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How to Use these Meditations
It is best to plan on lying down and resting deeply as you listen. Do not listen to these meditations while driving or engaging with other activities. The general pattern of these Meditations is to begin with an invocation of Sacred Space followed by a bit of information. Then we weave in and out of gentle meditative states. Your guides and angels will work with you during these meditative states and for several days after.

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1. Ubi Caritas
Where there is charity, compassion and love, God abides.

Blessing and Nourishing Your Body

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An edited transcript is given below. This is not exact, nor is it complete. The audio version is meant as a healing meditation. The transcript is provided only for brain candy.

Meditation #53 from May 10, 2017

Revealing Truth
Remembering an Inner Connection to Who You Truly Are

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What are you ready to see within yourself? What, that is now hidden, needs to be revealed about our external world?

Includes insights and healing meditations for:

Invoking Sacred Space:
Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael

Truth lies within Stillness
What is it within each person, within this quiet place of stillness, that wants to be revealed now?

Distractions of the outer world

Psychic Energy: Is it Communication or Overwhelm?
Narcissists know how to overwhelm our 6th chakra/3rd eye and create 'alternate truths' that are difficult to ignore. This is happening right now. It can happen during Performances, Political Rallies, while watching Movies and TV shows, especially news..

Identifying and Releasing Psychic Energy Pictures given to us as Babies from our lower body (your needs are inappropriate, you are not good enough…)

New Ways of Grounding to avoid letting another's psychic energy pictures enter into your aura and overwhelm you.

What does your soul want to share with you now?
Receive an insight from your own soul or guide.


download text as a PDF

This is a working text, with editing in progress. Additional comments added as I edited the transcript are iincluded.


1 Introduction
Welcome, I am Norma Gentile, and you are listening to Revealing Truth. This hour-long meditation includes 2 new healing songs, both emanating from my Hathor guide, Atamira. For more about this type of spiritual channeling, my music and teachings, please see my website,

As we enter into this time of meditation together, I encourage you to find a space where you are comfortable and can lie down. This meditation came to me a while ago, and I hesitated to put it out publically, simply because of what it is; the idea of revealing Truth.

In my mind stating that there is a Truth about something, means that there is also a Falsehood. This, to me, magnifies a sense of polarity. Of course the reality in which we have incarnated is one that I believe our souls jointly created long ago. and we all agreed to try this new thing called 'free will', which included a creative process we know as polarity. And it seems we are taking advantage of this process of polarization in order to learn and experience all that we can right now. Ultimately, I believe that the only way through polarity is to deeply engage with it, to the point where we understand the sacredness of both aspects of whatever it is we are dealing with. Even politics!

Like everyone, I have my own sense of what Truth is. For me, it lies within the ability to see not just with my human eyes, but to perceive with my spiritual insights and comprehend situations through patience and heartfelt wisdoms. Please join me as we look at what Truth might be, and how it might be more deeply revealed to each of us.

2 Invoking Sacred Space: Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael
I'm welcoming Archangel Michael, and that aspect of Michael that is present with each person to step forward just a little bit more. So that as I speak you might notice ideas and information occurring to you that are complimentary to what I am saying. They are not exactly the same. And that is as it should be.

Your unique connection to Archangel Michael or Archangel Michaela (Archangel Michelle, the feminine version) should speak to you in your own language and your own set of images. And so as we begin, let's create Sacred Space.

I welcome the Nature Spirits of the room to step forward, those that vibrate at their level of unconditional love. And I invite the Nature Spirits of the land directly beneath the room to also step forward, again, just those vibrating at their level of unconditional love. Welcoming as well the Pure Energy of Nature, the 'grandmother energy' of Nature. The energy from which all things in form, including our bodies, come.

  Letting all these energies join together:

- the Nature Spirits of the room vibrating at their level of unconditional love

- the Nature Spirits of the land beneath the room vibrating at their level of unconditional love

- the Pure Energy of Nature

to form a sphere around the room or space that you are in right now. And let that sphere reflect the unconditional love of these Nature energies.

