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How to Use these Meditations
It is best to plan on lying down and resting deeply as you listen. Do not listen to these meditations while driving or engaging with other activities. The general pattern of these Meditations is to begin with an invocation of Sacred Space followed by a bit of information. Then we weave in and out of gentle meditative states. Your guides and angels will work with you during these meditative states and for several days after.

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An edited transcript is given below. This is not exact, nor is it complete. The audio version is meant as a healing meditation. The transcript is provided only for brain candy.

Meditation #55 from January 1, 2018

Navigating Chaos in a Sacred Manner
Meditative Insights and Healing Songs

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Empowering Yourself
Releasing other people's energies, including their guides/angels, especially from behind your navel chakra and lower back. This can help tremendously to relieve chronic pain and kidney issues.

Recognizing and Clearing Psychic Energies from Your Parents/Family/Spouse
Projection isn't just a psychological term. It is an accurate description of what happens when someone sends energy pictures, along with low-level guides to insist you believe their pictures, into your third eye, throat and low back space telling you to be who they 'think' you are.

These energy pictures typically accumulate in the front side of the 5th (throat) and 6th (third eye or forehead) chakras. The low-level guides tend to create congestion in the back of the head, throat and lower back. Guides from people who are telling you what to do and how to live your life tend to push into the back side of your navel chakra, often causing sensations of heaviness or immobility, along with discomfort in the low back. This part of the meditation helps you recognize guides and energy pictures you have received from others and release both the guides and pictures, and begin to generate the quality of energies around your throat, head and low back that your soul and body desire to have now.

When we are full of our own energies, it is very difficult for other energies to re-enter, and for energies that aren't us, to find a home within us.

download text as a PDF

from a live meditation given on January 1, 2018
Transcript (edited for clarity)
Navigating Chaos in a Sacred Manner
Meditative Insights and Healing Songs

Norma Gentile, sound shaman

1. Introduction
Chaos may appear to swirl around us in the world. But it is only those patterns swirling within our personal space that truly affect us. Recognizing the beliefs, emotions and energy patterns that lie on the periphery of our awareness allows us to complete whatever process we might have with them, and release them. This in turn allows our bodies to relax, our minds to think clearly, and our intuitive awareness to see that which is revealing itself to us now.

As we begin this meditation, find a quiet room where you can relax and be undisturbed for the hour. As we invoke the energies of Nature and Archangel Michael to consciously create Sacred Space at the beginning of the meditation, we will also release them at the end. If you can't finish the full meditation, be sure to jump to the end and release them from holding Sacred Space and release your conscious connection with them. This will avoid fatigue from maintaining energetic connections when they are not actively being used. You can find more about this phenomena on my website, on the Private Sessions page

2 Invoking Sacred Space
Feel the Space that you are in. Don't worry about laundry or stacks of things you may feel you need to do. Just notice the room. Our rooms are used for so many different things. It is important to honor that the Nature Spirits of each room reflect all the different activities within the room. For the purpose of this meditation, we want to invoke and invite specifically the Nature Spirits that vibrate at what they consider to be their level of unconditional love.

Those Nature Spirits of the room that you are in that reflect what they consider to be their level of unconditional love, we welcome them to step forward. And all the other Nature Spirits that reflect other activities can step on back, out of our awareness.

And the Nature Spirits of the land related directly beneath the room, beneath the footprint of the room, again, those that reflect their level of unconditional love, we welcome them to step forward. And into this we also welcome the Pure Energy of Nature. That Pure Energy of Nature is the Grandmother energy from which all form comes. Even the Nature Spirits refer to the Pure Energy of Nature as Grandmother.

And all of these together; the Pure Energy of Nature, the Nature Spirits of the room vibrating at their level of unconditional love and the Nature Spirits of the land beneath the room you are in create a sphere all around the room you are in right now. And as they create the sphere around the room you are in right now, that sphere tunes to their level of unconditional love.

Oftentimes, consciously creating an energy sphere around you tuned to the unconditional love of Nature, brings a sense of deeper peace and healing. When we truly relax, and become vulnerable, and allow the Nature Spirit energies around us to communicate more fully with our bodies, that alone can help our body remember a quality of vibration that it may have forgotten. Even one that it may not have felt free to experience.

It is difficult to allow our consciousness to fully expand when we are concerned with day-to-day activities. And so this is a time to just truly relax. A time to truly allow your body to be in communication with the Nature Spirits, with the Pure Energy of Nature, and be supported by these other energies with whom we share our world.

