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How to Use these Meditations
It is best to plan on lying down and resting deeply as you listen. Do not listen to these meditations while driving or engaging with other activities. The general pattern of these Meditations is to begin with an invocation of Sacred Space followed by a bit of information. Then we weave in and out of gentle meditative states. Your guides and angels will work with you during these meditative states and for several days after.

Meditation #47 from September 27, 2015

First, Be Still
A meditation to bring you to that point of stillness where you can truly comprehend what your next step might be in a decision making process.

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1 Intro
2 How to know when to leave a relationship, be it a marriage, job or yoga class
3 Straddling the Past and Future while in Present Time
4 Meditation: Quieting the Mind by connecting the brain to the body
5 Sacred Space Invocation
6 Our roles as cocreators…Listen, then Speak
7 Our soul's desire resides in our High Heart Chakra
8 Archangel Michael / Michaela &endash; Angels are neutral in gender.
9 Meditation to clear the 2 heart chakras and invite those guides and angels working with you now to be present.
10 SONG: O eterne Deus (O eternal God)
11 Completing the Healing
12 Releasing Sacred Space

This meditation includes O eterne Deus (O eternal God) composed by St. Hildegard of Bingen. This song is from Norma's album Unfurling Love's Creation, available on iTunes and at Amazon as well as her website. More of Norma's healing songs, along with videos, can be found under Sound Healings and Recordings.

An edited transcript is given below. This is not exact, nor is it complete. The audio version is meant as a healing meditation. The transcript is provided only for brain candy.

download text as a PDF
First, Be Still

from a telephone conference meditation (#47) held on September 27, 2015
by Norma Gentile


1 Introduction

Today's meditation focuses on our ability as humans to act as channels or conduits for energies between heaven and Earth, as well as Earth to heaven. So, I'd invite you, if you haven't already done so, to just find a place where you can be quiet, lie down,

if you have a question that just seems to be in your heart, go ahead and ask it at this time.

2 How to know when to leave a relationship, be it a marriage, job or yoga class (2:10)

Participant: Can I continue to grow and evolve and stay in the relationship I am in?

Norma: That's a great question. We are constantly in relationship, not just with people, but also, with situations in our lives. And, I think that primary relationships tend to be the place, along with jobs, where that which doesn't really work or fit us tends to be the clearest.

So, whenever we're at that point of wondering, should I continue with this relationship, should I continue with this job, should I continue living where I'm living in this particular city, should I continue with the yoga class, with the meditation group, it's not always about the other person or the group. It's often about what is it that is coming for us, what is getting triggered, what is being reveled to us about ourselves that we're uncomfortable with?

Sometimes, by just recognizing where the discomfort is, something will shift. Other times, you will recognize, hmm, I'm uncomfortable about this particular aspect or these aspects or what I'm noticing in terms of this behavior. Sometimes then, you recognize, oh, the situation here has an unconscious agreement to just draw this type of behavior out of people.

So, often times, as we sit and meditate and consider what it is that our soul is ready to experience, we realize, oh, the discomfort we're in right now is perfect. It is exactly what the soul wanted us, as a personality, to recognize and learn from.

So, in that way, often times, primary relationships, the first thing to do is to sit with the discomfort, recognize what it is that is being triggered within ourselves, and then make a decision. Do I need more of this? Is there something more for me to learn?

Sometimes, behavior on the other person's part simply changes. Sometimes, not. So, that can be the answer when you get to the point where you think, you know, I think I've done this, and if there is no shift, even with communication, be it the boss, the group, a primary relationship, then at a certain point, you can just feel, and it's usually around your belly area. You just get a sense of okay, I don't need this anymore. I know this one. I know this lesson.

Like I said, often times, the shifts will happen just when WE get the lightbulb moment. Oh, this is just like growing up. Oh, this is just like when I was a kid. Oh, this is just like…

And, we recognize how WE'RE contributing to the pattern, and when we quit contributing to the pattern, the pattern is not there sometimes.