 And welcoming into this sphere that aspect of Archangel Michael that is uniquely connected to you. We invite that portion of the energetic consciousness of Archangel Michael, (or Michaela or Michelle), to step forward into the third dimension. Honoring that our connection to Michael always exists, and also honoring that Michael exists in all the different dimensions of our reality.

Inviting Archangel Michael's energies to reveal to us his presence in the lower dimensions. Michael gently going down, from the floor of the room, moving through second and first dimensions, anchoring into those energies that appear to be within the Earth, from our perception. And at some point as Michael anchors deeply within the Earth, truly within first dimension, then Michael's energies become available to us in all the upper dimensions. Moving through the more familiar upper dimensions, we become aware of Archangel Michael's energies present in the point or dimension just beyond our reality. Letting Michael's energies anchor themselves into our awareness beyond right and wrong, outside of our polarity.

And with this awareness, Archangel Michael's energy also present an elevator shaft, or tube. This tube of energies, created by Archangel Michael, helps other energies and the consciousness of other beings to go to where ever they need to go to. This can include emotions that we might have, and it can include all sorts of energies, energy packets, cords and connections that we share with each other.

I welcome that aspect of Michael to step forward that is already present with them, supporting and working with them now. Notice now whatever you notice in terms of the quality in the room, and the quality within your body.


3 Truth lies within Stillness

In my experience we hold Truth inside of ourselves, in a place that we seldom visit. It is a place of very deep stillness. Because each of us sees Truth in a slightly different manner. And so the question I begin with is 'What is it within each person, within this quiet place of stillness, that wants to be revealed now?'


4 SONG: Ubi Caritas (with a singing bowl)
Where there is charity, compassion and love, God abides.


5 Distractions of the outer world
Notice again your breathing, and the quality of the space around you.

Where there is charity, compassion and love, God abides. Revealing Truth, is about coming into that space of quiet, where the world need not distract. Coming to that space where your intention to go inward, entering into that quiet space in order to find that creative opening within your heart, and within your body, allows you to move beyond the noise and the distractions of the outer world.

As you can hear I have a cat who would much rather be on my lap right now rather than in the hallway. I know he will be fine. And he will be on my lap as soon as we are done!

So too the news of the day, or the constant gossip and chitchat of coworkers and people around us can be distracting. Sometimes it does bring us true information that we need, but many times it is merely a distraction from following whatever it is that our Soul desires for us to do now.

And so as you find yourself coming into a space of quiet, notice the quality of breath in your body. As I speak this next section, continue to focus on how your body feels, and how the breath within your body feels.


6 Chatting with Cats (and listening to their stories)
Sometimes we find ourselves needing to completely turn away from the outer world and other people. And that is appropriate. Other times our turning away may be a form of self protection.

 (below is not an exact transcript, but rather additional insights that may be of use)

One thing I have been noticing and reflecting upon is how we communicate with each other. And interestingly enough, I learned how humans psychically communicate with each other by learning how to communicate with my cat.

Those of you who are familiar with animals know that animals very quickly pick up on those emotions, tensions and issues that we might not be dealing with well ourselves. And they are also very amenable to supporting us. One of the things I have found useful to do, especially when I am about to take a road trip, is this.

I will sit with my cat and have a sense within my own body of how I feel. As I settle into a quiet place similar to meditation, the cat will relax, and at some point our eyes meet. For each day I will be gone I see in my own mind's eye that the sun comes up and then it sets. I see that the cat sitter comes and goes in the morning and in the evening of each day. And all this transpires a few times or many times, depending on the length of my trip.

I share with my cat a picture of each of these things by holding the thought as an image in my own mind. This picture is made up of psychic energy, and may also convey a related emotion, physical body sensation, or similar information. I call this image a psychic picture, based on the terminology developed by author and channeler John Friedlander.

And because we have already come into a point of stillness together, the cat and myself, I can see with my eyes and sense with my intuition the cat's body and energy field responding as I hold each image in my mind's eye. That is how I confirm that I have offered the image, and my cat has seen it.