Into this I welcome that aspect of Archangel Michael that is present, supporting each person. That aspect of Archangel Michael that is present now, is often slightly different for each person. So where is that aspect of Archangel Michael (and you may know that energy by a different name), or that quality equivalent to Archangel Michael that would be with you now?

That quality of Archangel Michael can be present in the third dimension, and in all the other dimensions of our reality. We welcome that each person can see, sense, feel or simply trust that there is a magnified conscious connection to Archangel Michael being formed. And that conscious connection exists not just in the third dimension, but also in the second dimension and first dimension. It is as if there were an upside down pyramid going deep into the earth. And Archangel Michael's energy brings us eventually to an awareness of the Pure Energy of Nature that we utilized a few minutes ago to help create the Nature Sphere.

All of the essences, of every single thing in form in our reality…all of the essences of ourselves, of Archangel Michael, to the planet…these essences coalesce into that Pure Energy of Nature. Think of the Pure Energy of Nature as being the ocean, and one drop of your essence is within it, one drop of my essence is within it, one drop of the essence of Archangel Michael is within it, one drop of the essence of every animal, every person, every tree, every rock…the Pure Energy of Nature is the distilled essence of all of our reality.

And from here, Archangel Michael within this Pure Energy of Nature that lies within the first dimension, from there our awareness can open to feel Archangel Michael in all the upper, or so-called heavenly dimensions. Letting Archangel Michael's energy move through these more familiar heavenly dimensions, and you may notice something shifting with that…and then letting Archangel Michael anchor beyond right and wrong…beyond our reality, beyond our polarity.

And with Archangel Michael we also welcome an elevator shaft, or energetic tube, through which other beings, energies, thought forms, energetic patterns or hangers-on, or anything at all can move to go home. Archangel Michael's energies anchor from the first dimensional Pure Energy of Nature all the way up, past our sense of Heaven, past our sense of polarity. When Archangel Michael's energies move all the way through all the dimensions or qualities of consciousness of our reality, and when we are part of that equation, those energies that no longer serve us are free to utilize Archangel Michael's elevator shaft to move on. We do not need to do anything more than release them. Archangel Michael's elevator shaft moves through or intersects all the different dimensions, and so these energies are free to move through it and be about their own journey home.

When we are part of the conscious connection to Archangel Michael, the energies that might be in or around us, but no longer in tune with us, can utilize this wonderful inter-dimensional elevator shaft that Archangel Michael provides to go hone, or to go on to wherever else they need to go to.

3 The Process of Recognizing What We Are Ready to Release
More and more I have noticed that once we recognize that an energy that doesn't fit us, we let it go. But there are often intermediary steps before this happens. There are steps where things begin to not be in tune with us, and the consciousness within the emotion or the behavior pattern…the consciousness within the pattern already knows it is not in tune with us…we (our personality, the part of us that we feel is ourself) are usually the last ones to get that an energy is not in tune with us…we are the last ones to realize that a choice we have been making over and over again doesn't work anymore. In those intermediary stages, when the consciousness within an energy knows it is not in tune with us, but we haven't figured it out yet, that is where chaos occurs. That is where the energy pattern is trying to wriggle itself free and at the same time it is trying to get our attention. So we may have manifestations of an energy pattern causing symptoms of a physical illness that pops up and goes away and then pops up again…or things we can't quite tag, but sense that they are related to an emotion or a belief but we can't figure out what that is…or perhaps the emotion or belief isn't ours but we can't seem to shake off.

Sometimes it is as if the choices we are making aren't right, but we can't see any alternative choices…and so the more we choose what we have been choosing, the more we do what we have been doing, the more difficult it is to slog through the results of the choice. And this is only because the energetic consciousness within the actual pattern is trying to get loose, and trying to get our attention so that we simple let go of it.

One of the things I love to do is ask questions. So instead of assuming that a pattern is completely ready to go, I ask it questions. One of my favorite questions to ask when someone is experiencing an emotional difficulty or a choice difficulty or just feeling covered with something that is 'not them'….wll that is the question I have them ask of the emotion, feeling or sensation…'Is this really yours? Is it really all yours? Is it really all your responsibility? Is it really you now? Is it really all you now?

Oftentimes part of why we hang onto something, even though it is creating chaos in our life, is habit. And some of you noticed before the official start of the meditation that I was having trouble with the FaceBook live video feed. It froze. Three times in a row! And so, for today, the answer was to go with the phone connection that was functioning. Chaos would have been served had I continued to attempt to force a live video feed rather than turn my focus to the people, and the energies gathering that sought to be embraced into this meditation. If something isn't functioning, if something is not able to serve you, it may be time to let it go.