Thank you for the question. It's perfect in terms of this moment in time and what we are all working on, recognizing that relationships, again, whether it be a primary relationship, a work relationship, family, friends, groups, this is how we're learning. This is how our own stuff is getting triggered. This is how the lessons that our soul wants for our personality to experience in this lifetime, this is how the lessons get set up, how they happen, how we walk through them, how we get to the end of them.

So, thank you for the question. Is there anyone else with a somewhat general question? I'm looking for an energy. I'm looking for a question and I'm not quite comprehending what it is that the guides want to talk about for part of this time. Is there anybody with a burning question? I'm guessing the guide is sitting on somebody else, tapping them on the shoulder, saying, you, you, ask this question. Whoever is feeling like they have to ask a question, ask it.


3 Straddling the Past and Future while in Present Time (7:25)

Participant: Hi. The question I have is that I've been working on myself pretty intensely, and things shift in little ways, but the bigger things just seem to not be shifting. And, I'm moving out of situations and I've moved out of situations, and I'm feeling more fear having moved out of those situations than I know is good for me to be staying in them. So, now I'm kind of caught between the two, and physically, my body feels like it can't keep up with things. And things keep coming up and I have to keep taking care of them. It's very confusing.

Norma: Perfect. Perfect. Your situation is very common. What I'd like to do is I will address this and we're going to look at how each of us has&emdash;I want to say problems straddling the past, into the future, from this moment of the present time.

As you perfectly stated, how do you deal when you are feeling small changes happening and you're diligently working away, and yet, you're seeing bigger issues that apparently are not changing?

The body's vibration is the last one to shift, so we can mentally change pretty quickly. We can change in the heart. We can certainly change in the more subtle spiritual energies, but the courser, thicker, denser energy of the physicality of our bodies is the last to change. So, it's being subjected to both the past and the potential future at the same time.

4 Meditation Quieting the Mind by connecting the brain to the body (9:30)

With this in mind, what I'd like to do is a meditation to help each of us be right here, right now, recognizing the past, the potential future, but the importance of letting the physical body experience all the nourishment, all of the nutrition, all of the balance that it needs in the present moment so that it can arrive in the potential future.

So, if you would, just bring your awareness to your low back, to your hips, to your breathing. This is a very easy way to begin to enter into more of a meditative or trance state.

Feel your breath and feel the easy quality of breathing. We so often take for granted our own ability to simply allow breath to enter, but unless we're dealing with an asthmatic attack or some sort of cold, it's quite easy. If you simply allow the breath to leave your body, at some point, you will spontaneously breathe in.

And, when you do spontaneously breathe in, it's not hard. It simply happens, and the muscles that you use to spontaneously breathe in are most apt to be down lower in your body. This sort of response of breathing allows for the lower area of the lungs to expand, the lower area of the rib cage to expand, and therefore, organs, muscles that lie in the lower torso receive the most gentle of massage each time you inhale and exhale.

Just notice that motion in your low back, in your hips, in your belly. Notice the effortlessness that the breath has. What we're doing is simply using that great brain that we each have and now asking it to use its power to simply focus on the body. (13:10)

Here, in the Western culture, the body does more than just walk the head around. It really does. And, one way to help balance the energies we naturally give to the brain and the energies we give to the body is to tell the brain or tell the mind to focus on the body.

The physicality of the brain calms down when the subtle energies from the body are allowed to support it more fully. Perhaps, those with training would talk in terms of a shift in neurons or neuron transmitters. My sense is merely that the physical organ that we call the brain tends to fire more rapidly and erratically when it feels cut off from the physicality of the body.

By simply asking the brain to feel the breath, you're using that very power of the brain to create a connection between the body and the brain itself. In this way, you're forming the mind, that which truly has wisdom, that which can be silent, that which can receive the information that is needful from the surrounding environment.

