns (that might be emotions, thought forms, ghosts, or other beings) a way to shift back into resonance with their own journey. This is a journey we are each engaging with now.

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