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How Death Connects Heaven & Earth
Insights from Mary and sound healing videos

Dear Friends,

This newsletter is a bit different in that the insights are quoted directly from the Divine Feminine consciousness I perceive as Mary. While I am always listening to Spirit (as no doubt you are too) this information came as a result of my wondering how large numbers of people dying at once might be of service to our Spiritual journey.

Related healing songs are offered on my
sound healing page. Please note that I will be offering a Meditation Concert of similar songs in Ann Arbor MI (Dec 3​) and will be in the Chicago area and availble for in-person healing sessions the weekend of Nov 18-19​. I may also offer a workshop on playing Tibetan bowls for Meditation and Healing in Michigan this fall. Please email if you are interested in participating.

a note from Norma:
The Three Marys reflect the combined Divine Feminine energies of the three women named Mary within the standard Bible. Mary Magdalene is usually the most prominent, and her energetic voice is often felt by readers.

"When you are present within the world and express yourself fully, you become our purest form of pleasure." 

from the Three Marys
You who are in form, and we who are not, are inexorably connected. What happens to anyone of us happens to the other. Just as you on earth continue your journey as Spiritual Beings in the form of a human, we who appear to you as light and sound, and who are also Beings of Spirit, journey alongside you now and always.

When chaos reigns externally in your personal life, or upon the Earth, we feel it too.

What you experience as external chaos creates an internal pressure to find your stillest, quietest and most sacred center. As that still quiet center is found more and more frequently by more and more of humanity, the quiet within you generates a quality of energy that permeates not only yourself internally, but your external world. This is the loudest silence. In this way chaos hears the quiet within each one, and its fabric begins to be re-woven into the new, more cohesive pattern. You perceive this pattern as peace.

We who appear as external to humans feel this quiet and find delight within it. Creativity reigns within it. When you are present within the world and express yourself fully, you become our purest form of pleasure. 

Ascension and Earth Events
Each time a soul rises to heaven it is met by its entire soul family. This channel often experiences what you call 'crossing over' and senses one soul stepping forward far enough into your world to be 'seen'. Behind the one soul she senses a large group of souls anticipating the return of their dear one's soul to them. We would like to share with you the importance of this process as it relates to the Earth Changes that are most probable for your near future.

Whenever large numbers of souls leave their bodies and return to their natural state of Spiritual energy, both Heavenly (upper dimensions) and Earthly (lower dimensions) are involved in the process.

When large numbers of souls drop their physical forms, you as humans look upon this as tragedy, and are often consumed with grieving a perceived loss of life. Beyond the expression of grief, your gaze upon the event can become one of attentive compassion. The opening of so many portals between Heaven and Earth so that family souls might move into earthly view allows an out-pouring of heavenly energies to reach deep within Earth. This happens whenever there is a large occurrence of physical death. We see it as an opportunity to open our heavenly embrace to Earth and to other humans continuing to reside upon the Earth.

The out-pouring of heavenly grace is always met by an in-pouring of earthly grace. 'As above, so Below'. Your compassionate gaze allows for a resonant remembrance of your own Spiritual nature. And the Earth herself vibrates with Heaven.

When someone passes from their human body, their soul appears to pass up into what you call Heaven, or the upper dimensions. What you in the western cultures will learn over the next decade is how to honor the other half of the Ascension process; how your soul returns to its lower dimensional or Earthly home.

Just as that aspect of your heavenly soul returns to Heaven so too the aspect of your soul that appears to you to reside within the Earth returns to the lower dimensions. Your soul both Ascends and Descends in its infinite cycle of reincarnation and rebirth. And as your soul moves into Heaven and Earth, it creates small ripples of change in both heavenly and earthly dimensions. With the passing of each Soul from form back into Spirit, the connection between Heaven and Earth is created anew.

When large numbers of humans drop their earthly bodies at the same time, the opening from Earth to Heaven and Heaven to Earth is deeply magnified. If just one soul's Ascension/Descension process can bring change to both Heaven and Earth, imagine the effect that many soul's movements can have upon all the dimensions. Substantial change occurs as a result. Realities can shift. But humans are not yet aware of how to consciously allow for the most loving outcome of such events.

Remember, the vibration of your physical world is always affected by both the upper dimensions of Heaven, and by those invisible (to most of you) lower dimensional earthly energies. All beings in all dimensions talk to each other through your third dimension of form. This communication is amplified when many humans cross over simultaneously. Pay attention. As you can, allow yourself to not be drawn into the reactive emotions, but to find that stillest, most quiet place within yourself. From here a deeply creative impulse moves through you out into your world of seeming chaos. Your sill heart touches all Beings in all dimensions. And vise-versa.

As this channel well knows, the role of prophecy is most often to avoid what can be learned in a less harsh manner. Severe earthly changes are most apt to occur in the spring (May) of 2018, the late summer of 2018 and progress into the fall of 2018. These will create numerous opportunities for large numbers of openings between Earth and Heaven. Do not be afraid. This is a process reflecting your ongoing relationship with All That Is.

What is it that your heart most easily opens itself to in joy?  As you find this you will find your path. Do not seek safety in your physical world. Seek expression.

Regardless of what happens externally, continue to enter into the quiet place within yourself. Your attentive presence here allows all of us to speak with you and manifest creativity through you out into your world.

The most important thing to remember is that the progress of your soul in learning its true and unique expression through the human form can never fail. No matter what choices you make. Or what others choose to do.

Your soul is your unique and ultimate expression of both Heaven and Earth joining together. As your physical form progresses into and through the world all that you are meant to create from your Soul is made manifest. All that your joy expresses becomes available not just to you, or to other humans, but to all of us, in and out of form. All within the spiritual realm value and benefit from your creative expression while in human form upon the Earth.

Sing with your voice, dance with your feet, paint with your hands, and celebrate with your eyes all the beauty, grace, power and glory that is available to you now.

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Patience, Guidance & Acceptance

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Remember that any energy in your body or aura that is not in time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising in the physical body, emotional overwhelm, and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. (and yes, we can address life issues as well in the session).

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what has not (yet) come to pass
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Meditation #54 from August 4, 2017


- Sacred Space Invocation
of Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael
- The Earth has only loaned you its atoms
in order for you to create your body
- Clearing Our Newly Emerging Chakras in Heart and Solar Plexius from past beliefs, guides and intensities.
- Why and How to Release Beliefs and Behaviors (and old guides and angels)
- Brain Chatter Release
(clearing 6th and 7th chakras)
- Connecting the two Heart Chakras (knowing what is yours to do


& more information

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