5 Sacred Space Invocation (14:30)

Continue to focus on the breath and out loud, I'm going to do an invocation of sacred space that I will repeat and release at the end of our meditation.

Welcoming those nature spirits that vibrate at their level of unconditional love of the room to step forward. And, the related intelligences of nature, those intelligences related directly to the nature spirits of the room that vibrate at their level of unconditional love.

And, in the land beneath, the same. The nature spirits vibrating in the land directly beneath the footprint of that room at what they consider to be their level of unconditional love.

Welcoming, as well, the intelligence of nature that reflects, supports, and is imbued within those nature spirits. Letting them all step forward. Again, those vibrating at their level of unconditional love, the nature spirits.

And, the pure energy of nature, this wonderful grandmother energy, this quality of energy from within the first dimension, warm, soothing, flowing liquid. Pure energy of nature, the essence, the divine feminine matrix from which all of us, in all form, comes.

Letting all of these energies together create a sphere around the room. Letting that sphere reflect what they consider to be unconditional love.

In forming our bodies, in forming our brains, there is indeed complete and utter support from second and first dimensional beings with whom we have co-created this reality, this space, with whom you have even created the space you are in, the room you are in now.

Letting that sphere reflect what they consider to be unconditional love, and just allow your body to come into a state of even deeper rest. Letting the floor support you or the couch or the chair or the mattress. Allowing all that is in form to show you the support that it naturally has for you.

And from here, we welcome Archangel Michael. Michael, in particular, because the energy of Michael or Michaela, this energy has the ability to escort all other energies, beings, home or wherever the energy or being needs to go to now. Without forcing them to change at all, Archangel Michael, Archangel Michaela has the ability to simply open portals between all the different dimensions of our reality, and serve as an elevator shaft through which all other energies might travel.

Welcoming that aspect, that particular face, that quality of vibration to which each connects directly to Archangel Michael or Archangel Michaela at this moment. Welcoming that aspect to be present in the third dimension, in this moment of reality, and then just like an upside down pyramid, letting the Archangel Michael, Michaela's energies also become apparent to us in the lower dimensions, from the floor of the room, the upside down pyramid, simply extends down. (20:42)

As being in form, it is easier for us to conceive of dimensions beneath us, within Earth, as being beneath us and within Earth.

So, just allowing Michael's energy to become apparent to us in second dimension, as well as first dimension.

As Michael or Michaela's energy becomes apparent to us within first dimension, what we are sensing is that drop of essence of Archangel Michael and Michaela within that pure energy of nature in first dimension.

We each have a drop of our soul's essence within the pure energy of nature. For this reason, we are here. We exist. So, just letting ourselves have a moment of feeling how we co-exist, one with another, but also, with Archangel Michael, Archangel Michaela. Just allowing that sense of warm, flowing liquid, that sense of motion without motion. You already exist.

Archangel Michael, Archangel Michaela already exists within this pure energy of nature. And, from there, we have the ability to open a magnified conscious connection with Archangel Michael, Michaela's energies, not just in second dimension, first dimension, or third dimension, but in all those more familiar upper dimensions, and the connection is even deeper, even more profound, even more tangible, as it affects our physical bodies more greatly.

Letting Archangel Michael's energies share with us a conscious magnified awareness, not just how they exist within first and second dimension and third, but also, fourth and fifth and sixth and however many more upper dimensions you want to imagine.

And, similar to before, an upright pyramid from the ceiling of the room, letting the apex or point of that pyramid move through what we would know as the sun of our solar system, as if it were able to move through that sun to the central sun of our galaxy, and then even through that.

So, just allowing Archangel Michael's energies to move through the sun of our solar system, through the core of our galaxy, and enter into central sun.

Central sun, often times, being thought of as a quality of energy outside of polarity, outside of our reality.

And, in this way, with our intention, we welcome a conscious magnified connection to Archangel Michael that extends from the pure energy of nature, from the first dimension, the foundational quality of being here in our reality to extend all the way through to that point, just outside of our reality, that point beyond right, wrong, good, bad.

