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a spontaneous improvisation with crickets, toads, frogs, human voices and waterfall

All Creatures Sing

The concept of rhythm that we have as humans comes from Nature. The beating of our hearts, the cricket's song filling the evening air, and the Earth breathing from one season into another…all are natural rhythms. The atoms that make up our bodies comes from the Earth. These atoms move with the rhythm of the atoms that make up the Earth. As the consciousness within the atoms of the Earth changes, so does the consciousness within the atoms that make up our bodies change.

As the poles of the sun have finished shifting, the magnetic poles of the Earth are nearing the midway point of their long awaited shift. Sometimes it does feel like the Earth and our world is suddenly not what it was or where it was yesterday. Because it isn't. And we are not the same either. It is only our minds and personalities that insist that change cannot happen this fast. But it can…and it is. The vibration of our bodies is the same as the vibration of the Earth. We are composed of the same atoms. And these atoms all move and dance and sing the same song…all of Creation is a Song, and we humans are just a few of the singers.

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Unfurling Love's Creation
Based on compassion as an aspect of Love, these chants illuminate the finer energies of the Divine Feminine. This recording is especially suitable for those seeking deeper stillness.

Chants by Hildegard of Bingen
Sung by Norma Gentile

with Harmonic Drone Chorus and
Tibetan Singing Bowls

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