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Grounding into your Earth Soul
(Hint: Grounding isn't what it used to be)

- a song and spoken meditation channeled from Archangel Michael

Full Meditation (7:30 mins)
Just the song (2:30 mins)

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Here is a song (and spoken meditation) from a recent Gathering that focuses on helping you find your own soul's energy deep within the Earth. To say it will help you ground is overly simplistic, but yes, it will help you feel more grounded. In a larger frame of reference the spoken meditation and song assists you in releasing inhibitions and blocks around accessing the power and psychic intelligence that your body is meant to have. When we are connected to our Earth Soul as much as we are connected to our Heavenly Soul something different happens in our lives. Are you ready?


Grounding into your Earthly Soul
(Hint: Grounding isn't what it used to be)

What if all of your body knew itself to be intimately connected into Earth? What if those energies that your Heavenly Soul called out to within the Earth, before the sperm and the egg met…What if the Heavenly Soul and the earthly energies, your Earthly Soul, what if they could be present?

These are the energies that created your body originally.

And now, what if that same soul could move forward in time to this very moment where you are now. Just the portion of the Heavenly Soul incarnating right now in your body, and a portion of the equivalent Earth energies moving through your body right now, in current time.

We are not trying to connect to absolutely all of who you are. We are connecting to that portion of your soul in Heaven and in Earth that is truly in tune with who you are, right now. Truly reflecting the journey of your soul, right now.

Earth Soul Song - Remembering your Earthly Soul

And allowing each of the chakras, particularly in the lower portion of the torso as well as the bottom of the feet, allowing each of these chakras, the many many chakras on the bottom of the feet that reflect the entire body, the entire Energy Being of who you are, letting each of these chakras just reflect that portion of your soul, right now, coming into your body and supporting you from that aspect of Earth.

How is it right now that the intelligence within your body desires to plug itself into its own energies within the Earth? How is it that the intelligence within your own body sees and knows itself within the Earth?

And as your body has permission to be connected into that aspect of your soul within the Earth, there is a remembering of who you are. A remembering of that greater process, that stillness that IS you. A remembering of the joy within the heart, a remembering of the fullness of your energy within your lower body, within your torso, within the kundalini patterns of your body, and within the central nervous system all along your spine.

Who are you now?

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