And, all those energies that are recognizing they are no longer in tune with your physical body have complete permission to exit now, have complete permission to simply move onto wherever they need to go to now.

They can see, sense, comprehend the elevator shaft that is Archangel Michael or Michaela's energies. They know where they need to go to. There is an innate intelligence within every single atom. Would it not be even more so that there is an innate intelligence within each subtle energy, energetic cord, within each bit of consciousness? There is an awareness of where that consciousness needs to go to.

Rather than trying to change that consciousness or put it some place or push it or shove it somewhere, by creating the safe space of nature at what nature considers to be unconditional love, and the safe space Archangel Michael, of the elevator shaft, through all the different dimensions. We've created a space here that is neutral, that simply asks, is this truly in tune with your physical body now? And, we genuinely ask the energies around your body to assess, is the vibration truly fitting to your physical body, right now?

And, as the energies around you recognize that indeed, no, their vibration and the vibration of your body are parting ways, then these energies have complete permission to move onto wherever it is that they need to go to now.

There is no right, no wrong. By invoking Archangel Michael, Archangel Michaela, you've simply given permission for the larger creative process to take over.

6 Our roles as co creators…Listen, then Speak (28:00)

So often, we've been speaking about our roles as co-creators. I, like many people, first heard about co-creation in terms of getting what I wanted, making my garden grow a certain way, making things materialize in my life, getting what I wanted. That didn't work out very well.

Eventually, it dawned on me that co-creative didn't mean that I'm in charge. The co-creative meant listen. Then, speak. Co-creative meant, hmm, nature spirits and intelligences of a room, if I need to use this room for a certain purpose, what colors, potentially, would be best for the way the sun falls in the room? How might the furniture be best organized if I connect the nature spirits of the computers, for example. What's a good way to organize things so that my body gets the least amount of radiation? (30:56)

Listening as part of our co-creative process is something that as humans is just barely beginning to dawn on us. Most of humanity, as they're awakening to co-creation, is awakening first within the context of being in charge, of telling angels and nature spirits what to do.

Within the context of the different dimensions, it is possible to feel, to sense a deeper neutrality beyond which the quality of angels becomes sometimes, less tangibly responsive and yet, more able to work on the bigger picture.

Guides and angels exist at many different vibrations, from parking guides to those qualities that we're invoking right now with Archangel Michael, Archangel Michaela. Those qualities, where our bodies feel safe and our bodies are so safe that it can release energies that, perhaps, we've been holding onto, to protect ourselves.

As we let go of those energies, there may be a sense of being more exposed, move vulnerable, more empty. The reality is that we're simply releasing that which no longer serves us. We're releasing energies that simply no longer vibrate in accordance with the very core of our own being.

And, just allowing that innate connection that you have to nature, as well as to Archangel Michael, to remind your body that it is safe. It is absolutely safe. There is a nourishment, a joy, an expansion that our physical bodies experience when we're plugged in, both to the nature, the lower dimensions, where we conceive of nature as residing, as well as the upper dimensions where we conceive of angels in heaven.

All of this dividing dimensions, as well as male/female, Michael/Michaela, these are simply ways that we have developed as humans to organize spiritual impulses that are beyond the capabilities of the physical brain to comprehend them, so we break down these spiritual impulses into ways that we can understand them.

Fortunately, the heart and the body do not need to have the level of comprehension that our brain needs to have. So, by invoking both nature and the angelic realms, the body has a sense of balance. And within this balance, the brain can come to a quiet space.

Within the body, there is a stillness, and that stillness in brain and in body assists the heart and the emotional realms to also have ease and expansion.