So let's feel into those aspects of choices that perhaps don't serve you anymore. What is it that you might be choosing to do that simply doesn't serve you anymore? And this is not to say that it is wrong. Simply that it does not serve. And when you feel something that simply doesn't serve anymore, begin by asking if it is really yours, now? How much of that pattern might you be holding onto out of habit? Out of security?

Sometimes we hold onto patterns because other people expect us to behave a certain way, especially family, or people we haven't seen in a while. They just send us little psychic pictures saying 'this is who you are and how you are.' Especially after visiting with folks that you haven't seen recently, it is good to take a moment and reaffirm who you are now, and how you are now.

Any choices or habits that you felt come back into your life during or immediately after visiting with family members or people whom you have not seen in a long time might be more related to how they remember you then to who you are now in current time. Take a moment now, and ask if those patterns or behaviors or choices are in current time, and do they truly reflect who you are now?

And it is OK for other people, to see us, as they can see us. If we were to insist that other people see who we are in the same way that we see who we are, in many ways we would be inflicting a healing upon them. People, including ourselves, always see others through their own lens of consciousness. So as other people have said things to you that didn't seem to fit, or have said things about you that didn't seem to fit, know that it is not you. It truly is just the quality of the mirror that you are holding up, and they are seeing themselves within that mirror. So it is perfectly fine and wonderful to let others have the experience of you that they need to have.

And it is perfectly alright to continue to be who you are.

This will eliminate a large percentage of energetic chaos. If your energy is not reaching out into someone else's energy field, trying to tell them who you are, then their energy cannot reach into your field insisting that you are who they think you are. It is OK for you to not reach out and insist that others see in you the qualities that you know exist within yourself. It is OK for them to see whatever they need to see in the mirror.

If your energy is reaching into someone else's energy field, trying to tell them who you are, then their energy can reach into your field insisting that you are who they think you are. By insisting that anyone see you as you see yourself, you open the door for their energies to enter your space. Each of us sees another according to our own beliefs.

4 MEDITATIONS to Empower Yourself

Releasing other people's energies, including their guides/angels, especially from behind your navel chakra, and from your lower back. This can help tremendously to relieve chronic pain and kidney issues.

Allow your breath to deepen. Deepen into your lower body and especially into the area of your low back. We spoke earlier of that wonderful Pure Energy of Nature. This is a quality of energy that can be very tangible when we are quite still. It is a quality of energy that allows us to tap into the nourishing, rejuvenating qualities, that allows us to tap into the lower dimensions. By lower dimensions I mean that quality of consciousness that exists within the Nature Spirits and Intelligence of Nature of the lower dimensions.

It is so difficult as humans, especially humans who have been born and raised in the Western Culture, it is so difficult to allow ourselves to feel what our body is feeling, and to allow ourselves to trust what our body is feeling.

It is so much easier to open our eyes and look around, trying to think our way through an issue. Now, I do make a distinction between reasoning and thinking. Thinking is the whirling of our brain. Reasoning is the mind comparing all the information it receives from our body, emotions and outer world knowledge. Reasoning leads us to Wisdom. Thinking keeps us trapped in the endless circle of sameness. In order to perceive that we have new choices in life we must reason, rather than think.

So as you are tuning in right now, continue to feel the quality of energies in your low back and low body. We started by looking at how we might be inflicting or insisting that other people see us the way we see ourselves. Just allow a person, or perhaps several people to come to mind. How are you insisting that they see you? Can you allow each person to see you in whatever way, whatever fashion, that serves their soul's journey? Let them see in you qualities that they admire, but also qualities that they stand in judgment of, that are truly within themselves.

It is so true that we see what we are ready to change outside of ourselves first. We always see in others that which we are ready to change. We always see it first outside of ourselves. This is true for qualities that may need 'a little adjusting' as well as qualities (or virtues) that we have not yet learned to honor and embrace within ourselves.

And feeling into the low back as we release those patterns of energy about having to be a certain way, whether they are self-inflicted, or whether we learned them from other people. Just releasing out of the low back all that is ready to be released, including guides and angels that may have helped us conform to certain behaviors and belief patterns. Continuing to feel into the low back and asking, 'where are the guides and angels that are perfectly in tune now?' 'Where are the guides and angels that reflect the quality of your soul in your body right now?' And these guides, these angels, especially around the low back, reflecting who you are now, and how you are now.

And how does your navel chakra want to be supported by your soul? (Yes, we have an energy chakra right at the physical navel) The power to move forward in life, so much of it depends on our navel and our navel chakra. How the energies move through your bodies from this area….

