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Meditation CD #14 from March 15, 2009

Honoring our Ancestors
and Inner Spirit
Songs and Meditations
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1. Introduction

2 Meditation Song
with Tibtan Bowl from Atamira (a Hathor guide). There is a desire within each of us to find that inner tone or quality that reflects who we truly are. We seek to find a place within ourselves that allows us to feel ultimately received. This internal space allows us to feel we are truly loved, just the way we are.

3 Releasing into Spirit
The quality of our expression into the outer world reflects the quality of our inner world. This inner tone or vibration is the quality that others sense intuitively.

4 Ubi Caritas et Amor, Deus ibi Est (chant and meditation) Where Tenderness and Love abide, There is God
Revealing those qualities of tenderness and love that are in our lives reveals where God or Spirit resides in our lives. Who we are is a reflection of that Spirit of God which vibrates, sings and lives within each of us. Let yourself relax and receive. Feel your feet and let the sound move through you. When you are ready, let your Spirit sing.

5 Our Ancestors and Our Spiritual Gifts
How is it that your soul has received the gifts of your ancestors, and fashioned these gifts into your own life's tapestry? How have you integrated what you see as a shadow gift into your life? Can you imagine that your ancestor's souls created these gifts, both of the light and of the shadow, just for you? And that your soul has chosen to receive them? In some fashion you have received all of these gifts, and made them your own.

6 O factura Dei &endash; a meditation song
The prophet within each of us knows that Spirit is present. This internal sense tells us that because we are present, God is present. And because God is present, loving tenderness abides for All. This song is also available on my CDs
Songs of Spirit and Healing Chants of Hildegard von Bingen

7. Final Thoughts