7 Our Soul's Desire resides in our High Heart Chakra (35:30)

When we have a lot of business in our life&emdash;sometimes, that business can just be external events, so many external events happening very quickly&emdash;when we have a number of external events, sometimes, our ability to fully process them is thwarted. It's as if the energies of the events, some of them get stuck in the heart space. We may not have huge emotions towards the external events. These could be a family birthday party. It could be news items that you heard last night. We may or may not have strong emotions towards any of this, but often times, there's just so much of it…so many events that our heart doesn't have a complete chance to process the emotions.

Again, we may not be aware of having a large reaction to something. Sometimes, there's just a bit of something that feels resonant to our own experience…a bit of sadness, a bit of anger, maybe an overheard conversation while out of public that reminded you of something. And, that quality of sitting quietly, right now, gives your heart space a moment to review, to feel what is needful, what truly reflects something that your soul wants to engage with, a memory, perhaps, and what of those energies was truly just passing by and it can keep passing.

So many opportunities now, to hear things, to see things that may or may not pertain to the journey that our soul wants us to have now. Perhaps, one of the main things we're all working on as a soul's journey is discernment…what is ours to engage with? What is ours to simply walk past?

We walk past people on the street all the time. We don't stop and say hello to absolutely every single person. It's okay. We just let them walk past while we're walking to wherever we're heading to. So too, with the energies that surround us nowadays in the world; what are those to engage with, that truly do bring about a remembrance of who we are, that truly do bring about a remembrance of who we are, how we are, the journey of our soul now. (40:34)

Here, in the heart, is one of the main places where we discern what is ours and isn't ours, allowing that heart space that vibrates at our level of unconditional love, that traditional heart chakra, the freedom to reflect unconditional love.

And, allowing the upper heart chakra, the thymus gland that sits just a few inches up above that in our chest, allowing that thymus gland that sits just above our heart chakras to reflect here, now, in this moment of time, the journey that our soul and our body are taking together. This heart chakra does not reflect unconditional love. It reflects unconditional like. It says, this is mine to engage with. That is not mine to engage with.

This heart chakra, the thymus gland heart chakra, this high heart chakra, based at the thymus gland takes all of that unconditional love from traditional heart chakra and tunes it. It tunes it into a fine laser beam that reflects the vibration of who we are now, what we are about now. It reflects how the portion of our soul that has the contract to be within our body right now wants to express through our body.

High heart chakra, thymus gland, reflects our to-do list in this moment, not in the past, not even in the probable future. Allowing the high heart chakra, the thymus gland, to reflect exactly the journey of your legally incarnating soul, right now, into your body. It allows the vibrational quality of your body to be very clear and all that is not in tune with your body can feel even more strongly that it is not in tune with your body.

There is no right or wrong here. There is simply an allowing, a natural division, what is at the vibration of your body as it's supported by your soul right now, and what is not?

8 Archangel Michael / Michaela &endash; Angels are neutral in gender (42.15)

One of the principle ways that Archangel Michael is shown is holding a sword. This masculine side of Michael is often interpreted as a warrior side, and yet, the sword, as I understand it, can be interpreted as simply a way of dividing something. So, this sword can symbolize simply the ability that we have to truly see, sense, feel what is ours, what is not ours. We each have this ability innately and we each have this ability regardless of whether we think of Michael or Michaela.

The female aspect of Archangel Michael carries this same sword. And again, we are only dividing it into male and female because that is how our brains interpret energies and interpret our reality. The reality is that there is a neutrality. The Archangel Michael's. The Archangel Gabrielle is Gabriella. All of the major archangels are simply energies that are neutral.

As they come closer to us, in order for us to feel them and interact with them, they naturally need to divide into male and female.

So, our quality of connection to Archangel Michael, Michaela, can reflect that sense of neutrality, as well as it can reflect the aspect of Michael or Michaela's energies that your body naturally connects to.

Our bodies are indeed conduits for heaven to talk to Earth and Earth to talk to heaven. Without us here, there would naturally be a gap. Each person in form, each person incarnating into a physical form creates an easier method for heaven to talk to Earth and Earth to reply to heaven.

