Weekend Healing Retreat
with Norma Gentile
featuring chanting, toning, breath work, gentle yoga, table work, meditation, self-clearing techniques, channeling methods and individual attention

Thursday dinner (6pm) to Sunday afternoon (3pm), March 17-20, 2005

Cost:$633, includes organic live food, tuition, and shared accomodations. Add $75/nite for individual lodging

LOCATION:Oceanside Mansion. We have exclusive use, including the beach a several acres of land>
FOOD: Primarily Living Foods,meaning fresh fruits and veggies and sprouted grains with nuts and seeds, with alternative dishes if needed. Please include food requests and lodging requests with this application.

To Register
For CAPE COD:: Mail this application and a deposit of $325 to Kathie Filsinger, 18 Belmont Street, Beverly MA 01915. QUESTIONS? omikaya@mrisp.com or 978-337-4686




Mailing Address:




What types of previous healing experiences or training programs have you explored?


On the average, how many hours per week do you spend offering healings to others or treating clients?


What sort of modalities do you use? (talk therapy, massage or touch therapy, energy healing....)


Do you agree with these statements?

Healing comes from within. I alone am responsible for my healing. I will take responsibility to receive healing support from others before and after this weekend in order to continue my own integration.

I understand that this weekend will facilitate my personal healing process, and allow me opportunities to become more deeply open to assist other's in their own journey. I understand this is an experiential weekend. I empower each person to bring their gifts and talents, and I support the growth of all those attending.

I recognize that this intensive takes place in sacred space. The techniques that are shared may be pased onto others. Any personal revelations or intimacies I will hold in my heart, in this sacred space, as a silent covenant.


I agree to the statements made above




For additional questions please contanct the sponsor of each intensive listed on the Itinerary. If you are unsure, email info@healingchants.com

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