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Meditation CD #31 from November 11,,2011

Healing Meditations for Notable Days
Full and New Moons, Solstice, Equinox, Eclipses and December 21, 2011.

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  *includes the sound healing "Caught by Spirit", similar to those on Norma's CD Songs of Spirit

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On days which are considered to be sacred it is useful to take a moment to feel the old cycle which is fading away. Letting ourselves feel the grief and sorrow over old patterns departing lets there truly be space to receive the new patterns.

This meditation includes:

- releasing cords to processes that no longer serve your body
- a sound healing "Caught by Spirit"

and spoken meditations releasing energies corresponding to:
- cycles that you have already completed
- tasks that you have already done
- lessons that you have already learned

All of these energetic connections can be released out of your body. Your release of these connections will be reflected in the collective consciousness of humanity. This one way we take advantage of the heightened energies present during Full and New Moons, eclipses, Solstice, Equinox and other notable days.

LINKS to people mentioned in meditation:

Caroline Casey
Constance Demby

1 Introduction 

2 Invoking Sacred Space
Archangel Michael, the Pure Energy of Nature, Nature Spirits and Intelligences join you.

3 Inviting Your Angel/Guide into Your Awareness
Most of us have a sphere or portal of energy into our hearts that lies behind our physical bodies. This is where our Guardian Angel, Higher Self and connections to other healing energies most often occurs. Here is a meditation to open this portal, cleanse it, and then invite in the Angel or Guide most suitable to support you now.

4 Understanding what you are already sensing in your body
Besides picking up on other people's physical body issues, the telepathic ability of our lower chakras can also pick up disturbances and changes in the electro-magnetic field of the planet. These are the sorts of changes that many people anticipate will be happening over the next few years. For this reason it is particularly useful to be able to distinguish when the signals your body is sending to you relates to your own body, someone else's body or the planet.

5 Spiritually Significant Days
Many people are already directing their attention, and so therefore their energy, into the date of December 21, 2011. I wonder if the various days preceding this that have interesting numerical combinations serve as practice days for us. How do we energize days that are defined by someone as spiritually significant? How well do we create sacredness afterward the hoopla of a spiritually significant day has passed? Especially when we are receiving the energetic results of what was done? These practice days give us the opportunity to work with the larger energetic patterns that arise in ceremony and return to humanity when many people focus on one thing.

6 Collective Consciousness and Polarity
Outside of our reality there is no polarity. When the energies that we are creating in ceremony move out to the other realms or dimensions, the other realms perceive the energies in their entirety. They do not perceive someone wanting good. They simply perceive someone as wanting.
It is we who divide an energy into its good and bad aspects. The other realms do not perceive just the good, the calming or the joyful aspects of our ceremonies. They perceive the entire consciousness within ourselves, which includes those unconscious elements of fear, shame and all that we may not yet be aware of within our own selves. For this reason we often feel "out of sorts" in the days following a sacred ceremony.

7 Meditation: What is the will of your Soul?
Our soul has its journey upon the earth within our physical form. It comes through our entire body, not just our head. In fact, our soul wants to embrace our entire physical body, every cell and every atom, from our toes through our navel and into our hearts. Here is a meditation to do just this.

8 Sound Healing: Caught by Spirit
Norma sings a Song from Spirit accompanying herself with a schruti box.

9 Cycles of Change
The connection explored in this meditation between your soul and body simply helps you understand that no matter what happens external to yourself that there is always a still quiet center. There is always a place where Spirit and form meet within you. This place can never be changed, altered, or taken away from you.

10 Meditation: Releasing cords, processes, tasks and old lessons
Your release of these connections can be reflected in the collective consciousness of humanity. As you release, this serves as the slightest reminder to others that they too can release. As you change, the message of change expands out to everyone in your life. It is up to their soul and their body to determine what, if any, of this change they may want to consider. You need not wait for them. You can make changes now.

11 Releasing Sacred Space