As I go through the images of each day's activities, my cat is receptive, but not reactive to my slide show. I have noticed though that after about 3 days worth of cat sitter and sunrise/sunset images she 'sends' me a picture indicating that her routine is being overly disturbed. Simultaneously, her body becomes restless, and I feel a strong sensation in my body relating to her that translates in my mind as 'Really? Do you have to go away for that long? Really?' This may be followed by a series of images of how other cats in the house get more attention than she does, or the cat sitter not giving her enough playtime, or how another cat tends to hog the warm afternoon sunny places she desire in the cat tree. I have learned that if she vents her frustration, and shows me images (from her vantage point) of her unfair treatment it allows her to feel 'heard'. After her tirade, she will settle back down and be ready to see whatever additional images I have to share with her.

And so when I am able to show her additional pictures, again, by holding each in my mind's eye, I know to add in an image of the cat sitter bringing her special food treats every day that I am gone. And with this image she usually relaxes.

She isn't thrilled about my traveling, but since I have begun to communicate with her about these and other changes in her daily routine, she is calmer and appears more able to adapt to changes in her external environment. I do this for veterinary visits, overnight guests, plumbers or repair people, etc. The other cats tend to be far less territorial, but they also do better when I 'tell' them what is about to happen. They each have their own priorities and will share pictures back with me; letting me know their pleasure or displeasure with household activities.

7 Psychic Energy: Is it Communication or Overwhelm?
Narcissists know how to overwhelm 6th chakra/3rd eye and create 'alternate truth'

I share this, because as humans we constantly communicate with each other in a similar manner. But we don't always observe appropriate energetic boundaries when doing so.

In an appropriate manner of communicating psychically with others, we allow the vibrations within our body to be felt, as resonance, by other people's bodies. We allow our emotions to be felt, again as a resonance, by another person. And sometimes when we are communicating we have a picture in our mind's eye of what it is we want to share, and the other person can choose to look at it. Again, this happens by resonance. Ideally, we let another person pick up as much or as little as they want of the image, emotion, thought or body sensation we are experiencing and desiring to communicate with them.

Here is the similarity to animal communication. I am not sending energies anywhere. I am simply aware of, and focusing on, what I wish to communicate to my cat or a person.

There is a great difference between this style of resonant communing or communication, where the listener has the ability to say 'yes' or 'no' to receiving the communication that is offered, versus forcing the communication upon someone. This non-resonant style is the psychic basis of what psychologists call 'gaslighting', a technique used by narcissists to control the reality that others around them are able to perceive.

I believe that the term, which comes from the play/movie Gaslight, has little meaning nowadays to most people. But we have all experienced it! Someone who is gaslighting you is pushing into your Third Eye a psychic picture that they want you to believe is true. (They may or may not believe it is true themselves). They may send energies into your body and other chakras to confirm the false psychic picture.

I am adding more information for you about this here that is not in the audio meditation

The psychic picture itself is usually placed in the front side of the 6th chakra (the Third Eye) a few inches away from the forehead. Low level guides related to the narcissist often accompany the picture, and they move into the back side of the 6th chakra (base of skull, where the soft indentation is between the two sides of the protruding occipital bone). The presence of these guides reinforces the picture being sent into the front aspect of the 6th chakra.

By blocking both the front and back aspects of the receiver's 6th chakra, the recipient's ability to easily recognize the falseness of the picture is greatly diminished. But with practice, it is possible to notice when someone is sending you a psychic picture, and release it. In doing so, you will also begin to notice the collection of older psychic pictures you have accumulated throughout your body and aura.

Let me share with you a few ideas that I have found help to identify and release psychic pictures and related energies and guides from the 6th chakra.

In my experience the quality of the psychic picture in the front side of the 6th chakra creates physical discomfort; it feels like it is being forced into a position of prominence. And it keeps popping up, sometimes in the form of a memory or a worry or concern, for no apparent reason. There may be an accompanying headache or sinus congestion.

When a psychic picture is being actively held in either aspect of our 6th chakra our own psychic vision is largely unavailable to us. Feeling unworthy, powerless or simply lost is very common. If your intuition suddenly disappears, or you feel spiritual impulses are muddy, this may be the cause.