Now, just notice, don't change, just notice your breath. And we look down into the first chakra, and the legs and grounding. And we are just, again, as members of Western Culture pretty good about clearing and working with our upper chakras. But we are not very good at the upkeep and housecleaning of our lower chakras. We don't tend to think about charging the lower chakras, or paying attention to them.

So often looking at second chakra the assumption is that it is all about sex. And it is not. Second chakra, the knee chakras, and the fifth chakra in the throat; these three areas work together to help our body interpret, from our soul, the quality of ease, and grace and flow that our soul truly wants us to experience here, in the physical realm.

So when the second chakra is judged (as bad or wrong) we protect ourselves, and squeeze is tightly closed. Often our throat and knee chakras will also tighten and close down. Our ability to move forward easily and gracefully is stifulled.

So as we have tuned into the low back and the navel chakra, we are also tuning into the second chakra, the first chakra and our grounding. And asking, how is it that your body wants to connect to its own energies within the Earth? How does your own body, and the intelligence within your body, want to connect directly into that portion of the Pure Energy of Nature that reflects who you are now and how you are now?

Bring your awareness again to your breath. Don't alter it, just notice it. Feel the space around your navel and low back. Feel the space around the second chakra, located just under your navel. Where is that quality of ease and flow that is appropriate for you? How simple, how wonderful, how much fun and how much grace does your soul want for your body to experience now in life?

Here is a quality of energy that can move through your entire body. It can move all the way up and all the way down (your pranic tube and spine). The quality of flow and grace that your soul desires your body to have can manifest at second chakra. It can manifest at your knees, as you move gracefully forward without effort…moving in a fashion that is natural for you. And releasing out of the ankles and the feet, and the backside of the knee chakras all those patterns and energies that you soul and body together have discovered they no longer need. Releasing out of the backside of the knees and the ankles, all that is ready to be released. And just letting the chakras on the bottom of the feet continue to connect in whatever way is appropriate with all those energies within the Earth and within the Pure Energy of Nature that your soul and body recognize as being their own within the Earth.

5 SONG: Revealing Your Innate Grounding
Letting Your Body Ground as it wants to

Just allowing the Nature Spirits vibrating at their level of unconditional love in the room, to wick away all the energies that your body and soul have determined are no longer needful. Allowing all those energies around your head and neck and shoulders, all those energies that you have been carrying that you don't really need, to return to the guardian angel of the person they might pertain to.

6 Recognizing and Clearing Psychic Energies from Parents / Family / Spouse

So often when people see us, they try to put us back to the last time they saw us, or the last time they really knew us. I think the most common example of this is how often adult children visit with parents or family members they haven't seen in awhile, and the comment from the adult children is along the line of 'oh my god I feel like I am 14 again!'. Or "I can't believe my father didn't realize I could drive a car!' (This last comment coming from someone in their 30's).

It is difficult when people don't see each other regularly to keep up. But it is also very difficult when someone is insisting that their adult child is (or their parent, or spouse or friend) needs to be a certain way. And you can feel when that happens. Oftentimes there is literally a picture, or an emotional gloomy energy that appears in your space. As a psychic you may see something in your mind's eye, or may suddenly have an image flash through your mind that you discount or don't understand and so disregard. These are images that are being projected onto you by others. These images tell you 'no, you don't know how to drive' or 'you are only 14' or 'you can't do that', 'you don't know about that kind of stuff'.

Then there is the case of someone who may decide (and this is probably a family member, often a parent or spouse) that someone is in charge of having the emotions for someone else. (Typically a parent will be in charge of controlling the emotional environment, and one or more family members is charge of processing uncomfortable emotions by taking them on) Psychics, and even people who assume they are not intuitive or sensitive, experience a sense of deep heaviness when around a family with this energetic dynamic.

That particular person is very busy sending you emotional energies to process. These emotional energies are their own, as well as emotional energies pertaining to other family members. This is incredibly common. One way to begin to unwind this pattern is simple. When you begin to feel very heavy, tired or sleepy, and it doesn't make sense, try doing this. (Hint: emotional energies that aren't really yours usually come on very suddenly, often when you are engaged with family members, or during your meditating or when you are trying to gain insights into personal issues).

When you begin to feel heavy and sleepy, ask if the sensation of heavy and sleepy is really yours.

That is a very simple way to begin to identify that this sensation, and thus the energies causing it, are not actually yours. When you ask the sleepy or heavy sensation if it is really yours, you may notice that you don't feel quite so sleepy or heavy. Ask again, and again….each time you are apt to feel better. And after a few rounds, something may pop into your mind that helps you understand why you are allowing someone to place their emotional energies into your energy field.

