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----Sound Healings --------from Live Concerts, Radio Interviews and Workshops

-- November 2010
Studium: A Study In Healing Music

This month's sound healing is from a live meditation concert. I use my voice along with a schruti box to create simple sustained tones and harmonies. This is not a song so much as it is a study in tones and consciousness. "Studium" or "study" is the word that came to my mind as I felt the energy of the music come through me during the concert. So I began by placing that word into the notes that were coming through me. The other tangible words given to me by Spirit given to me as I sang were "in vida" or "in life".

For those who are interested, the schruti box is a common instrument in parts of India. It is used to accompany devotional chanting. The one I am using is a modern version tuned in a non-equal temperament of the common 12 tone Western European scale. I chose to use it on open 5ths that tend to create additional over and under tones within the human body.

I'm often asked why I don't use poems or regular texts of some sort in my sound healings. It is true that words convey a depth of meaning and symbolism beyond what the music might convey. But words also ensnare us into our own thinking process.

Simply put, I find that using music with words slows down and sometimes stops us from making the deeper shifts we are ready to make in our lives. This is because when we are listening to music with words in a language that we understand, we are engaging our brain to decipher and interpret the sounds of that language. Because it is a language that we comprehend, our brain also processes the information that the text is bringing to us. As we understand the words, we decide whether we agree or disagree with the sentiments and ideas expressed through those words.

Not only does our brain hear the words, but it continues to function beyond that and help us to sort out what we like and don't like about the words that we are hearing. We tend to find comfort in listening to songs with texts that match our belief system. We listen to them to lift us up or calm us down. We don't tend to choose to listen to songs that express ideas in their texts that we don't like. For most of us, listening to an opinion being expressed with which we are in disagreement is not pleasant!

Polarity and judgement, neutrality and unity are ideas that are prominent in many people's lives. At this moment in time humanity exists within polarity. We find it comforting when we are surrounded by the side of polarity in which we reside. We find it uncomfortable when we stray into the side of polarity in which we do not reside. Polarity exists only as long as judgment exists. When we engage in activities that minimize judgment, we tend to step away from the pull of polarity.

A single sustained note is the quickest way for our brains to move from this world of judgment into a gentle meditative state. By removing words from the music, the temptation for the brain to return to its habitual state of judgmental function is also removed. It is much easier to enter into a gentle state of trance when there are no words for the brain to process and judge.

During a channeled healing the other day my guides chided me about the healing process as we humans perceive it. For many, we believe that we ought to be consciously responsible for every moment and every aspect of our lives. This creates a huge pressure to constantly be in control and in charge of one's life and all that happens to you and around you. And this belief plays into a very polarized belief that if you are good, good things surround you. And if you aren't good enough, not so good things will come your way. I feel that this is a simple polarized interpretation our brains have made for us of the more complex cosmic Creative Cycle.

My guides have nudged me to consider the relationship humanity has to the rest of Creation. For example, humanity exists in only one portion of one dimension of our much larger shared reality. Therefore the collective consciousness of all of humanity can only be responsible for a small portion of our shared Cosmic reality. It is true that our souls exist in all the other dimensions of our reality. And we are connected to these other dimensions of our souls. Sometimes what happens in our lives occurs because another aspect of ourselves is engaged in another dimension with a project. The result appears in in our dimension, in our life, as an issue or situation. This is how our very tiny third dimensional human brain translates inter-dimensional energies that it has no way of comprehending.

We cannot communicate directly (yet) with other aspects of our soul during normal functional brain states, i.e. while "walking and talking". But we can access the doorway to other dimensions of our soul during Dream State and some types of deep meditation. Music can be one way of leading us into that state of deep meditation.

Music without words is like a lullaby for our brains. As soon as the brain realizes there are no words that it must process into meaning, it moves into a type of neutral functioning mode. For most people this means that their ability to judge is greatly reduced. As we loose judgment, we loose our need to build fences to contain what we believe and keep out what we do not believe. This facilitates a deeper sense of calm in the physical body. When we no longer feel that we must protect against something, we allow ourselves to relax more deeply.

The vibration of music supports health in our physical body and our subtle energy bodies only to the extent that we allow it to do so. Words within a song bring us into entrainment with the ideas expressed in the words. At times this can be very helpful. But when we feel that call from Spirit or our soul to commune at a deeper level, one beyond thought, it is within the simplicity of tones that we enter into our stillness.