When our 6th chakra is not functioning well, we can't easily sense what is happening around us. (This is also true when our lower chakras are blocked.) A block in the lower chakras tends to create frequent fear responses to stress. When the 6th chakra is blocked we feel out-of-sorts, out-of-touch with our external environment and literally unbalanced.

When the narcissist's guides (or any guides not in tune with us) hang out in the back aspect of the 6th chakra, we literally lose our balance. The gentle whispering and nudging that our own guides provide us is distorted. The energy impulses within the Mouth of God are chaotic. Heaviness, muscular tension and headaches are common symptoms. Once out of tune guides of any sort are released, many people notice a clarity and brightening in their vision.

If any of this is familiar to you, welcome to the human race! Pat yourself on the back, and know that this is completely normal, albeit uncomfortable. The next time you notice something around your head or body, try asking the sensation if it is really yours now. If it is an emotion or reoccurring worry or thought, ask the worry or thought if it is really yours right now. By asking the question you are letting the energies of the psychic picture, the guides, and any cords begin to unwind and find their way onto wherever they need to be now. Oftentimes they return to the Guardian Angel of the other person, or simply into Spirit.

In most cases we want to believe what someone is telling us. Certainly I have been trained to believe someone is honest, and to question my own judgment before questioning what someone else, especially someone in authority, is telling me. Keeping in mind that narcissism expresses itself along a spectrum; most people have a touch of it as part of a healthy ego. Many actors, politicians and others in the public eye rank middle to and a bit more on the narcissism spectrum. Those at the extreme high end are hard to miss!

Narcissists are typically very intelligent people and often make good leaders, precisely because they exude a sense of knowing what they are doing, whether or not that is true. Most people have worked for bosses with a fair amount of narcissism. I find that the US culture worships many behaviors that are at their core narcissistic. For example, authoritarianism is called strong leadership in the old non-sacred masculine corporate culture. Someone fomenting chaos in order to save the day brings applause for the apparent bravery of the 'white night' leader. And a lack of empathy is interpreted as being a real 'unemotional and clear headed' business leader. I think you get the idea. The traits of narcissism have been lauded, rather than questioned, in our society.

On an energy level, narcissists present their followers (and anyone paying attention to them) with a constant stream of psychic pictures, delivered right into their auras. Those who most easily receive and believe these psychic pictures have a history of needing to follow what others tell them to do. Oftentimes they have cultivated an ability to receive what other people tell them through psychic pictures in order to behave in a manner that keeps them safe. As children, it was often helpful to be able to know both what was actually happening, as well as know the alternative truth that the adults around us wanted us to believe.

As adults, our ability to receive and process psychic pictures from others can determine what we see, and how we see our world. For example, an abused spouse is apt to not allow themselves to even consider leaving the relationship because the abuser will continuously send psychic pictures of the spouse's ineptitude and fragility, followed by psychic pictures of the abuser's power and authority over all friends and family members. These pictures are big and loud. And very real, since they are usually accompanied by emotional, verbal or physical abuse.

Most everyone has been on the receiving end of someone who is forcing an unreal psychic picture into their 6th chakra. It can be done by a prominent figure in order to gain false sympathy or affirm their power over others.

It is very common for two different sets of psychic pictures can be broadcast at the same time by someone. For example, a boss might present a rosy, happy picture of success (making it as big and loud as possible) while knowing that layoffs are coming. To most people, the second true picture will be obscured by the size and strength of the first picture. Only a very few people will feel or sense both sets of energies. I believe that human nature tends to prefer to hear good news, rather than bad. So it is easier to look at and believe false news that makes us happy or fits with our pre-existing beliefs. All this allows a narcissist to easily sculpt the reality and truths of those who follow them. Again, this is a form of gaslighting.

To recap: There are two ways of communing psychically with others at the 6th chakra. One respects boundaries and the free will of each person. The other way tends to push past energetic boundaries that may already be compromised.

(returning to the meditation text)

Do they want to listen or do they prefer not to listen? Do they want to see the image or not see it? It is up to them. They can agree to receive or decline the message, This style of resonant communication allows your energies and their energies to continue to be fairly separate. There are no cords. No personal energies are exchanged. There is simply a sense of resonance between the two people.


