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a concert for
Winter Solstice
or Christmas

I offer this time of deep stillness to plant the seeds of inner creation. If you wish, you may place personal items on either altar. This is a time for meditation and reflection. You may wish to relax and close your eyes, or meditate and join in some of the chants by droning. Please participate as you feel most comfortable.



Sample Program
of chant by Hildegard von Bingen

Ave, generosa / I behold you, noble woman

Ave, Maria / Behold, Mary
Caritas / Loving tenderness
O rubor sanguinis / O redness of blood
O eterne deus / O eternal God

O virtus Sapientie / O true Wisdom
O Pastor animarum / O shepherd of souls
Cum processit factura / With substance created
O clarissima Mater / O luminous shining Mother
Kyrie / Creator of Life

There is a special feel to this time of year for me. It is as if a part of me slows down, and like a lake that freezes placid, still and clear, I can see very deeply into the many layers of myself.

Tonight's program is aimed at creating that timeless stillness, which for me leads into a void. It is a womb space which all people share. It is a creative vortex which interpenetrates our physical bodies and magically weaves the outer manifestations of our daily life.

The Divine Feminie is the chalice, or Grail of this seasom of Winter Solstice. The biblical three Marys illustrate the trinity of the Sacred Feminine. The mother of Jesus, supporting and nurturing new growth in herself stands as a symbol of creative power which we all share. There is the Virgin, whose meaning in Biblical times was of a woman who was whole within herself, one without ties of children. And the Sacred Lover, passionately embracing the infinite possibilities of the physical realm as a means of furthering Creation for Spiritual purpose.

All three of these aspects are reflected by Hildegard in her songs dedicated to Mary. There are points of deep stillness, others of sensual display, and many passages evoking that sense of wholeness and power inherent in each being.