Not only are our souls here to experience, to learn, to grow, but our souls are also here as part of a larger agreement to allow the energies, the consciousness, the beings that are in our reality and expressing themselves in other dimensions to be able to communicate with each other.

We think of ourselves, principally, as coming from heaven, from the upper dimensions, but as we touched into that pure energy of nature earlier, perhaps, it became clearer that your soul arises out of the pure energy of nature within the first dimension. Your consciousness exists within all the dimensions of reality, just as Archangel Michael and all the archangels exist within all the dimensions of reality. All that is in form has to exist in all of the dimensions of reality. Therefore, our abilities to act as co-creators extends to all those dimensions with which we have communication opportunities.

We can both listen and speak to those energies of nature, as well as those energies of the angels that we think of as living in heaven. It is only our belief systems that create an artificial division, say, if a consciousness lives in the fourth dimension or above, it is angelic. If it lives in the lower third dimension or below, it is of nature. (49:52)

In reality, it's simply a continuum of consciousness. We, as humans, happened to of incarnated into the third dimension. What I feel or call nature energies are just as angelic as their equivalent energies in the fourth dimension.

As we exist within first dimension, second dimension, third dimension, fourth dimension, etc., so too, those beings of consciousness that express as nature spirits or the intelligences of nature have a bit of themselves in other dimensions as well. Just like us, it's a very different vibration from one dimension to another.

9 Meditation to clear the 2 heart chakras and invite those guides and angels working with you now to be present. (49:00)

So, just allow your body to feel that interconnectedness that you naturally have to all the different dimensions of reality. You exist in all the different dimensions.

How is it that your soul, that portion of your soul incarnating right now, into your body, wants to more deeply embrace your body? Releasing out of the heart space, releasing out of the heart space of both the thymus gland and traditional heart chakra, all that is ready to be released. Releasing out of the heart space all that is ready to be released now.

Each and every thought, emotion, wondering that we might have, potential plan…each of these has a unique vibration or set of vibrations. How is it that your heart, traditional heart chakra, as well as thymus gland&emdash;how does your heart space reflect your soul's journey now?

Just allowing all those energies that are yours to fill the space of your body and to fill the space behind and in front of the heart spaces. Those heart chakras, behind, as well as in front, reflect who you are now, reflect your soul's journey now.

The guides and the angels that work with you from all the different dimensions, all those guides and angels reflect your soul's journey now, and all the guides and angels that have walked with you up until this point, that no longer reflect the journey of your soul, we can thank and release.

Thanking them for their service and letting them move into the energies of Archangel Michael, Michaela, the energies that create that lovely elevator shaft. They don't need to change or do anything. It is our sense of appreciation towards the guides and the angels that let them release.

And, it creates more space, especially behind us, for the guides and the angels that are perfectly in tune, perfectly in time with us now.


10 Song: O eterne Deus (O eternal God) (52:30)
composed by St. Hildegard of Bingen, from Norma's album Unfurling Love's Creation available on
iTunes, Amazon or her website




11 Completing the Healing (54:45)

So, in this moment, I would just welcome you to breathe into your low back, breathe into your belly. Feel whatever it is that you are feeling now. Stillness, space, and even the emptiness, it tends to indicate energy spaces that are just in tune with you, your soul, your soul's journey now.

Things that might feel hot or cold or staticykyor buzzy, these indicate energies that aren't in tune with you anymore, and they have absolute permission to go to wherever the energies need to go to. They have a journey to be about as well. The consciousness within them has another place to be.

So, as you move through the rest of the day and tomorrow and the day after, just continue to notice what suddenly doesn't quite feel right, and ask if it's really yours. All the energies, all the consciousnesses around us have seen the sphere of nature. They've seen Archangel Michael extending through all the different dimensions of our reality. If they're not quite ready to leave now, they may leave in dream state tonight. They may leave tomorrow. They may leave the next day. And, they may start leaving by simply beginning to shake themselves loose and that could feel like a bit of pain or a little bit of static or hot or cold or something just not quite right. And, they're just shaking themselves out of our energy field as a way of saying, let me go, let me go, I'm done, I'm done.

