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----Sound Healings --------from Live Concerts, Radio Interviews and Workshops

-August 2010
two sound healings with Grammy-winner David Darling, cello

David Darling

Blessing Song
Norma Gentile, voice; David Darling, cello

Summer Wind
David Darling, cello and voice

In the past few days I have been reminded that Spiritual growth is often related to our ability to expand and relax. Few people achieve enlightenment or happiness by willing themselves to do so!

Here are two songs which may draw out a smile and an inner warmth of remembrance of how easily Spirit loves to meet you, wherever you are.

Both of these songs are drawn from live concerts. "Blessing Song" was improvised in the moment, with David Darling beginning to play and then a melody coming into and through my voice. "Summer Wind" is David's own creation, in words and music.

Music can help us relax and open to new possibilities. Sometimes those new possibilities come as ideas that seem like daydreams. Other times listening to music changes how we view a situation or problem. This happens not because the problem changes, but because we allow ourselves to see the problem from a new angle. I invite you to relax, close your eyes, and let yourself see the world anew.

David Darling is best known for his 2009 Grammy winning album, Prayer for Compassion. ( Despite being a classically trained cellist, he has a deep passion for invoking musical expression, joy and laughter from all who surround him. Check out his website ( for more information about his improvisational music workshops and his foundation, Music for People. ( As a cellist, composer, improviser and singer he has recorded albums that range from jazz to New Age with side trips to many different musical cultures.

My special thanks to Barbara Susan Booth of Sacred Wisdom Center (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) for arranging the collaborative concerts between David Darling and myself, "Evensongs for the Soul" from which this song was excerpted. If your organization would be interested in a similar concert please contact