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2nd February 2010 email Newsletter

Asking Questions
Honoring Spirit in the Healing Process (and in Haiti)
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Dear Friends,

Ryan McCrory, who is working in Haiti on behalf the
Haitian Sustainable Development Foundation wrote me regarding my comments in the February Newsletter. I want to share it here, and also suggest that you have a look at the foundation's website for their ongoing projects.

Hello Norma,
Thought that you would like to read this letter I wrote about Haiti yesterday. Your take on Haiti is very true and I see that the changes that are happening are in line with a new paradigm and way of bringing relief to Haiti. Thank you for your help on the levels you are working.
Got to go,

Hello everyone,
Wow, day one in Haiti, and I am amazed once again by the incredible spirit and resilience of the the Haitian people. Driving through the streets I see houses crumbling, cars crushed, people walking around with amputated legs, and many of the stories you hear on the news. But what strikes me most is the way that the Haitians have managed to shake off such a huge catastrophy in such a short amount of time. They are smiling as usual, beaming with light and joy, and reverence for god. Thanking god for the fact that they are alive. People are organizing, volunteering, and getting what needs to be done at the grass roots level. Singing in the streets, joking in the streets with smiles stretching out as wide as their hearts are large.

There are definitely places, like Kafour in Port-Au-Prince, which have been lacking in medical, food, and water supplies. Loads of relief aid have been locked up at the airport, and the UN compound, and there is still a sense of exhaustion in the air from the lack of sleep, nutrients, and hydration. But I have never seen so much organizing and hope for great change! It enlivens my spirit to know that people with so little, under the most intense situation that humans can imaginably endure, are still going through their day without complaints, with great courage, and strength.

I am blessed to be able to experience this and be part of their incredible culture. It makes me feel like anything that comes my way is just okay, and reminds me that tomorrow will always be there, with the ability to change what was yesterday. They know how to be in the moment, present with their hearts wide open.

It seems as though I am going to be helping organize aid relief coming in boats to Jacmel at this point. But, I am in contact with many of the smaller NGO's right now who have come together to help bring some organization to this chaotic situation. It has been something that has needed to happen for a long time. There is a Haitian proverb that says, men anpil chay pa lou, many hands put together makes the load less heavy.¬Ý In these times this proverb is shaking through the Haitian people and through the organizers of the country. Great change is coming and has come. It will be a long road to recovery, but the ground work for this new kind of Haiti is here, and will be here forever.

Thank you all for supporting me and being part of this recovery,
With love from my heart and the hearts of Haitian people,
Ryan McCrory

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