So, when you just ask, wait, is this really me? Is this really mine? You're really giving it permission to go.

The hardest thing to do is to remember if something doesn't feel right, to ask if it's really yours, really in tune with your body, right now.

And, as we exit now from the meditation, I just welcome you to take a moment to feel from within the heart what one word, symbol, or image would be useful for you to know about your next step.

Often times, rather than words, there's almost a warmth that arises from the heart and it may translate itself into a word or an image or a symbol later, if it hasn't already done so.

I trust that each of us, as co-creators, has taken another step towards listening to all that is around us before we speak to all that is around us. And, in this process of listening, we have come to recognize that first, we must be quiet. We must be quiet in mind, in heart, and in body in order to truly be receptive to the support that is already offered to us through nature, through heaven.

12 Releasing Sacred Space (59:20)

And so, we offer deep gratitude to the conscious magnified awareness of Archangel Michael that has been present with us through this meditation. (1:00:29)

We thank Archangel Michael's energies and we gently release our conscious magnified connection to Archangel Michael from the uppermost portion of that pyramid, from the ceiling of the room. Releasing Michael, the conscious magnified connection to Archangel Michael, Archangel Michaela, from central sun, from our solar sun, and all the way down through the various dimensions.

Of course, we maintain our innate connection to Archangel Michael in all the dimensions. In this fashion, we are simply releasing the conscious magnified connection to Archangel Michael, Archangel Michaela's energies.

And, releasing as well the energies of Archangel Michael and Michaela from the upside down pyramid that's been moving into second and first dimension, releasing the energies. Releasing those energies out of first dimension and second dimension.

Just allowing that upside down pyramid to gently release from our awareness, our conscious magnified awareness, thanking Archangel Michael, Archangel Michaela for this conscious magnified connection to how their energies express in first and second dimension.

Then, thanking and releasing the conscious magnified connection here in third dimension, letting Archangel Michael, Archangel Michaela step back into whatever relationship is appropriate to each of us now.

And, turning our attention to the sphere, all around the room, the uppermost portion of the sphere, held by that pure energy of nature. Letting that pure energy of nature cleanse and clear the upper portion of the room and of the sphere, any guides, angels, energies that entered through the pure energy of nature, through that first dimension, we thank and release as well.

Releasing the pure energy of nature from holding the sphere, releasing our conscious connection to it now, conscious magnified connection to it now. Again, we are always connected to that pure energy of nature. A drop of the essence of our soul exists within pure energy of nature, so we are always somewhat tethered to it, naturally. We are simply releasing the conscious magnified connection to it now.

And, releasing it from holding the sphere.

In the room, the nature spirits, nature intelligences…again, those vibrating at their level of unconditional love, the nature spirits in the room, vibrating at their level of unconditional love, cleanse and clear the room and themselves. Cleansing and clearing any additional energies that you're ready to let go of now. (1:04:22)

And, thanking and releasing them from holding the sphere, as we also thank and release the equivalent intelligences of nature that have been holding the sphere, there in the room.

We release them holding the sphere. We release our conscious magnified connection to them.

Land beneath, foot print of the room, nature spirits, nature intelligences, again, nature spirits, at their levels of unconditional love, letting them cleanse and clear themselves, the land beneath, the lower portion of the sphere.

The related intelligences of nature, we thank them, releasing them all from holding the sphere as we release our conscious connection to them.

And finally, I thank and release the conscious connection to each of you and to the additional guides and angels that have sat with us, to Michael, Michaela, and to all of the marrying energies that have also been present today.

May each of you find within your heart a deeper sense of compassion, gratitude, and blessing for all of your world.

My blessings to each of you as you continue your day, bringing who you are now, forward into all that you do.

-Norma, with the presence of the Three Mary's