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The Sound of Love

El Sonido del Amor
by Norma Gentile

reprinted from
Listen to Sound Healing Here

a note from Norma and Archangel Michael on the gift of sound and healing here on Earth

Our bodies are like the trees of the forest.  Our roots are meant to run deep into the Earth.  In this way as we chant or sing we have the foundation needed to stand up into Spirit. 

We can stand tall when we are able to push down fully into Earth.  Without going down, we cannot move up.  Without breathing and using the muscles and lower areas of our lungs, we cannot fully engage with the creation of sound.


from Archangel Michael:

"Sound is for you a gift from the Angelic realms.  Those who minister and live amongst you who hear the tones of love in silence know this gift.  The crude sounds of your world are but a muddy reflection of the glorious timbres of creative tones we exist within.  Yes, each of us exists within sound.

"Here is the gift to humanity which you [plural, meaning many of you] bring; that through sound you create a seat in which guides and angels might come to rest in your world.  It is as if the portals of the worlds open, and your sound is a brightness of light which we follow.  Curiosity is not limited to humanity!  What beings can create such brilliance, and not yet breathe this same brilliance into their hearts?"

Because we are in physical form the sounds we make can come into the physical world.  Without a body, how could we be audible here on Earth?  It is our body's presence that allows the inner tone of Spirit that we each carry to be heard within the physical dimension of the Earth.  This inner tone of Spirit is carried out into the world both in our speaking and singing.  Whatever sounds we make carry our unique inner quality of Spirit into the world.

For me sound healing isn't about putting something on our bodies. Our body knows its own tone already, just as the trees, the sun and the earth each know their own tone or song. It is about revealing the inner tone, vibration and quality that is already within each of us.  And in turn letting this quality that is already within reveal even more of who we are to ourselves, and how we are at ease expressing who we are out into the world.

There is a desire within each of us to find that inner tone or quality that reflects who we truly are.   We seek to find a place within ourselves that allows us to feel ultimately received. This internal space allows us to feel we are truly loved, just the way we are.

We each seek the love of God, and find it already nestled inside of ourselves.  Music reminds us to look within our hearts, for the All That Is resides there already.

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