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Pan, Nature and Earth
Healing Together the Emotional Traumas of Humanity

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Dec 20
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Held on the last evening just hours before the alignment with Galatic Center and the 2012 Winter Solstice, we will offer stabilizing qualities of meditation and ideas.

Dec 23

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Jan 26-28

Richmond VA Sound Shamanism Workshop (sound, energy and healing) and Private Sessions (Myra, local contact)

Dear Friends,

The soul that we know as Gaia clothed herself long ago as the Earth. Those beings helping to weave her clothing, the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences, and the principle tailor, Pan, are portions of the many souls journeying with us now. Gaia's journey is our journey.

As we become more fluent to listening to the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of our space and the land beneath our homes, we also become available to steward and give permission for the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the Earth to release what they need to release now. In this fashion their consciousness is freed to move easily, and the physical form they support. our Earth, will more easily slip into our new shared quality of consciousness.

As we move into this next week I am aware of the intensity of energies, especially in the emotional realm, that are both a manifestation of our current astrological situation, as well as the magnification of these emotional energies caused by human fear. This need not be so. We are not the only beings who are changing. Gaia, the soul within the planet we call Earth is changing right along with us. So are the multitude of conscious beings, such as Nature Spirits, that live upon her.

We are developing an awareness of the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences in our rooms, the land beneath our homes, and our outdoor garden spaces. This awarenss will grow to encompass a larger healing process that the world is experiencing. This is particularly true in areas where an energetic web reflecting human emotions has been ripped apart, such as that portion of the web underneath the area of Jerusalem and much of the Middle East.

We will eventually be able to create meditations to re-weave these webs. But for the moment the emotional energetic webbing within the planet underneath the Middle East and other areas of tumult are highly populated by people and cannot be forced to close. They cannot be re-woven by our will. There are multiple reasons why the web has been torn in these places.

This essay (and the related audio meditation) begin to address one of these reasons by looking at how we humans interact with the planet, the Pure Energy of Nature, Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences, and Pan. This is a starting point.

In order to take full advantage of what is offered in this meditation, plan on being in a single location as you listen. You will be creating a conscious connection to elementals (Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences) within the room and the land beneath your room, as well as to other energetic consciousness available to you now.

This essay is based on a recent meditation which is available as a CD or mp3 download from my
podcast page. It includes an extended section working with the Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences, The Pure Energy of Nature and Pan. For those of you not familiar with these concepts, I refer you to Machaelle Wright. Her work in developing the concept of consciousness within what we call the lower dimensions has been invaluable. I recognize that much of this meditation was drawn through me utilizing ideas that I was exposed to through her teachings and writings. I would refer you to her book "Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered", available in my website's Bookstore.

Listen to excerpts from the audio meditation now:

Gaia clothed herself as the Earth

How you experience your own energy

Differences between Nature Spirits

Co-creating Sacredness
The Pure Energy of Nature, invoked here, has a great ability to help us heal issues with bones and teeth, as well as help our body access its ability to rejuvenate and regenerate tissue. It also serves as a means to deeply hydrate our cells, removing toxins that build up over time. It is known as a Divine Feminine Matrix, and yet has the ability to contain the Sacred Masculine, which is only now entering into our awareness.

Each of us connects in some way to an aspect of Archangel Michael. Michael is one of the four Archangels or four principle energetic (and psychological) archetypes of human consciousness. As such, Archangel Michael is known by many names in many cultures. I use the Catholic name for this energetic consciousness because it is the most common name in my own culture. This is an energy that helps other energies transport themselves. Michael's energy helps out-of-time guides leave, and out-of-tune emotional patterns move on.

Archangel Michael allows all those of consciousness to potentially reach their goal of evolution. This includes spiritual beings, guides and even those we might see as gray or dark beings. We often think of dark energies as something to get away from. Archangel Michael brings a new perspective of allowing all energies, no matter how we perceive them, to move onto wherever they need to go, so that they may continue to evolve and grow. Sometimes they just need to go home. Wherever that home might be for them.

This is a very different way of looking at the sorting and dividing process. In this case there is no wrong, there is just 'out-of-time' or 'out-of-place'. Archangel Michael assists energies or beings to move onto wherever the consciousness within them recognizes they need to go to next.

In this way, by invoking Archangel Michael, it takes the burden off of us. We do not need to know where something needs to go, nor do we need to know how it needs to get there. We become a steward, pointing out to energies the presence of Archangel Michael, and it is up to them to choose to move so that they themselves can continue homeward.

Practicing (and Proving) your ability to clear Yourself and Your Home
Clearing and releasing energies that imbue the furniture, files and piles in a room helps bring you into a new relationship with what surrounds you. Clearing out-of-time energies within a pile of old papers releases guides or angels that were in tune with you when you started the project, but that no longer reflect who you are now. As you release these out-of-time guides you consciously create space around you for up-to-date guides. This makes those dusty piles much easier to dismantle!

