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Original Latin Text

texts from the chants of
Hildegard von Bingen

de Sancta Maria
O tu illustrata

O tu
illustrata de divina claritate,
clara Virgo Maria,
Verbo dei infusa,
unde venter tuus floruit
de introitu Spiritus dei,
qui in te sufflavit,
et in ten,
te exsuxit,
quod Eva abstulit
in abscisione puritatis
per contractam contagionem
de suggestione diaboli.

Tu mirabiliter abscondisti in te
immaculatam carnem
per divinam rationem,
cum Filius dei
in ventre tuo floruit,
sancta divinitate eum educente
contra carnis iura,
que construxit Eva,
integritati copulatum
in divinis visceribus.

This text is derived from the Wiesbaden manuscript.


English Translation

texts from the chants of
Hildegard von Bingen

O you, illumination

O you,
illumination of clarity divine,
brilliantly clear, wholly complete,
Virgin Maria,
infused by the Word of God,
your womb flourished
with the Spirit of God,
gently breathing into you,
and you, exhaling away
that which Eve,
breeding infectious suggestions
from the devil's whispers,
ripped apart from the whole.

By divine design,
you miraculously cloaked within yourself
the immaculate body
of the Son of God
flowering in your womb,
and sacred Divinity arising from you,
against the rules of the flesh
constructed by Eve,
but in integrity,
drawing out the divine
in the human heart.

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