This also works with feeling dull or depressed. You can ask the depression if it is all yours. It may not completely lift, but any change at all signifies that there are energies external to yourself that are contributing to, causing or magnifying the quality of emotional depression you are experiencing.

Both of these situations are examples where someone has learned to take on the emotional energies of someone else. There can be many reasons for this. But the starting point is always recognizing what pattern is wriggling around, trying to get our attention, so that we will begin to look at the pattern (we learned, or are engaging with) and ask (if the pattern of behavior) is really ours. And almost always with these types of patterns, most of it won't really belong to the person who is experiencing it. But there will be an underlying piece that is either ia tiny version of the same pattern, and so is attracting it from other people, or the equivalent of 'one side of a Velcro strip' is sticking out, saying 'sure, give me all the emotional energies you don't want to experience….I will take them on for you, and make you happy, at least for awhile.'

So that is one way, and one belief system that we might have that lets other people's energies gloom onto us.

As I have said throughout this meditation, the chaos we experience when something doesn't fit us, and it is ready to be let go of, (to depart), can be very substantial. Healing isn't necessarily getting rid of the chaos. Healing is looking at what is causing the chaos, and then asking how much of the pattern is truly us now. And simultaneously letting our bodies and auras, the space that we define as 'us', be filled more and more generously, with all those qualities of energies that reflect who we are right now. When we are full of our own energies, it is very difficult for other energies to re-enter, and for other energies, that aren't us, to find a home within us. As we fill ourselves with our own energies, it increases the chances that those patterns that don't reflect who we really are can go ahead and leave. There simply won't be that much room for them anymore.

And so just notice again where your are breathing from in your body. Notice your lower back. And one last time notice whatever you are noticing, and let it go. It can go to the guardian angel of anyone it belongs to, and you don't need to know who it belongs to! Just intend that the energy goes to wherever it needs to go to. It may move through Archangel Michael's elevator shaft to go home, or it can go to the guardian angel of anyone it belongs to…the consciousness, the intelligence within the pattern knows where it needs to go to, and how it needs to get there. Our role is to simply see it, observe it, and allow it to be freed.

7 SONG: The Bearer of the Star

8 Releasing Sacred Space
And so we come to a point of conclusion. With great gratitude we release the guides and angels that have sat with us. In particular we release any connections that have been formed with others during this meditation. Letting them continue on in whatever fashion their soul's journey would lead them, and that will allow us to continue on in whatever fashion our soul's journey will lead us. Letting each person in our life continue with their own journey, knowing we have changed, and they don't have to change.

And bringing into awareness the quality of Archangel Michael's presence. Thanking and releasing the conscious magnified connection to Archangel Michael throughout all the upper dimensions. Thanking and releasing Archangel Michael's conscious magnified connection in the lower dimensions. Letting Archangel Michael's energies step back into relationship with each person in whatever fashion is appropriate now and I thank and release my own conscious magnified connection with these aspects of Archangel Michael, present during this meditation.

And in the room, asking the Nature Sphere to wick away and clear any last bits of energies from the meditation within the room. Any last bits of energies relating to the meditation from beneath the room, and of course any guides or angels that stepped into assist us, we release them back to where they need to be now, in relationship to each person (so releasing any additional guides/angels that each one may have invoked or drawn upon during the meditation).

And just thanking and releasing the conscious magnified connection to the Pure Energy of Nature helping to hold the sphere around the room. Letting it step back from holding the sphere, and out from our conscious magnified connection to it. The Nature Spirits of the room, vibrating at their level of unconditional love, we just let them release from holding the sphere, and we release our conscious connection to them, and let them step back into relationship with the room in whatever way is appropriate.

And the Nature Spirits of the land beneath the room, vibrating at their level of unconditional love. Letting them gently release from holding the sphere, while we release our own conscious connection to them. Allowing them to step back into whatever relationship they have now with the land beneath the room.

And finally I release any conscious connection to those participating in the meditation, and just allowing each person to have the experience that their soul and body desire to have…knowing that change continues…energies continue to release…that wherever each of us is now, we will not be (in this same place of consciousness), even in a few hours.

Just allowing that change, the 'ah-ha', whatever information or insights is appropriate to come to you in the time and fashion that is appropriate. I release my own conscious connection to each of you. Namaste

Additional meditations and music can be found at my website, If you would like to support this series of meditations, please consider purchasing or gifting a music CD or enrolling in one of my online courses, which include new healing songs and meditations.

May you carry the blessings of this time into your own world as sacred service.