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Las Tres Bellezas

The Three Beauties:
Creating Sacred Space with Music

by Norma Gentile

Sound Healing:
Three Beauties Create Sacred Space
(this is the song that is currently playing when you open my website

This month I share a song from my CD, Songs of Spirit, and a bit about what it does and how you can do this yourself. If you are listening now, you may already be sensing something happening in the room around you. It is not the notes I am singing, bur rather the underlying communion that I experience as I sing, that allows energies to shift. And anyone can do it.

In this song, you will notice three sections. At first, you hear only my solo voice, then I am joined by a Tibetan bowl, and finally a section where I alternate between high and low tones. As I sing each segment, I am asking the various elements of the room, the land that supports it, and the pure energy of Nature (the Divine Matrix) to step forward and participate with me.

The Three Beauties of the song's title refers the three elements that create a Sacred Sphere around any room, and let it become a sacred place. Anytime, anywhere that we choose to, we can create and enter into Sacred Space. By inviting these three elements and recognizing their presence, we honor and ask for their assistance.

-The Pure Energy of Nature
-Nature Spirits and Intelligences of the Room
-Nature Spirits and intelligences of the Land beneath the Room

As you listen to this song, be aware of the sphere that is being called forth from around the room you are in. If you are outside, the sphere will be created using your physical body as its center.

When I am channeling or healing, I always use this sphere, along with Archangel Michael's octahedron. Together, they create a space, a sacred container, that is safe. Energies and entities feel Michael's presence, and know they can go home through his energy, so they release from the body more easily. Other energies feel the presence of Nature, and move home into her lower dimensional arms.

I must honor and point out two main teachers who provided me with parts of this healing design. Machaelle Wright. ( who demonstrated to me the tangible presence of Nature Spirits and their willingness to provide what we ask, and Drunvalo Melchizedek ( It was at one of his Earth/Sky Workshops years ago that I saw Archangel Michael's octahedron and the Sacred Sphere that I ask Nature to create with this song.

It would be a long story to describe all that I am indebted to Drunvalo for. Suffice to say here that over several years of working with him what I knew intuitively about healing was validated. I recognized myself as partners with both Spirit and Nature, and placed myself more accurately into the larger design of life.

As a healer, I am a steward for energies. As a singer, I am also a steward for energies. I ask questions of each energy that presents itself, and allow it to move onto wherever home is for it.

Healing, non-violence, and the Dalai Lama
Just as the singing in the song is gentle and easy, so too the healing and releasing of energies is gentle and easy. I've never found success in forcing healing or change. Last weekend the Dalai Lama, in a teaching he gave here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, spoke about compassion and non-violence. I see this as applying to energy healing as well. While one doesn't usually consider energy healing as being 'violent', pushing or forcing any change creates a karma of violence.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, stated that change brought about by violence always created karma. And not the kind of karma your body wants! Additionally, change brought about by force never lasted. Whatever was achieved by violence would undo itself or be changed again by more violence.

In my experience change is another word for healing. Healing happens because change happens. Violence externally is usually matched by internal turmoil. According to the Dalai Lama, change brought about by non-violence was permanent, and had no ripples of karma. This type of change simply 'becomes itself'. Change, or healing, brought about by non-violence is slow. The human of course prefers much faster and seemingly simple solutions. These however require what I call 'ironing out' the creative spiral into a straight line. This usually means pushing and shoving things around in a manner that ultimately leads to violent behavior.

Pushing or pulling at an energy or person to release or change is equivalent to the pushing and pulling of violence. Asking the soul or energy what it wants, and listening, opens the doorway to a compassionate, and lasting healing experience. What changes through compassion will not change back. What changes through force, even the tiniest of force, will not last. For this reason I use questions, rather than statements in the healing process.

Let Nature Spirits show us their level of unconditional love
During a healing a few months ago, I heard something interesting from the lower dimensions of energy that support us. The Nature Spirits and Intelligences of a room reflect all that happens in the room. There is no guilt or shame in watching TV or having an argument in a space. You may also purchase a home that needs a bit of cleansing. For this reason, I see the Nature Spirits and Intelligences of a space reflecting all that happens within the space &endash; from very heavenly to very human!

When asking Nature Spirits and Intelligences to participate in the healing sphere, I ask that just those among them who vibrate at what they consider to be unconditional love step forward. This is not the level of unconditional love that I as a human know, but a level beyond my understanding.

As I let these lower dimensional beings show me what they consider to be unconditional love, I feel a gentle shift and greater ease in my body and in the room. They can show me a level of love not limited by my human concepts. They speak directly to my body, and my body feels the sensation of unconditionally loving support without the boundaries imposed by my mind or the emotions within my heart. It is a sensation that opens my heart and mind, but starts from my body feeling the sensation of clear, unconditional love.

As a healer and channeler I was unconsciously steered to heaven and away from earth.. But earth is the other half of the potential healing energies we have available to us. For this reason I always call in both the heavenly side with Archangel Michael, and the Earthly side with this sphere. Whether it is in phone sessions or in person or in a concert, this is the fundamental piece that let's us embark into a time of healing.

You will find more information about this process on my website, and yes, the song to call in Archangel Michael and continue with this healing process is also on the CD,
Songs of Spirit,

Please also remember this truth; when you open the door to Spirit, whether it is guides, angels or Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences, it is up to you to release them. Remember to thank them for visiting, and let them go onto wherever they need to go.

My best to each of you,


listen now - (The Three Beauties)

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