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I offer Healing Concerts of chant, teach Sound Healing Workshops and share Individual Healing Sessions.

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Healing Chants
P.O. Box 971020
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Norma Gentile
is a recording artist (Master's in Voice ), channel for the Hathors. and energy healer. Norma 'lays' the healing energies into her voice, and teach others how to do this themselves.

Live Sound Healings

from Norma Gentile
and her Hathor guide, Atamira

Sound Healing for fall, 2003
Live Sound Healing Meditation to balance the enteric nervous system (hara and lower chakras) and the new energies that Gaia is becoming.

(complete) 37.5 MB

--In parts--
Kyrie Eleison 4.5MB
(music of Hildegard, Norma and a Tibetan Singing Bowl)

Releasing 4 MB
(spoken meditation from Atamira)

Sicut Deus 4.3 MB
(Atamira singing through Norma, spontaneous chant in Latin)

4. O tu illustrata 9.9 MB
(a chant by Hildegard, evoking the Om Tara chant)

5. O rubor sanguinis 2.6 MB
(chant by Hildegard, evoking stillness, sung by Norma)

6. Gathering Blessings 3.3 MB
(spoken prayer)

7. Rest, be at Home 2.2 MB
(spontaneous song from Atamira)

8. Completion 5.1 MB
(spoken guided prayer, spontaneous chant of benediction)

Extended free-form chant
by entire group (20.9 MB)

NOTE: These are very quiet. I am working on making them louder. You might want to use headphones, or download and burn them as a CD to play through a stereo. These will be available to stream from in a few weeks.

new CD is available
a live concert recording - click below to listen

songs by Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)

O factura Dei

O vis eternitatis/O strength of Eternity

On the Healing Strength of Women in the Middle East

Cum processit factura Dei

O factura Dei represents Atamira's energy 'riding' on my voice presenting healing energies to those listening.

Notes and Translations on Sound Healing.

You may want to read Gaia's New Clothes, which describes the energies evoked and released in this series of chants.

The chants are provided in mp3 format. They were recorded as a part of a sound and healing workshop, and are offered freely.

The volumne level of these chants is low. If you know of someone who has the software and ability/time to boost the sound pleae have them email me.

My blessing to you all,
-Norma Gentile

1. Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison
Creator, may you draw compassion from us
Christe Eleison
May the consciousness of Christ be in us
Kyrie Eleison
Creator, may you draw compassion through us.

The traditional translation of this chant is based on the benevolent Father bequeathing mercy upon His children. (Lord, have mercy on us). I found Peter Dronke's translation years ago and loved his idea of compassion being drawn through us. My sincere thanks to him for his insightfulness.

What greater teachers are there than compassion and love? And would not the greatest teacher strive to bring more from their pupil than they know themselves? A mentor is truly great when they are surpassed by a student.


2. Releasing

By releasing that which will not come to fruition in this lifetime, we allow it to move into a reality where it will manifest. As a result, we receive back the blessings of its manifestation, even though it never happened to us directly.

3. Sicut Deus
Sicut Dei cum flos es suspira
Suspiru suflafit quod cum te.
O spiri magna rex
safloti magna rex
Sed cum quam est Dei

As God brings blossoms forth with a sigh,
That same sigh you exhale also.
O Spirit, great King
Gentle One, great King
It is with whomever is God.

This song, both the text and melody, came through me in the moment. The meaning of the text is less important than the sense of empowerment and presence that is evoked.

4. O tu illustrata
(only the first part of Hildegard's chant is used)

O you,
illumination of clarity divine,
brilliantly clear, wholly complete,
Virgin Maria,
infused by the Word of God,
your womb flourished
with the Spirit of God,
gently breathing into you.

This chant evokes the Earth in the opening phrase as the "illumination" which comes from Nature, "clarity divine". The "Virgin Maria" symbolizes the power of the Divine Feminine, not diffused by the demands of children or society - a feminine or woman who knows and holds her energy in her own embrace. Thus, the Divine Feminine within each person can allow itself to be struck or tuned by the Sacred Masculine, the "Spirit of God".

I feel the quality of Nature as smooth, watery, with a consistency akin to thick flowing milk., but with a color that is just slightly opaque.

5. O rubor sanguinis

O ruby-red blood
which flowed from on high
where divinity touched.

You are a flower
which the winter
of the serpent's breath
can never injure.

6. Gathering Blessing

7. Rest, be at Home

Be now, rest and peace
Comfort seek no more
Be at rest
Homeward be
Facing sunward,
Moonward inward
Rest. rest . be

8. Completion