We get Stuck in Healing because we are trying to do too much
Often we are trying to heal what needs no healing. As psychics we are interpreting the energies of Spirit through our own brains. If we believe that something is not healthy for us, we tend to see it as dark. If we believe something is good for us, we see it as bright. In applying this to helping other beings or energies move, it is important to recognize the consciousness already present within them knows better than we do where they need to go. We have our own prejudices, and it is important to acknowledge this as a natural aspect of our human form.

If we can step back and unbind an energy (or energetic process, such as a situation) from our own perception of what it should do or how it should be, we give it the most freedom to evolve. Without our insistence that something resolve a certain way, it is more likely to work out in a way that allows the greatest amount of freedom for it to change and all the energies within it to go home. For us, and the rest of humanity, we can experience that same process as unexpected and very creative, and for our own issues to more easily resolve.

Grids of Nature's Consciousness
Typically energies that are in tune with a person will appear as clear in color to that person. There will be no motion, no weight, no static, no hot or cold sensations. Initially that can be scary, and experienced as emptiness. But in reality this clarity simply means there are no energies in your aura or body except your own energies. How often do you experience this clarity? Here is a meditation to help you do so now.

There is a difference between those Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences that make up an object that has been created by humans (wall, floor, chair…) and the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the land itself. Ultimately they are Beings that emanate from the same level of consciousness. Those in the room have allowed themselves to be acted upon by the hands of humanity. Those in the land respond to our dreams, our imagination and our desires.

There are grids of intelligent consciousness to which Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences belong. These grids can be quite large, reflecting geographic areas such as valleys and mountain chains, as well as social neighborhoods. They have long been holding the energies of emotion within our planet. These are emotions which have been shed by humanity, particularly in areas of physical trauma, such as battleground sites, but which we have been unable to process ourselves. Machaelle Wright speaks about this eloquently in her
Perelandra Garden Workbook.

What is actively at play now goes beyond those emotions held by the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences on behalf of humanity in battlegrounds or similar spaces. Rather, the emotions that they have held and are now beginning to release, we created when we chose to cut ourselves off from Source, God, or All That Is. In choosing to become Beings within this world of polarity, we had to cut off our ability to feel Source. If we could feel Source, wholly and completely, then when we looked at another human being, we would see Source, wholly and completely manifested before us. We would not have been able to manifest the polarized world of US and THEM.

We are not yet returning completely into the oneness we experience as Beings within Source.

There are many things left to be wrapped up here in this reality. Many things that we have learned from polarity need to move into other levels or dimensions of consciousness. Those many beings, guides and angels that are watching from other dimensions can only see bits and pieces of what we do. We have created the belief that they can see everything clearly, but they really don't. Just as we can only see them in fleeting moments and hear their suggestions when they bend down and we raise ourselves up onto tiptoe, so too their perceptive ability of our world is limited. The farther away from our third dimension a consciousness is, the less clarity it has regarding human existence.

It is each of us, each of our souls, that takes the lessons learned here in polarity with us into the other dimensions.

In this moment, we are in kindergarten. We are learning how the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the 2nd dimension see and support us, just as the upper dimensions see and support us.

Those grids of consciousness within the planet create the physical world that we interact with. The grid of consciousness that pertains to a mountain chain on the US east coast, for example, feels different from the grid of consciousness that relates to the Rocky Mountains. Each grid contains a unique blend of its own consciousness. These grids of consciousness underlay the foundation of our physical Earth, bringing unique qualities to each region.

These grids of consciousness also contain within them emotions created over millennia by humans living upon the Earth and interacting with these conscious grids. Remember, these are grids within the Earth, reflecting the consciousness of the 2nd dimension. There are also additional grids of consciousness that surround our planet, which interact with the grids of consciousness within the physical planet.

In some areas of the world, such as the Middle East, these grids within the Earth have been severed or torn apart. In part by the huge amount of human emotions they have been asked to carry, and in part by other forces at work within the Earth.

What is the Next Step?

The grids of consciousness in highly populated areas are under great stress right now. Those grids of consciousness that the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences maintain within the Earth have permission from humanity to release emotional energies as they need to release them. There are ways and systems already in place for the emotions of humanity to be released out of the Earth and out of these grids of consciousness. And as they move, we can allow them to move, trusting that they know where to go and how to go.

Sometimes we feel them as they start to move; waves of anger, distrust or fear. We grab onto them and express them through our bodies yet again, not realizing these are simply emotional energies trying to depart from our Earth. This of course keeps the emotional energies bound into our polarity, when it is actually their time to move beyond it.

One thing we can each do is to ask, "Is this really my emotion?" and "Is this really my experience, right now?" Particularly in highly populated areas these grids are needing to release long held emotional energies from humans. You can imagine that it is difficult for these energies to move out from within the Earth without also moving through some of the people living upon the land.

Meditation: Releasing Emotional Energies from Your Home and Land
For right now you can feel your room, and the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences beneath you. You can ask if they are holding onto anything on behalf of yourself, other humans, or energies perhaps from another time frame. You can give the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences permission to release whatever of these energies they, the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences, are ready to release. You can give them permission to release these energies knowing that the energies will simply continue upon their own evolutionary path, or move through Archangel Michael, or will be embraced by a consciousness beyond our knowing.