8 Psychic Energy Exchanges during Performances
This also happens in performances. Our energies are drawn towards the singers, actors or politicians on stage, or even towards the energies of a movie or TV show. And we create an infinity loop with them.

Only in modern times, do we expect that the sound, the visuals and the intention of what is occurring on a stage or in a movie will be pushed into our energetic space. The incredibly loud volume that movies are often played at, the size of the screen and the proximity of seats to the screen envelop and overwhelm us. Concerts, be they pop or rock or even musical theater are amplified to the maximum level legally allowed by law (100 decibels, in most cases), which still causes hearing loss, which is why professional musicians wear ear protection (ear plugs) while onstage. Even musical theater and some opera companies are putting mics on their performers and projecting the scenes and/or texts onto large screens above the stage. Does this magnification of sound and sight distract or enrich our experience?

More and more, we are becoming accustomed to not actually holding our individual energy space, but rather to allow sound, pictures and related energies to be pushed into our space.

When we do that, we don't need to fully engage with whatever is pushing into our space. At the same time, in an unconscious manner we may give this sound and/or visual energies permission to push in and override our boundaries. We have become accustomed to having our boundaries overridden, expecting to see, hear, or sense something only when it has been pushed into our energy field. We are losing our ability to see, hear and sense psychic energies and pictures while leaving them outside of our personal space, our body and our aura.

I'm betting that each of you has some memory of feeling overwhelmed, whether you were in a group situation or one-on-one. Because we have become so accustomed to having information, sound, visuals, and energies pushed into our space, we are more susceptible to letting something in when someone is purposely, although sometimes unconsciously, but still purposely pushing information that occurs as psychic sound or pictures or emotions into our space.

Clearly part of what we are all working with right now, not just in the US but in many countries, is honor in leadership. And this comes right back to our inner Truth. When we can feel our inner Truth, we don't allow other people to literally dictate to us what is right and what is wrong. We don't allow the external world to interact with us in a fashion that is in appropriate. We let the external world stay 'over there'.

One of the many traits of dictators is narcissism. Yes, there are many narcissists in the world. And most of us have just enough narcissism so that it is at a level of health. It tells us that when we have an idea we should speak up, because it might be a good idea, or it might lead to someone else having a good idea. Basically, a small level of narcissism helps us believe in our own worth and individuate from those around us. That's a healthy level of narcissism.

More and more I realize, not every narcissist becomes a strongman or a dictator. But every dictator IS a narcissist! It is what allows them to believe and to share their beliefs with others in a way that overrides the other person's boundaries. And sadly in the last 60 or 75 years, we have been more and more conditioned to believe the external world instead of our internal world. As we find our own Truth, and that place where we hold our own Truth within ourselves, we are less and less vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed, or feeling any need to hold a blatant non-truth as something that needs to be obeyed or responded to.

A little more extra info here:

We have been conditioned to believe the external world instead of our internal world. As we find our own Truth, and that place where we hold our own Truth within our bodies, we are less vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed. We have no need to receive the psychic energy of another person's blatant non-truth. It is no longer something that needs to be obeyed or responded to. This is how we step away from non-sacred relationships.

I love the idea in martial arts of stepping to the side; of allowing someone's body weight to carry them past you when they are trying to strike a blow. And so again we have this idea of knowing our own inner Truth so strongly that there is no need to react or respond to a blatant non-truth that is placed in front of us.


9 Identifying Energy Pictures given to us as Babies
Sometimes, especially as children, we develop ways of being told things by our parents. Initially as infants our bodies can feel what is going on with our parents. At our navel chakra, the physical umbilical cord with our mother may have dropped away, but the energetic cords and connection to our mother, as well as to other caregivers, continue.

These cords are strong. And so as infants our body experiences what the adults around us experience.

Without language, without a comprehension of the world, these experiences, when traumatic, go into muscles of our body, such as the pelvic floor (perineum) and diaphragm.

