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----Sound Healings --------from Live Concerts, Radio Interviews and Workshops

-- October 2010
This month I offer two sound healings

Ruth Cunningham

Ave (Behold)
Norma Gentile and Ruth Cunningham, sopranos
with Tibetan Singing Bowl

Ave (Behold) is an improvisation from a live concert. The two singers are myself and Ruth Cunningham. We had no music or text planned. We simply arrived at a point in the concert where the energy that had built up in the room needed to be addressed. Both Ruth and I feel connected to Mary and the Divine Feminine. This was our improvised song to invoke the presence of Mary, so that the compassion within her Divine Feminine presence could receive the energies of those issues ready to be released by the audience. Notice the dissonance between notes that give way to consonant intervals. It is the play between tension and release that helps you to identify and to let go of what no longer serves your soul's journey.

Ave Maris Stella
Ruth Cunningham, soprano and medieval harp
A lovely heart song of praise to Mary, Ave Maris Stella, features Ruth Cunningham singing and playing medieval harp. This healing song is her own composition, from her musical album, Light and Shadow.

In both sound healing and quiet energy healing I find that issues must first arise into our awareness before they can be released. When an issue and its related energetic pattern is pushed or pulled out of someone's body without the permission of their soul, I believe that the pattern will be recreated. This allows the soul to receive the experience it needs to have from healing the pattern itself.

As the issues arise that our soul is ready to heal, they may make our bodies uncomfortable or bring up strong emotions or reveal depression. For me sound healing has to do with helping us find stillness within discomfort. When we are no longer reacting to something, we can release it. As long as we are reacting to an issue, we are generating energetic cords between the issue and ourselves. When we come into that state of no-reaction or neutrality towards something we cease to generate energies that bind it to us.

Each time we enter into a state of stillness we have the potential to understand more deeply an issue of our lives. It takes practice to hold stillness while also having in our awareness an issue that is causing us pain. Our natural reaction is to without push the issue away from our thoughts or let ourselves find a quick fix for it. Either solution will temporarily remove the pain that the issue is causing us. But neither will allow our soul to glean the experience of learning and growth it desires to receive by going through and ultimately resolving the issue.

Music helps us maintain that still place where we can hold an uncomfortable issue. Particularly music in a language that we do not understand. This frees our brain from functioning and thinking linearly about our issue. Music that is based on medieval or Eastern modes and has an harmonic drone supports the brain to function as a whole, not as two halves. This allows "out of the box" ideas to arise more easily.

Music naturally creates both tension, as dissonance, and release, as consonance. As our body experiences a moment of dissonance in music, such as two notes rubbing together in a minor 2nd, we contract energetically. Issues in our life, which exist as energetic disturbances in the auric space around our body are much more tangible during that moment. While the rest of our aura has contracted, they remain the same size. It is like letting the water out of a swimming pool. Suddenly all the dirt that was suspended in the water is very visibly sitting on the bottom of the pool!

But this lasts only a moment. As the notes of music move into consonance again, we relax, and our aura returns to its normal size. Our issues are still contained within our energy field. But there may be just a little bit less of them. With each contraction we become aware of some discomfort. As we follow the music back out into expansion, some small portion of the discomfort releases from us.

Healing is offered each time there is this motion of dissonance (tension, causing contraction) and consonance (release, causing expansion). The music itself is not doing the healing. The music is offering a meditative state into which your consciousness steps. Within this meditation is the possibility of no-reaction, or neutrality.

As your body and auric field move with the music, contracting and expanding, those bits of any issue that are ready to be resolved can be resolved, and their related energy patterns in the aura are released.

Healing through music happens in small increments. Your soul determines when it is ready to release a pattern. Occasionally you may notice a deep sigh coming from your body. This sort of validation may be useful for your mind to notice. Usually it happens in the silence directly after a song. In this silence your body is saying "yes" to the healing changes that your soul has chosen. In the process of breathing out your body releases what no longer fits the journey of your soul.


Ruth Cunningham is a classically trained musician and sound healer who specializes in improvisational sacred music from varied spiritual traditions. Her newest CD, Light and Shadow, is available at iTunes, and Ruth is also a founding member of the Anonymous 4. She has performed throughout the United States, Europe and the Far East.