We so often think of energies as having to go up (to heaven, or to rise in vibration) in order to leave our awareness. But it is clear that the lower dimensions (which include the 2nd dimensional Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences) have their own system of escorting energies to wherever those energies need to go to. For this reason Archangel Michael's energies, which appear like a tube, extend down into the 2nd and 1st dimensions, as well as up into the more familiar 4th, 5th and upper dimensions.

There is an energetic consciousness which reflects the planet Earth that many people refer to as 'Pan'. And that quality of consciousness I feel not just beneath us, but also all around the Earth &endash; a grid of intelligent and reflective consciousness that surrounds us, just outside the atmosphere of the planet. Isn't it interesting that in polarity we want to say that if something is outside of us then it can't possibly be inside the planet at the same time. And yet it is!

As we move into the years of 2035 and 2036, our ability to comprehend apparent opposites as being related will allow us to access the consciousness that surrounds our planet as Pan and the conscious within our planet that is also Pan. Those Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences within the land are also a part of the consciousness of Pan, and so they have a resonance to the Pan consciousness that surrounds us outside of the planet.

As we continue into 2078, our souls will find a relationship with the consciousness' of Nature that make up our physical Earth as well as with her soul, Gaia. Even if our bodies are no longer present, our soul will maintain its connection to Gaia.

The soul that we know as Gaia clothed herself long ago as the Earth. Those beings helping to weave her clothing, Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences, and the principle tailor, Pan, are portions of the many souls journeying with us now. Gaia's journey is our journey.

Meditation: Where is your natural connection to Pan, Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the land beneath you and within your room?
As we become more fluent in listening to the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of our space and the land beneath our homes, we also become available to steward and give permission for the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the Earth to release what they need to release now.

Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligence and Nature overall have a consciousness within the 2nd dimension which allows them to receive and safely hold the emotions of humans when we cannot contain or process the energies that result from our emotional outbursts. Now it's time to allow those 2nd dimensional consciousness to release what they have been holding on our behalf.

We only get into trouble with this process when we, as humans, try to do too much. We may try to make something move that isn't ready to move. Or we make something that looks rather heavy and gray pretend to be light and bright. In healing it is crucial to allow energies to be however they are. They are moving to wherever the consciousness within them recognizes that they need to go. So dark energies may remain dark, and simply move onto someplace that we might also perceive as dark.

Releasing Pan, Archangel Michael, Nature Sphere
Thanking and releasing each element of our Sacred Space allows us to close those energetic connections. This brings our body and awareness back into the level of clarity and consciousness that we function at well.

Your New Clarity
Take an after picture of how your body feels, the space around you feels, and even the room that you are in feels. Energies that have been stagnant around objects or piles of papers often shift with this sort of clearing. This often allows us to feel like tackling some sorting or cleaning we have been putting off doing.

In most cases you will notice a clarity and silence in the space of your aura. In part this relates to energies that don't fit you being stewarded away and onto wherever they need to be. Therefore the space, including your own energy field, now reflects you more.

A deep stillness within your physical body relates to releasing emotional energies held by the grid of consciousness within the land beneath you and those emotional energies pertaining to you in this or other lifetimes. As humans, we each have the ability to connect into Pan, Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences. We can do it with the quality of consciousness we access during meditation, or by addressing emotional issues in our lives. Each time we get a 'light bulb moment' of enlightenment in this lifetime we are helping to release emotional energies from this lifetime as well as any other lifetime where we had a similar emotional experience.

It is nice to know that as we do our own work in this lifetime, we are helping to release chaotic emotional energies from within the Earth. And as we do this, we assist Gaia to move her body into her new level of consciousness.

My best to each of you,


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Healing Together the Emotional Traumas of Humanity

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1. Gaia clothed herself as the Earth

2. How you experience your own energy

3. Differences between Nature Spirits

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The soul that we know as Gaia clothed herself long ago as the Earth. Those beings helping to weave her clothing, Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences, and the principle tailor, Pan, are portions of the many souls journeying with us now. Gaia's journey is our journey.

As we become more fluent to listening to the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of our space and the land beneath our homes, we also become available to steward and give permission for the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the Earth to release what they need to release now.

1 Introduction
2 Co-creating Sacredness
3 Practicing (and Proving) your ability to clear Yourself and Your Home
4 We get Stuck in Healing (because we are trying to do too much)
5 Grids of Nature's Consciousness
6 Meditation: Releasing Emotional Energies from Your Home and Land
7 Pan
8 Releasing Co-Creative Connections
9 Your New Clarity
10 Conclusion

You may notice a few seconds of missing sound happening a few times in the middle section of the meditation. Be assured the meditation picks up again within a few moments. An essay based on this meditation can be found as the
December 2012 newsletter, and may help you more fully understand the concepts and meditations offered here.


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