Notice how your breath is right now. Ask if any tension in your body is truly in current time. Is this a tension that your body needs to experience right now, in this moment of time? Allow the breath to move gently through the entire body, including through the hips. Our grounding, as infants, can be greatly cut off when these two large muscles, the diaphragm (just underneath the lungs) and the perineum (in the hip area), carry extra tensions that we have learned from our parents, when our parents experienced them during our infancy (or womb-time).

We need not continue to hold onto these energies now. We have permission to allow those energies that are in tune with who we are and how we are, to be present. How is it that your body truly wants to feel now? How does that aspect of your soul legally incarnating right this moment want to feel? Who are you now? Where is that resonant vibration of your legally incarnating soul connecting into and supporting your physical body now?

With each breath we build more energy that is perfectly in tune with each cell that vibrates within the physical body. It is as if that little energetic sphere that is around each cell becomes more intense and filled with the energies that are perfectly in tune with your body now.

You may even notice at your navel a motion or a movement. This is a pranic sphere that is beginning to fill again with energies that are perfectly in tune with who you are now, and where you are now, in terms of the journey of your soul.


10 Meditation: Releasing psychic pictures you received as a baby

(this text is delivered slowly, with many silences)

And gently allowing all of who you are now to welcome that portion of your soul legally incarnating into and through your body. Especially the information that may have come from parents or caregivers that you are not good enough, and that somehow your needs are inappropriate. Letting this information, that was received so long ago by your body and consciousness, gently move onto wherever else it needs to be now. Allowing the pituitary gland, its related 6th chakra, and in particular the heart and navel chakras, to reflect the knowledge of who you are now, and how your soul and body want to be now.

Where is the joy and the fullness that is the result of the expression of your soul's journey now through your body?

Feel your breath move again through your belly, navel and hips…even through the arches of your feet. Your soul, legally incarnating, fully embraces your body. And with each breath, you generate energies that are perfectly in tune with your physical body, and your soul's journey right now.

What one thing are you ready to hear now from your inner guidance, from the connection you naturally have in this moment to your own Soul?

Where is that quality of unconditional love that your soul naturally has for your body? And where is that level of unconditional love that your body has to express back to your soul?

And again, just notice the breath, notice any areas or ways that the breath might be ready to be easier for you. And just releasing any tensions, any discomforts. Honoring that those energies and energetic patterns that are no longer in tune with your body or soul naturally reveal themselves, so that we will pay attention and we will let go of them, and release any related beliefs, emotions or behaviors.

And just allowing the breath to continue, smooth and easy, letting it move through your stomach, navel, knees and bottom of your feet.

11 Insights and Meditation on new ways of Grounding

As infants our communication with the outer world and our caregivers is through the chakras of the low body. We did not mentally understand what was happening around us, but our lower bodies experienced the energies in which we lived. We felt what those around us were feeling in their bodies, as well as feeling the general tenor or quality of consciousness of those who surrounded our infant selves.

As adults very few of us continue that sense or ability of being consciously telepathic through our low body. No doubt we are still picking up on the experience of other people's bodies, and the experience of our culture in general. We are just no longer quit so able to make a distinction between our body's experience, and the experience of other people's bodies.

So let's take a moment and feel our own navel chakra and pelvic area in general. As we connect more and more deeply to those energies that truly nourish us, we fill in all those areas of the body that other people's energies may have inhabited.


And so gently allowing the pelvis to continue to respond to the breath, releasing whatever the body and soul legally incarnating are ready to let go of. Opening ourselves to a new way of grounding, and a new way of being. Trusting that just as our soul exists in Heaven it exists in the lower dimensions. Trusting that just as Archangel Michael's energies exist in Heaven and in the lower dimensions, so too our soul exists in upper and lower dimensions.

Where are those energies relating to your soul right now that feel like the Earth to us? As we perceive our body's pre-existing connections into these lower dimensions…that is grounding! We are simply allowing our body to connect naturally to its own energies within the Earth, and allowing our legally incarnating soul to connect naturally to its own energies with in the Earth.

Releasing out of the back side of the knees those patterns of having to work (hard) and do things that we are ready to let go of. Releasing out of the ankles and the bottom of the feet, all those energies that we are ready to let go of, and that our soul is ready to release. Releasing all those energies from the bottom of our feet that our physical body recognizes are no longer in tune with us. Releasing all those energies.

And then allowing the bottom of the feet and all those feet chakras to restore the natural connection that we already have to the Earth energies from which our body was born. And letting our body sink into that pool, that pond of Earth energies from which we were born, and into that aspect of place within the pool or pond that reflects who we are now, and our soul's journey now, and our body now.

And as more and more of who we are is present in our body, there isn't space for who we are not. And the outer world, and other people, cannot place ideas, images or sounds within our space, because our space is already full. Who each person is, is a reflection of experiences DNA and of course the soul. Who are you now? How does your physical body want to be supported by that part of your soul legally incarnating right now? Through the feet, the ankles, the knees, the pelvis…

12 SONG: Blessing and Nourishing Your Body (solo voice)

13 Benediction &endash; what does your soul want to share with you now?

And letting the charity, compassion and love that each soul desires to express through the body move through each cell and fill to that point of overflowing the space around the body and the life that the body is now living. Allowing each of you to continue with this new vibration that is you, knowing that your choices and your experiences reflect your soul now and body now. Reflect how your soul and body join together now.

And so very gently we move into that point of closure, just asking what one thing do your soul and body together want to know now? One word, one phrase, one image. What is next? Allowing that information to pass to you from Archangel Michael or your guide or angel. You don't need to receive an entire book or essay. A slight pulsation of energy or a tingling sensation is most commonly how guides and angels communicate with us. And that energetic sensation will, in time, turn into ideas and beliefs that then will turn into possibilities and actions.

14 Releasing Sacred Space

And so for right now we thank and release the conscious magnified connection to any guides or angels that are present. We thank and release Archangel Michael, first from the upper dimensions, then thanking and releasing our conscious magnified connection to Archangel Michael from first dimension and second dimension, as if it were within the Earth. Letting Archangel Michael step back to form the natural connection now with your body and soul, that best suits your journey.

Thanking the Pure Energy of Nature that has been holding the upper portion of the sphere that is all around the room. Letting that Pure Energy of Nature cleanse and clear any energies that are ready to be released. And we thank the Pure Energy of Nature, that 'grandmother' energy, for holding the sphere around the room, and we release it from holding the sphere as we release our conscious connection to it.

In the room itself, those Nature Spirits vibrating at their level of unconditional love while holding the sacred sphere, we ask that they now cleanse and clear the room, you, and themselves, along with the sphere, from any energy that is ready to be released now. Thanking and releasing them from their service, and letting them step back to wherever they need to be now, and thank and release our conscious connection to them now.

Those Nature Spirits of the land directly beneath the room, those that have been vibrating at their level of unconditional love and holding the sphere - we thank them so much. Letting them clear and cleanse themselves, clear and cleanse the land beneath, clear and cleanse the lower portion of that sphere all around the room. Allowing them to escort the energies that we have come to conclusion with to wherever the energies need to go and know that they want to go to now. Nature Spirits of the land beneath vibrating at their level of unconditional love, we thank them so much for their service. We release them from holding the sphere, and we release our conscious connection to them now.

Thanking finally and releasing any connections that we have been holding onto with other people in our lives that are ready to change. Thanking and releasing those connections, letting them update or even upgrade, perhaps, to reflect who we are now, and to reflect our ability to see more truthfully who the other person is now. As our own inner truth is revealed to us, then the truth of another can be more deeply revealed to us as well. As we journey into that space where our own inner truth can be revealed to us, then we also open the door, to see the truth that lies within another. And so, healing happens.

I thank you all for participating in this time of meditation. And, as you feel complete, and are wiggling your toes and breathing deeply into your low back, let yourself feel complete. And if you want to share some of your experience with me via email, I am always glad to hear from you. So please just breathe, and allow yourself to feel the 'before' and 'after' within your body and within the space around you. And again, I thank you for your participation in the meditation.


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May you carry the blessings of this time into your own world as sacred service. Namaste